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Women´s WFCQ EUR3 All Star Team

The participating teams and media representatives voted for the best players of the Women´s WFC Qualification 2015 EUR3&... — 8.2.2015

EUR3: Czech, Slovakia, Norway & Russia qualify & Italy get their first win

This week, Slovakia have sent a warning to the top 10 countries....they are coming to Finland and you all better watch ... — 8.2.2015

EUR3: Slovakia & Norway look set to qualify with one day left to play

Slovakia looked a little tired today and Italy didn´t let them have the the whole match their own way. The enthusiasm of the... — 7.2.2015


Women´s World Championships 2015 Qualifications

European Qualification 3
Arena Klokocina
Nitra, Slovakia
4th - 8th February 2015

Full replays of all matches can be seen on IFF YouTube Channel 2

WFCQ EUR3 - Final Standings

1. Czech Republic - Qualified to Final Round
2. Slovakia - Qualified to Final Round
3. Norway - Qualified to Final Round
4. Russia - Qualified to Final Round
5. Italy
6. Great Britain

Match Results

04.02. 13:01 EUR3: NFR W - ITA W7-1
04.02. 16:00 EUR3: CZE W - GBR W20-0
04.02. 19:00 EUR3: SVK W - NOR W6-3
05.02. 13:00 EUR3: ITA W - CZE W2-19
05.02. 16:00 EUR3: NOR W - NFR W4-3
05.02. 19:00 EUR3: GBR W - SVK W0-16
06.02. 13:00 EUR3: NOR W - ITA W13-1
06.02. 16:00 EUR3: NFR W - GBR W15-1
06.02. 19:00 EUR3: SVK W - CZE W2-3
07.02. 12:00 EUR3: GBR W - NOR W0-14
07.02. 15:00 EUR3: CZE W - NFR W8-1
07.02. 18:00 EUR3: ITA W - SVK W2-11
08.02. 10:00 EUR3: GBR W - ITA W1-6
08.02. 13:00 EUR3: NOR W - CZE W3-5
08.02. 16:00 EUR3: SVK W - NFR W7-3


1.CZE W550055-810
2.SVK W540142-118
3.NOR W530237-156
4.NFR W520329-214
5.ITA W510412-512
6.GBR W50052-710

Scoring leaders

1.Tereza UrbankovaCZE W5125170
2.Lucia JelinkovaSVK W568140
3.Karen FarnesNOR W565110
4.Hana SladeckovaCZE W58190
5.Anastasiia BulbashNFR W51890
6.Paulina HudakovaSVK W57182
7.Anastasiia RodinaNFR W54480
8.Hana KonickovaCZE W53580
9.Eliska VratnaCZE W53582
10.Sandra VikaNOR W53582

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Aleksandra NazarukNFR W514193.33
2.Hana RanochovaCZE W543491.48
3.Karolina KristofovaSVK W519290.47
4.Radka MladenkovaSVK W551985.00
5.Charlotte HoltNOR W545884.90
6.Kristyna HornakovaCZE W520483.33
7.Live FosmarkNOR W529780.55
8.Laura HunterGBR W5671878.82
9.Uliana VeselovaNFR W5682077.27
10.Chantal SeilerGBR W51405372.53

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Qualification system

In 2015, there will be five regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 10th Women´s WFC 2015. All registered teams, apart from the organiser, must participate in the qualifications. In each qualification group the teams play each other once.

In Europe there are three qualification groups and teams will qualify for the Women´s WFC 2015 according to the following:

i) The three best teams from each qualification group and the two best 4th placed teams will qualify.

ii) The calculation of the best 4th teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing. *

*Since the number of teams between the qualification groups differ, the group sizes will be equalised by removing the results from the matches against the lowest placed teams in the larger-sized group before comparing the average results.

Other qualification groups:

Americas - Canada
Asia-Oceania - Australia
EUR1 - Poland
EUR2 - Latvia

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