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Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR 2 - MVPs

In the Women´s WFCQ European Groups no All Star Teams were elected. Instead, a Most Valued Player (MVP) was ... — 5.2.2017

Women´s WFCQ 2017 EUR 2 - Final day

Poland secured their place in the WFC final round by winning against Russia. Home crowd cheered as Italy won their f... — 5.2.2017

Women´s WFCQ EUR 3 - Final day

Estonia and Germany both took strong wins during the last day of WFCQ 2017 EUR 3. Germany ensured their place in the WFC... — 5.2.2017

Women´s WFC 2017 Qualifications - EUR2 & 3 - Italy

1st - 5th February 2017
Palazzetto della Sport
Celano, Italy

Preliminary Match Schedule



Finland (2)Switzerland (3)
Poland (7)Germany (6)
Russia (11)Netherlands (14)
Italy (22)Estonia (20)
Great Britain (26)Austria (27)

*Numbers in brackets show the current ranking based on the results from the last two WFC events.

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of each team in EUR2:
FIN: #21 Nina Rantala
POL: #88 Malgorzata Pazio
RUS: #8 Vera Pelevina
ITA: #13 Linda Pedrazzoli
GBR: #1 Laura Hunter

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of each team in EUR3:
SUI: #21 Corin Ruttimann
GER: #25 Anne-Marie Mitz
NED: #22 Faybienne Kollau
EST: #22 Kati Kutisaar
AUT: #16 Vera Gebert

Match Schedule

01.02. 10:10 EUR3: GER W - AUT W13-0
01.02. 13:00 EUR3: SUI W - EST W7-0
01.02. 15:59 EUR2: POL W - GBR W15-0
01.02. 19:00 EUR2: FIN W - ITA W23-1
02.02. 10:00 EUR3: NED W - SUI W1-14
02.02. 13:00 EUR3: EST W - GER W1-2
02.02. 16:00 EUR2: NFR W - FIN W2-16
02.02. 19:00 EUR2: ITA W - POL W2-11
03.02. 10:00 EUR2: GBR W - NFR W1-13
03.02. 13:00 EUR3: AUT W - NED W3-9
03.02. 16:00 EUR3: SUI W - GER W9-0
03.02. 18:59 EUR2: FIN W - POL W4-0
04.02. 09:32 EUR3: AUT W - SUI W0-28
04.02. 12:30 EUR2: GBR W - FIN W0-32
04.02. 15:31 EUR3: NED W - EST W2-7
04.02. 18:30 EUR2: NFR W - ITA W11-6
05.02. 08:31 EUR3: EST W - AUT W13-0
05.02. 11:30 EUR3: GER W - NED W9-1
05.02. 14:30 EUR2: POL W - NFR W7-2
05.02. 17:31 EUR2: ITA W - GBR W7-0

Standings - EUR2

1.FIN W440075-38
2.POL W430133-86
3.NFR W420228-304
4.ITA W410316-452
5.GBR W40041-670

Standings - EUR3
1.SUI W440058-18
2.GER W430124-116
3.EST W420221-114
4.NED W410313-332
5.AUT W40043-630

Scoring leaders - EUR2

1.Eliisa AlankoFIN W4138210
2.Nina RantalaFIN W498170
3.Mariia KitaevaNFR W493120
4.Linda PedrazzoliITA W474110
5.Elina KujalaFIN W465110
6.Karoliina KujalaFIN W482100
7.Sanni NieminenFIN W473102
8.Liubov SerebriakovaNFR W446100
9.Vera PelevinaNFR W446102
10.Oxana ShamaninaNFR W44590

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Scoring leaders - EUR3

1.Flurina MartiSUI W489170
2.Corin RuttimannSUI W496152
3.Andrea GamperliSUI W474114
4.Alexandra FrickSUI W47180
5.Lisa LiechtiSUI W45382
6.Edith ParnikEST W42570
7.Margrit ScheideggerSUI W42572
8.Randi KleerbaumGER W46060
9.Isabelle GerigSUI W45160
10.Kati KutisaarEST W45160

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Goalkeeper Statistics - EUR2

1.Tiltu SiltanenFIN W425196.15
2.Laura LoisaFIN W436294.73
3.Agata KownackaPOL W439588.63
4.Klaudia JachymiakPOL W418385.71
5.Uliana VeselovaNFR W41112382.83
6.Julie CampbellGBR W4742078.72
7.Laura HunterGBR W41214772.02
8.Liudmila KorzhavinaNFR W417770.83
9.Catherine PontiITA W4392263.93
10.Roberta BosermanITA W3292355.76

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Goalkeeper Statistics - EUR3

1.Lara HeiniSUI W4150100.00
2.Monika SchmidSUI W419195.00
3.Lotta PeedimaaEST W417194.44
4.Indra ReckGER W423292.00
5.Kadri HeinlaEST W4631086.30
6.Christa BrunnGER W441982.00
7.Lidwien ReehuisNED W41323180.98
8.Julia KaserAUT W41426369.26
9.Hester HendrixNED W44266.66

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A total of 32 teams have registered for the 11th Women´s World Floorball Championships 2017 - a new record. Four countries will make their debut at this level - Ukraine, Iran, Thailand & China. For Ukraine, Iran and China this will be the first-ever international appearance for their women´s team, while Thailand will be hoping to follow up from their strong international start at the 2015 SEA Games, where they finished second to Singapore. Slovenia, Austria, Korea & Malaysia are all returning after a break of several years from competing at this level.

All teams, apart from the host country (Slovakia), will have to qualify for the Final Round via the qualifications. After being exempt from the qualifications in 2015 due to their hosting of the final event, this will be the first time that the Finnish women´s team have ever participated in a qualification round for WFC.

In Europe, there will be four qualification groups with two event locations - EUR 1 & EUR 4 will play in Madrid, Spain, while EUR 2 & EUR 3 will be hosted by Celano, Italy. Other regional qualifications will be held in the Americas and Asia-Oceania.

Qualification System

In Europe, each team will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches, a total of 10 teams will qualify according to the following:
- The two best teams from each qualification group will qualify; and
- The the two best 3rd placed teams will qualify.
The calculation of the best 3rd teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing

From Americas 1 team will qualify and from AOFC the top 4 teams will qualify.

Final Round

Slovakia will for the first time host an adult World Championship final round event. They are experienced IFF event organisers, having hosted the Women´s U19 WFC, WFC Qualifications for both men & women, and several EuroFloorball Cup events.

WFC 2017 will be played in Bratislava in two arenas - Arena Ondreja Nepelu & Hant Arena, which are located 500m from each other in central Bratislava. The main arena, renovated in 2011, can seat 10,000 spectators and is used mainly for ice hockey and concerts.

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