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Men´s U19 WFC 2017 in facts & figures

The Men‘s U19 WFC 2017 was played in Sweden in the beginning of May. The tournament reached a wide audience. One reason behind t... — 4.7.2017

U19 WFC 2017 A-Division: Day 4

Dramatic first semi-final between Finland and Switzerland ended in Finnish victory. In the exciting last match of th... — 6.5.2017

U19 WFC 2017 A-Division: Day 3

An eventful match was seen between Latvia and Poland. The Czechs took the first place of Group B by defeating the Swiss. Fin... — 5.5.2017

9th Men´s U19 WFC 2017

3rd - 7th May 2017
Växjö, Sweden

Official website: wfc2017.se

The Final Round is made of up 8 teams in A-division & 8 teams in B-division. All A-division teams, as well as two B-division teams were directly qualified, based on results from the Men´s U19 WFC 2015. The remaining 6 spots in B-division were determined via regional quota systems and qualification events.


Final Standings

3. Czech Republic
4. Switzerland
5. Latvia
6. Denmark
7. Slovakia (5)
8. Poland*

* Poland are relegated to B-division for U19 WFC 2019.

A-division All-Star team

Match results

03.05. 11:00 Group B: CZE MU19 - LAT MU1911-5
03.05. 13:45 Group B: POL MU19 - SUI MU193-12
03.05. 16:30 Group A: DEN MU19 - FIN MU191-15
03.05. 19:15 Group A: SVK MU19 - SWE MU190-13
04.05. 11:00 Group B: SUI MU19 - LAT MU196-5
04.05. 13:45 Group B: POL MU19 - CZE MU195-18
04.05. 16:30 Group A: SVK MU19 - DEN MU195-6
04.05. 19:15 Group A: SWE MU19 - FIN MU197-14
05.05. 11:00 Group B: LAT MU19 - POL MU1913-10
05.05. 13:47 Group B: SUI MU19 - CZE MU195-6
05.05. 16:30 Group A: FIN MU19 - SVK MU198-3
05.05. 19:14 Group A: SWE MU19 - DEN MU1910-0
06.05. 10:00 5th place: DEN MU19 - LAT MU193-7
06.05. 13:00 A-Semi 1: FIN MU19 - SUI MU197-6 ot.
06.05. 16:10 A-Semi 2: CZE MU19 - SWE MU194-9
06.05. 19:00 7th place: POL MU19 - SVK MU198-9
07.05. 12:30 3rd place: SUI MU19 - CZE MU195-8
07.05. 15:30 A-Final: FIN MU19 - SWE MU197-4

Group A Results & Statistics
Group B Results & Statistics

A-division Scoring leaders

1.Justus KainulainenFIN MU195115162
2.Wojciech MalajkaPOL MU1941321514
3.Heikki IiskolaFIN MU19596150
4.Joona RantalaFIN MU19549132
5.Simon LaubscherSUI MU19557120
6.Michal DudovicSVK MU19465110
7.Kasper BrobySWE MU19564104
8.Otto WeidmanSWE MU19555100
9.Oskar MalmgrenSWE MU19555102
10.Filip LangerCZE MU1958190

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A-division Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Pontus ZarinsSWE MU19567889.33
2.Olli KuismaFIN MU19524485.71
3.Riku SaarentolaFIN MU195931784.54
4.Marek KyselicaSVK MU194551282.08
5.Cyril HaldemannSUI MU19513381.25
6.Yanick FlurySUI MU195942578.99
7.Daniel MuckCZE MU195812477.14
8.Emils ErglisLAT MU194381374.50
9.Adam KohutSVK MU194652373.86
10.Andreas BlomSWE MU195451673.77

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Final Standings

11. Germany
12. Australia
13. Hungary
14. Canada
15. USA
16. Japan

* Norway are promoted to A-division for U19 WFC 2019.

B-division All-Star team

Match results

03.05. 09:59 Group C: EST MU19 - CAN MU1912-5
03.05. 12:45 Group C: NOR MU19 - JPN MU1914-1
03.05. 15:29 Group D: HUN MU19 - USA MU1910-1
03.05. 18:15 Group D: AUS MU19 - GER MU193-1
04.05. 09:59 Group C: JPN MU19 - CAN MU193-13
04.05. 12:44 Group C: NOR MU19 - EST MU198-5
04.05. 15:29 Group D: GER MU19 - USA MU1918-4
04.05. 18:15 Group D: AUS MU19 - HUN MU196-2
05.05. 09:57 Group C: JPN MU19 - EST MU191-12
05.05. 12:45 Group C: CAN MU19 - NOR MU195-15
05.05. 15:30 Group D: USA MU19 - AUS MU191-8
05.05. 18:15 Group D: GER MU19 - HUN MU197-2
06.05. 10:00 15th place: USA MU19 - JPN MU197-6
06.05. 13:00 B-Semi 1: NOR MU19 - GER MU199-6
06.05. 16:00 B-Semi 2: AUS MU19 - EST MU194-7
06.05. 19:00 13th place: CAN MU19 - HUN MU198-10
07.05. 09:30 B-Final: NOR MU19 - EST MU1912-2
07.05. 09:59 11th place: GER MU19 - AUS MU199-3

Group C Results & Statistics
Group D Results & Statistics

B-division Scoring leaders

1.Felix RobillardCAN MU194103132
2.Marius PedersenNOR MU19576134
3.Liam PerryAUS MU195120120
4.Nils HofferbertGER MU195111120
5.Andreas OunEST MU19593120
6.Csaba BondorHUN MU19474112
7.Cameron BuckCAN MU19474114
8.Casper SlettenNOR MU19546100
9.Adrien MatthewsCAN MU19446102
10.Hannes LinnesNOR MU1956390

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B-division Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Simon TotikHUN MU1946185.71
2.Daniel ValentiAUS MU19545884.90
3.Karl KalmEST MU19534880.95
4.Eythan YeohAUS MU195451278.94
5.Jonas GjesvoldNOR MU19526778.78
6.Nicolas FlathmannGER MU195451476.27
7.Jan LemkeGER MU19522775.86
8.Zoltan SzuriHUN MU194652175.58
9.Karl-Erik KruusmaaEST MU195612174.39
10.Jonathan HolmstromNOR MU195341273.91

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U19 WFC Final Round Playing system

A-Division: Every team plays each other once within their group. The top two teams after the group stage proceed to the semi-finals, while the other four teams have placement matches. The 8th placed team in A-division will be relegated to B-division for 2019.

B-Division: Every team plays each other once within their group. The top two teams after the group stage proceed to the semi-finals, while the other four teams have placement matches. The winner of B-division will be promoted to A-division for 2019.


A total of 26 teams registered for the 9th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships. In the qualification events, France & Iran competed for the first time in this category. Qualification events were held in Europe (Italy) and Asia-Oceania (Japan) in September 2016. General information on those events can be found below.


The European qualification event was held in Celano, Italy, from 6th - 10th September 2016. Based on the results of the event, and the IFF regional quota system, two teams - Hungary & Estonia - qualified from Europe.


The Asia-Oceania qualification event was held in Fuji-Yoshida, Japan from 18th - 20th September 2016. Based on the results of the event, and the IFF regional quota system, two teams - Australia & Japan - qualified from Asia-Oceania.


Based on the IFF regional quota system, two teams - Canada & USA - qualified from the Americas.

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