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Singapore defeated Australia for second place

In the final game in the Asian-Oceania qualifiers Australia take on Singapore to play for silver in the qualification. Afte... — 25.1.2015

Japan and New Zealand finished in style

Japan play New Zealand in their last game to top the Asia-Oceania Qualifiers while New Zealand play for pride in their first intern... — 25.1.2015

Australian win takes them and Singapore to Tampere

Both teams come into the game looking for their first win of the tournament. Australia began with a lot of early possession and ... — 24.1.2015

WOMen´s WFCQ 2015 - AOFC - Australia

Women´s World Championships 2015 Qualifications

Asia Oceania Qualification
Cardinia Life Arena
Pakenham, Australia
23rd - 25th January 2015

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WFCQ AOFC - Final Standings

1. Japan Qualify to Final Round
2. Singapore Qualify to Final Round
3. Australia Qualify to Final Round
4. New Zealand

All Star Team
Goalkeeper: Maria Hegarty, New Zealand
Defender: Melanie Cathie, Australia
Defender: Anna Kurata, Japan
Centre forward: Hui Hui Ong, Singapore
Forward: Yui Goto, Japan
Forward: Jill Quek, Singapore

Match Results

23.01. 12:06 AOFC: NZL W - SGP W1-8
23.01. 15:00 AOFC: AUS W - JPN W5-7
24.01. 12:02 AOFC: SGP W - JPN W2-3
24.01. 15:01 AOFC: NZL W - AUS W0-8
25.01. 12:01 AOFC: JPN W - NZL W3-0
25.01. 15:03 AOFC: SGP W - AUS W8-3


1.JPN W330013-76
2.SGP W320118-74
3.AUS W310216-152
4.NZL W30031-190

Scoring leaders

1.Hui Hui OngSGP W37180
2.Yui GotoJPN W34370
3.Phoebe HamiltonAUS W33250
4.Midori KuboJPN W33250
5.Jill QuekSGP W32352
6.Hitomi SugayaJPN W34040
7.Tara MeyerAUS W33140
8.Laura TanSGP W32130
9.Melanie CathieAUS W32130
10.Carolyn MargettsAUS W31230

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Anna IwasakiJPN W360100.00
2.Fariza Begum Mohamed ZabirSGP W341393.18
3.Chika SatoJPN W343786.00
4.Maria HegartyNZL W31101985.27
5.Sara LimSGP W316480.00
6.Sarah MoultonAUS W315478.94
7.Jayne AitkenAUS W3141058.33

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Qualification system

In 2015, there will be five regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 10th Women´s WFC 2015. All registered teams, apart from the organiser, must participate in the qualifications. In each qualification group the teams play each other once, except for the Americas where they play twice.

In Asia-Oceania there is one qualification group and teams will qualify for the Women´s WFC 2015 according to the following:

i) The three best teams from the qualification group will qualify.

ii) The calculation of the best teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing. *

Other qualification groups:

Americas - Canada
EUR1 - Poland
EUR2 - Latvia
EUR3 - Slovakia

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