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Switzerland, Latvia and Denmark qualify from EUR2

The last game of the Women‘s WFCQ 2015 EUR2 in Valmiera in Latvia, was the game, which the home audience expected the most.... — 7.2.2015

Women´s WFCQ EUR2 All Star Team

The media representatives and the local organisers voted for the best players of the EUR2 Women´s WFC qualifi... — 7.2.2015

Denmark also qualifies

If Denmark would win they would secure their spot in the Final Round and that was naturally their intension as well. A... — 7.2.2015

WOMen´s WFCQ 2015 - EUR2 - Latvia

Women´s World Championships 2015 Qualifications

European Qualification 2
Vidzeme´s Olympic Centre
Valmiera, Latvia
3rd - 7th February 2015

Replays of all matches can be seen on IFF YouTube Channel 1

WFCQ EUR2 - Final standings

1. Switzerland Qualifed to Final Round
2. Latvia Qualifed to Final Round
3. Denmark Qualifed to Final Round
4. Hungary
5. Spain
6. France

Women´s WFCQ 2015 EUR2 All Star Team

Goalkeeper: Monika Schmid, Switzerland
Defender: Silvana Nötzli, Switzerland
Defender: Zane Klabere, Latvia
Forward: Michelle Wiki, Switzerland
Forward: Evelina Garbare, Latvia
Forward: Caroline Christoffersen, Denmark

Match Results

03.02. 14:00 EUR2: DEN W - FRA W10-0
03.02. 17:00 EUR2: SUI W - HUN W27-1
03.02. 20:00 EUR2: LAT W - ESP W9-0
04.02. 14:00 EUR2: HUN W - DEN W3-5
04.02. 17:00 EUR2: ESP W - SUI W0-19
04.02. 20:00 EUR2: FRA W - LAT W0-15
05.02. 14:00 EUR2: ESP W - HUN W3-3
05.02. 17:00 EUR2: SUI W - FRA W23-0
05.02. 20:00 EUR2: LAT W - DEN W3-3
06.02. 14:00 EUR2: FRA W - ESP W1-5
06.02. 17:02 EUR2: DEN W - SUI W1-17
06.02. 20:00 EUR2: HUN W - LAT W1-5
07.02. 12:00 EUR2: ESP W - DEN W3-9
07.02. 15:00 EUR2: FRA W - HUN W0-9
07.02. 18:00 EUR2: LAT W - SUI W1-8


1.SUI W550094-310
2.LAT W531133-127
3.DEN W531128-267
4.HUN W511317-403
5.ESP W511311-413
6.FRA W50051-620

Scoring leaders

1.Michelle WikiSUI W5148220
2.Silvana NotzliSUI W5912210
3.Sonja PutziSUI W597160
4.Seraina UlberSUI W5610162
5.Nina BartschiSUI W496154
6.Katrin ZwinggiSUI W577140
7.Flurina MartiSUI W559142
8.Evelina GarbareLAT W558130
9.Celine ChalveratSUI W565112
10.Caroline ChristoffersenDEN W582100

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Karolina BabusaHUN W520100.00
2.Helen BircherSUI W532196.96
3.Monika SchmidSUI W529293.54
4.Jana FilipsoneLAT W531391.17
5.Kristine KirilovaLAT W570988.60
6.Camilla BjerregaardDEN W5761781.72
7.Patricia Amores PuhlESP W5832080.58
8.Anna LarsenDEN W531977.50
9.Rita MiklosHUN W51163576.82
10.Delphine CaronFRA W5923174.79

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Qualification system

In 2015, there will be five regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 10th Women´s WFC 2015. All registered teams, apart from the organiser, must participate in the qualifications. In each qualification group the teams play each other once.

In Europe there are three qualification groups and teams will qualify for the Women´s WFC 2015 according to the following:

i) The three best teams from each qualification group and the two best 4th placed teams will qualify.

ii) The calculation of the best 4th teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing. *

*Since the number of teams between the qualification groups differ, the group sizes will be equalised by removing the results from the matches against the lowest placed teams in the larger-sized group before comparing the average results.

Other qualification groups:

Americas - Canada
Asia-Oceania - Australia
EUR1 - Poland
EUR3 - Slovakia

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