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The MU19 WFC of "first time evers"

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Finland win gold at Men´s U19 WFC 2015

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Men´s U19 WFC A-Division All Star Team

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Men´s U19 WFC 2015

8th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships 2015
Helsingborg, Sweden
29th April - 3rd May 2015

Official MU19 WFC website: wfc2015.se

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Final Standings
1. Finland (3)

Switzerland (2)

3.Czech Republic (4)
4.Sweden (1)
5.Slovakia (7)
6.Poland (9)
7.Latvia (6)
8.Norway (5)^

*Numbers in brackets show the rankings from MU19 WFC 2013. ^Norway are relegated to B-division for MU19 WFC 2017.

A-Division Play-offs

02.05. 09:45 7th place: LAT MU19 - NOR MU195-3
02.05. 12:45 Semi-Final 2: FIN MU19 - CZE MU196-2
02.05. 15:45 Semi-Final 1: SWE MU19 - SUI MU196-7 ps.
02.05. 19:00 5th place: POL MU19 - SVK MU192-12
03.05. 12:00 3rd place: CZE MU19 - SWE MU197-6 ot.
03.05. 13:46 Final: FIN MU19 - SUI MU1913-3

Group A Match Results & Statistics
Group B Match Results & Statistics

A-Division Scoring leaders

1.Ville LastikkaFIN MU19595140
2.Rasmus KainulainenFIN MU19548120
3.Jan ZauggSUI MU19591102
4.Dan HartmannSUI MU19537100
5.Olli KinnunenFIN MU1956280
6.Dennis SvenssonSWE MU1956282
7.Maros KovalSVK MU1944480
8.Marek BenesCZE MU1954480
9.Juho SorriFIN MU1953580
10.Felix LanverSWE MU1953582

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A-Division Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Tomas FibigerCZE MU19535685.36
2.Wojciech KomperdaPOL MU194731384.88
3.Erik SnincakSVK MU19411284.61
4.Jan CimbalekCZE MU195731483.90
5.Martin StoltSWE MU195521182.53
6.Andreas Nordli OlsenNOR MU194641482.05
7.Miro TuomalaFIN MU19541982.00
8.Rudolf TuriakSVK MU194822080.39
9.Patrik BylundSWE MU19534979.06
10.Markuss PludumsLAT MU194641779.01

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Final Standings
9. Denmark (8)*^

Germany (10)

11.Hungary (12)
12.Estonia (11)
13.Canada (13)
14.Australia (16)
15.USA (-)
16.Japan (14)

*Numbers in brackets show the rankings from MU19 WFC 2013. ^Denmark are promoted to A-division for MU19 WFC 2017.

B-Division Play-offs

02.05. 10:00 15th place: JPN MU19 - USA MU196-11
02.05. 12:59 Semi-Final 1: DEN MU19 - EST MU198-7 ot.
02.05. 16:00 Semi-Final 2: GER MU19 - HUN MU195-3
02.05. 19:00 13th place: CAN MU19 - AUS MU199-2
03.05. 09:00 11th place: HUN MU19 - EST MU198-7
03.05. 10:31 Final B-division: GER MU19 - DEN MU193-4 ot.

Group C Match Results & Statistics
Group D Match Results & Statistics

B-Division Scoring leaders

1.Cristiano DiGiacintoCAN MU194149234
2.Chris HaighCAN MU194118192
3.Axel KuchGER MU195123150
4.Mikkel Skov NielsenDEN MU195105150
5.Peter PfneiszliHUN MU195411150
6.Milan AdamHUN MU195102124
7.Tanel KasenurmEST MU19575120
8.Adrian HiramUSA MU19474112
9.Jan Niklas BuckermannGER MU19529110
10.Ken PahnEST MU19564100

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B-Division Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Kristen KurvalEST MU19519290.47
2.Erik HotzHUN MU1951051686.77
3.Sebastian SpohleGER MU195591085.50
4.Louis SchaidlGER MU19510283.33
5.Emil BrixagerDEN MU19523679.31
6.Ryan AlexandrakisAUS MU194752178.12
7.Kevin TammEST MU195882875.86
8.Jonas Juul JensenDEN MU195542072.97
9.Jeremy PetersCAN MU194813172.32
10.Max PalssonUSA MU194662870.21

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U19 WFC Playing system

A-Division: Every team plays each other once within their group. The top two teams after the group stage proceed to the semi-finals, while the other four teams have placement matches. The 8th placed team in A-division will be relegated to B-division for 2017.

B-Division: Every team plays each other once within their group. The top two teams after the group stage proceed to the semi-finals, while the other four teams have placement matches. The winner of B-division will be promoted to A-division for 2017.

The rankings within each group are decided according to the following:

a) The total number of points.

b) If two or more teams have the same number of points the internal matches of the teams concerned, the internal goal difference included if necessary, shall be decisive.

c) If the internal matches according to b) are not decisive, most scored goals internally shall be decisive.

d) If the ranking cannot be decided by the internal matches, the total goal difference of the teams concerned shall be decisive.

e) If the total goal difference is not decisive most scored goals of the teams concerned shall be decisive.

f) If most scored goals are not decisive a drawing of lot with the teams concerned shall settle the ranking unless the ranking concerns only the two teams playing a last round match deciding about promotion or relegation when extra time and, if needed, penalty shots shall decide the ranking.


A total of 26 teams registered for the 8th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships, including Belarus, New Zealand, Ukraine & USA who were all competing for the first time in this category.

The Final Round is made of up 8 teams in A-division & 8 teams in B-division. All A-division teams, as well as two B-division teams have direclty qualified, based on results from the Men´s U19 WFC 2013. The remaining 6 spots in the B-division were determined via regional quota systems and qualification events (see below).

More information and results from both of the qualification tournaments can be found from the following event pages:

Europe - Madrid, Spain, 3rd - 7th September 2014

Asia Oceania - Sydney, Australia, 10th - 11th October 2014

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