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Women´s WFCQ 2017 AOFC All-Star team

The AOFC All-Star team was selected by representatives from the local organising committee, media and IFF, with the chosen ... — 5.2.2017

Women´s WFCQ 2017 AOFC - Final day

Japan are the 2017 AOFC women´s champions after defeating Australia 4-0. Today´s matches were all to decide... — 5.2.2017

Women´s WFCQ 2017 AOFC - Day 5

With all of the qualifying teams for the 2017 Women´s World Championships finalised, today we moved on to the other ... — 4.2.2017

Women´s WFC 2017 Qualifications - AOFC - New Zealand

31st January - 5th February 2017
ASB Arena
Wellington, New Zealand

1. JapanQualified to WFC
2. AustraliaQualified to WFC
3. SingaporeQualified to WFC
4. ThailandQualified to WFC
5. Republic of Korea
6 New Zealand
7. Malaysia
8. China

All-Star Team

Goalkeeper: Maria Hegarty (NZL)

Defender: Blaise Hodges (AUS)

Defender: Alexandra Staib (AUS)

Forward: Yui Goto (JPN)

Forward: Yejin Shim (KOR)

Forward: Jill Quek (SGP)

Match Results

31.01. 09:59 Group B: JPN W - MAS W6-2
31.01. 12:59 Group B: SGP W - KOR W5-3
31.01. 15:57 Group A: THA W - AUS W1-6
31.01. 19:28 Group A: NZL W - CHN W13-0
01.02. 09:59 Group B: SGP W - JPN W2-3
01.02. 12:57 Group A: AUS W - CHN W26-0
01.02. 15:57 Group A: THA W - NZL W3-2
01.02. 18:57 Group B: KOR W - MAS W4-3
02.02. 10:00 Group A: CHN W - THA W2-21
02.02. 12:57 Group B: JPN W - KOR W7-2
02.02. 15:57 Group B: MAS W - SGP W0-8
02.02. 18:57 Group A: AUS W - NZL W2-0
03.02. 15:59 Quarter-final 1: THA W - KOR W5-4
03.02. 18:59 Quarter-final 2: SGP W - NZL W7-1
04.02. 09:58 5-8th M1: NZL W - MAS W4-3 ps.
04.02. 12:59 5-8th M2: KOR W - CHN W11-0
04.02. 15:56 Semi-final 1: AUS W - SGP W2-1 ot.
04.02. 18:57 Semi-final 2: JPN W - THA W3-2 ot.
05.02. 09:30 7th place: MAS W - CHN W13-1
05.02. 12:13 5th place: NZL W - KOR W2-3
05.02. 14:58 3rd place: SGP W - THA W6-3
05.02. 17:59 Final: AUS W - JPN W0-4

Scoring leaders

1.Yejin ShimKOR W683112
2.Yui GotoJPN W564100
3.Tikhamporn SakunpithakTHA W67298
4.Jill QuekSGP W672910
5.Thanaporn TongkhamTHA W66390
6.Alexandra StaibAUS W55490
7.Tara MeyerAUS W57184
8.Yuki ShibaJPN W53582
9.Carolyn MargettsAUS W55270
10.Sophie ScottNZL W65274

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Rachel BertschingerNZL W610100.00
2.Priscilla TanSGP W640295.23
3.Leith WoodsAUS W529293.54
4.Chika SatoJPN W550689.28
5.Sarah MoultonAUS W528487.50
6.Maria HegartyNZL W61091687.20
7.Heather GravesNZL W613286.66
8.Miko YamanakaJPN W56185.71
9.Anna IwasakiJPN W56185.71
10.Sooyeon ChoiKOR W622484.61

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A total of 31 teams have registered for the 11th Women´s World Floorball Championships 2017 - a new record. Four countries will make their debut at this level - Ukraine, Iran*, Thailand & China. For Iran and China this will be the first-ever international appearance for their women´s team, while Thailand will be hoping to follow up from their strong international start at the 2015 SEA Games, where they finished second to Singapore. Korea are returning to compete at this level after a break of several years.

*Iran withdrawn due to visa issues.

Qualification System

All teams, apart from the host country (Slovakia), will have to qualify for the Final Round via the qualifications. In Asia-Oceania, 8 teams will compete for four qualification spots.

In AOFC, the teams are divided into two groups and the teams will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches the teams will progress to the play-off rounds, as follows:

- 1st in Group A & Group B progress to the semifinals and qualify directly to the WFC Final round

- 2nd in each group play a quarter final against the 3rd placed team from the other group. The winners of this progress to the semifinals and qualify directly to the WFC Final round

- The losers of the quarter-finals will play for 5th-8th place together with the 4th placed teams from the groups

Other regional qualifications will be held in the Americas and Europe (Italy & Spain). From Americas 1 team will qualify, in Europe 10 teams will qualify and from Asia-Oceania, four teams will qualify.

Final Round

Slovakia will for the first time host an adult World Championship final round event. They are experienced IFF event organisers, having hosted the Women´s U19 WFC, WFC Qualifications for both men & women, and several EuroFloorball Cup events.

WFC 2017 will be played in Bratislava in two arenas - Arena Ondreja Nepelu & Hant Arena, which are located 500m from each other in central Bratislava. The main arena, renovated in 2011, can seat 10,000 spectators and is used mainly for ice hockey and concerts.

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