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MU19 WFC EUR Qualifications - Final day

After five days of competition there were, in the end, no big upsets or surprises. The two top-ranked teams... — 10.9.2016

MU19 WFC EUR Qualifications All-Star team

The local organising committee and members of the media have chosen the All-Star team from the Men´s U19 WFC European qualification... — 10.9.2016

MU19 WFC EUR Qualifications - Day 4

On this second last day of competition, for some teams their event came to an end with their final game and their qualification ... — 9.9.2016

9th Men´s U19 WFC 2017

European Qualifications

6th - 10th September 2016
Celano, Italy

Based on the IFF regional quota system two teams from Europe will qualify to B-division. 10 teams are split into two groups and every team plays each other once within their group. The top team from each group will qualify to the Final Round.

Match Schedule

Group A Group B
Hungary (11)* Estonia (12)
Austria (18) Spain (17)
Belgium (19) Italy (21)
Great Britain (23) Netherlands (22)
Slovenia (26)
France (-)

Match Schedule
06.09. 10:00 Group A: HUN MU19 - BEL MU197-5
06.09. 13:00 Group A: AUT MU19 - GBR MU1912-3
06.09. 16:04 Group B: NED MU19 - FRA MU1911-7
06.09. 19:03 Group B: ESP MU19 - ITA MU194-1
07.09. 10:00 Group A: SLO MU19 - AUT MU197-3
07.09. 13:00 Group A: GBR MU19 - HUN MU190-20
07.09. 16:01 Group B: EST MU19 - ESP MU195-3
07.09. 19:00 Group B: ITA MU19 - NED MU191-4
08.09. 10:00 Group B: FRA MU19 - EST MU197-8
08.09. 13:00 Group A: BEL MU19 - SLO MU194-11
08.09. 16:00 Group A: AUT MU19 - HUN MU190-3
08.09. 19:10 Group B: ESP MU19 - NED MU1910-3
09.09. 10:00 Group A: SLO MU19 - GBR MU1927-2
09.09. 12:59 Group A: BEL MU19 - AUT MU195-6
09.09. 16:00 Group B: FRA MU19 - ESP MU193-4
09.09. 19:00 Group B: EST MU19 - ITA MU1912-5
10.09. 10:00 Group A: GBR MU19 - BEL MU193-7
10.09. 13:00 Group A: HUN MU19 - SLO MU198-4
10.09. 15:59 Group B: NED MU19 - EST MU192-10
10.09. 19:00 Group B: ITA MU19 - FRA MU198-9

Standings - Group A

1.HUN MU19440038-98
2.SLO MU19430149-176
3.AUT MU19420221-184
4.BEL MU19410321-272
5.GBR MU1940048-660

Standings - Group B
1.EST MU19440035-178
2.ESP MU19430121-126
3.NED MU19420220-284
4.FRA MU19410326-312
5.ITA MU19400415-290

Scoring leaders

1.Hugo BottonFRA MU194114155
2.Sten RitsonEST MU19468140
3.Egert UngaEST MU19494130
4.Thomas CourtetFRA MU19467132
5.Tamas HoffmannHUN MU19466120
6.Blaz VrtacnikSLO MU19474110
7.Kasper van den HarkNED MU19464104
8.Max MolanderNED MU194641020
9.Csaba BondorHUN MU19455104
10.Lovro OblakSLO MU1948196

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Ziga EnikoSLO MU194110100.00
2.Simon TotikHUN MU19430100.00
3.Karl-Erik KruusmaaEST MU19454887.09
4.Dieter De BisschopBEL MU19429585.29
5.Miguel Tamayo FernandezESP MU19421484.00
6.Zoltan SzuriHUN MU19447983.92
7.Niek van LingeNED MU19415383.33
8.Alvaro Santiago VegaESP MU19439882.97
9.Sebastian ChmelAUT MU19419482.60
10.Andrea AbbruciatiITA MU194641482.05

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All-Star Team

Goalkeeper: Daniel Wiberg (ITA)
Gonzalo Barcelo Moreno (ESP)
Mathias Einamann (EST)
Kasper van den Hark (NED)
Hugo Botton (FRA)
Blaz Tomc (SLO)

A total of 26 teams registered for the 9th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships, to be held in May 2017 in Växjö, Sweden. In the qualification events, France & Iran will be competing for the first time in this category. A total of 16 teams compete in the Final Round in two separate divisions. In A-division, there are 8 teams who are all directly qualified based on the results from U19 WFC 2015 . In B-division, there are also 8 teams. Two directly qualify based on the 2015 results, while the remaining 6 places are decided based on the IFF regional quota system and qualification events.

Based on the direct qualifications from the previous U19 WFC and regional quotas, 4 teams have already confirmed their place in B-division, the rest will be decided by the qualification events.

Other Regional Qualifications


The Asia-Oceania qualification event will be held in Fujiyoshida, Japan from 18th - 20th September 2016. Based on the IFF regional quota system two teams will qualify to B-division from Asia-Oceania.

Australia (14)

Japan (16)
New Zealand (24)
Iran (-)

Based on the IFF regional quota system both registered countries will receive direct qualification to B-division in the Final Round.

Canada (13)

USA (15)

* Numbers in brackets show current rankings. Teams marked with (-) are competing in their first Men´s U19 WFC event and will receive a ranking at the completion of the tournament.

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