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10th Men´s U19 WFC 2019 QUALIFICATIONS

EUR1 qualification group

5th - 9th September 2018
Arena Sodruzhestvo
Moscow, Russia

Live stream: www.youtube.com/iffchannel

Event website: www.floorballunion.ru/u19-wfc-2019-eur1-qualification

1.Slovenia (17)*
2.Russia (27)
3.Estonia (10)
4.Belgium (23)
5.Spain (18)
6.France (22)

Match schedule

05.09. 13:00 EUR1: FRA MU19 - ESP MU190-4
05.09. 16:06 EUR1: EST MU19 - SLO MU195-6
05.09. 19:20 EUR1: RUS MU19 - BEL MU1910-3
06.09. 13:00 EUR1: SLO MU19 - FRA MU1913-0
06.09. 16:00 EUR1: BEL MU19 - EST MU195-7
06.09. 19:01 EUR1: ESP MU19 - RUS MU191-10
07.09. 13:00 EUR1: BEL MU19 - SLO MU197-8
07.09. 16:00 EUR1: EST MU19 - ESP MU197-0
07.09. 19:00 EUR1: RUS MU19 - FRA MU1910-1
08.09. 12:00 EUR1: ESP MU19 - BEL MU192-2
08.09. 15:06 EUR1: FRA MU19 - EST MU194-8
08.09. 18:00 EUR1: SLO MU19 - RUS MU196-2
09.09. 08:30 EUR1: BEL MU19 - FRA MU194-1
09.09. 11:01 EUR1: ESP MU19 - SLO MU195-7
09.09. 13:00 EUR1: RUS MU19 - EST MU196-6


1.SLO MU19550040-1910
2.RUS MU19531138-177
3.EST MU19531133-217
4.BEL MU19511321-283
5.ESP MU19511312-263
6.FRA MU1950056-390

Scoring leaders

1.Vsevolod IvanovRUS MU19595146
2.Blaz TomcSLO MU19586140
3.Maj OmanSLO MU19584122
4.Nikita BelyaninRUS MU195661217
5.Luka PeklajSLO MU19565110
6.Artur OkruzkoEST MU19565115
7.Lovro OblakSLO MU19529114
8.Ilia ShitovRUS MU1954592
9.Luka PodobnikSLO MU1954592
10.Remu KeltanenEST MU1954592

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Bjarny De MarieBEL MU19514287.50
2.Alejandro Alcaraz BeltranESP MU195701384.33
3.Sander ReemetsEST MU195631284.00
4.Thibault Le GoffFRA MU195861882.69
5.Thibault FranceusBEL MU1951102680.88
6.Daniil PelekhovRUS MU19537980.43
7.Reydan Ramon NiineorgEST MU19529976.31
8.Jaka BernikSLO MU195451476.27
9.David MilijasevicSLO MU19515575.00
10.Beltran Mondejar MartinezESP MU195381374.50

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Other Regional Qualifications

A total of 26 teams registered for the 10th Men´s U19 World Floorball Championships, to be held in May 2019 in Halifax, ON, Canada. In the qualification events, New Zealand will be competing for the first time in this category and Russia will be returning after a long break, having not participated in Men´s U19 since 2011.

A total of 16 teams compete in the Final Round in two separate divisions. In A-division, there are 8 teams who are all directly qualified based on the results from U19 WFC 2017 . In B-division, there are also 8 teams - one (Poland) qualifies directly based on the 2017 results and two (Canada & USA) qualify directly based on regional representation. The remaining 5 places are decided through the qualification events.

Based on the IFF regional quota system three teams from Europe will qualify to B-division. 12 European teams are split into two groups and every team plays each other once within their group. The top team from each group will qualify to the Final Round, as well as the best overall 2nd placed team.

EUR2 - Italy
The other European qualification event will be held in Bolzano, Italy from 29th August - 2nd September.

Germany (11)
Hungary (13)
Austria (19)
Netherlands (20)
Italy (24)
Great Britain (26)


The Asia-Oceania qualification event will be held in Wellington, New Zealand from 27th - 29th September 2018. Based on the IFF regional quota system two teams will qualify to B-division from Asia-Oceania.

Australia (12)
Japan (16)
New Zealand (21)

* Numbers in brackets show current rankings. Teams marked with (-) are competing in their first Men´s U19 WFC event and will receive a ranking at the completion of the tournament.

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