One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 3/2017

Hotel ibis Styles Wrocław, Plac Konstytucji 3, Maja 3, 50-083 Wrocław, Poland

Tomas Eriksson President
Monica Bakke
Jörg Beer
Stephen King
Martin Klabere
Carlos Lopez
Kimmo Nurminen
Lidwien Reehuis ATC Chair
Thorbjörn Ovedal
Filip Suman Vice President

Veli Halonen Operations Coordinator
Stefan Kratz Competition Manager
John Liljelund Secretary General

Ron Spence


§ 1. Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting of the CB at 08:30 and welcomed the CB members to Wroclaw, stating that this is the first time in conjunction to a multi-sport event were Floorball is on the program. The World Games organisation is very pleased with the extensive preparatory work the IFF has done before the games started and Mr. Eriksson wants to thank the IFF Administration for this. The atmosphere in the venue was amazing in the matches of Czech Republic – Finland, with Czech players signing autographs after the game and the amazing Polish audience in the last game of the first day. Mr. Eriksson is to conclude that Mr. Spence is not in position to participate to the meeting due to an injury, which hinders him from travelling.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 2. Approval of the agenda
Mr. Eriksson concluded that there are seven updated appendixes for the meeting.

Appendix 3 - Claims 27.07.2017
Appendix 4a - License system situation 27.07.2017
Appendix 4b - WFC 2017 situation 27.07.2017
Appendix 6 - WFC 2017 LOC report
Appendix 11c - Rules of the Games 2018 proposal
Appendix 11d - Changed Proposal Rules of the Game – Protective goggles
Appendix 26 - Latin America report

CB decided: To update the appendixes

§ 3 Minutes from the CB meeting:
02/2017 in Madrid, Spain 08.04.2017 (Appendix 1)

The minutes from the last meetings were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§ 4. Economy
a) Financial report 30.06.2017

Mrs. Bakke made a short presentation of the financial report and the balance sheet by the 30.06.2017 (Appendix 2).

The outcome per 30th of June is 174.069 CHF which is some 3.000 CHF better than last year but with the World Games this year there will be a negative result for 2017 expected. In the next CB meeting the financial report will be presented with a forecast for the remaining of 2017. The WFC will give also some income, but it is still hard to estimate at this stage.
The cash flow is still quite good and a number of old debts are being slowly paid.

Mr. Eriksson commented on the investment made for The World Games is around 65.000 – 70.000 EUR, where the biggest expenses are the Travel and Accommodation approximately 17.000 EUR, TV production 18.000 EUR, Marketing in the City, 12.000 EUR and Tickets and VIP 7.500 EUR. (Appendix 2b) It is important to see this a bigger investment in the future.

Mr. King asked if the development and office support should be taken up as in parts or we can have it as one whole sum. Ms. Bakke answered that there is no need to split the income yet.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Information on IFF claims – status July 27th, 2017

Mr. Kratz presented the claims situation by the 27.07.2017 (Appendix 3), the license system situation (Appendix 4a) and the WFC 2017 situation (Appendix 4b) by the 27.07.2017. Mr. Kratz proposed that the Appendix 3 is only for internal use. From the last meeting the problem is that Slovenia seems to have issues to start the process or reply to the IFF questions. There seems to be some issues for the Slovenian federation to get access to the federations accounts after the re-election of the President and the CB and the Office will continue analyzing the situation. Mr. Suman asked what we are going to do about this. Mr. Liljelund answered that IFF will follow-up on the situation.
There have been some payments made, even if it has slowed down for the summer.

Mr. Liljelund reported that a number of negotiations has been held with the National Floorball Federation of Russia (NFFR) and its President Mr. Maksim Chernov during the summer. As a result of these negotiations the NFFR has by the 15th of July paid of its debts to the Slovak federation and the IFF, based on which the IFF secretary general has provisionally lifted the suspension of the NFFR. IFF had set the date for the mid of July, in order to make it possible for the NFFR to still register for the U19 WFC and for the Russian Club Teams to register for the EFC 2017. The proposal is that the CB is to approve this lift of the suspension, as all requirements have been met. (Appendix 5)
The NFFR held a congress on the 22nd of July, where all provisional Floorball federations and representation offices were invited, IFF has urged all Floorball parties to participate in this Event, in order to join all groups together. The IFF secretary general further proposes that for a period until the end of 2019, all Russian teams participating in International Club tournaments, Floorball camps or educations will need to have a written approval of the NFFR, in order to help Russian Floorball re-structure its organization and membership.

Mr. Eriksson felt that it is important that this is what will happen if rules are not followed.

CB decided: To approve the reports, officially lift the suspension of the NFFR and Russian Floorball and decide that all Russian teams participating in all International tournaments, Floorball Camps or educations will need to have a written approval of the NFFR until the end of 2019.

§ 5. World Championships
a) WFC 2017 Bratislava, Slovakia

Mr. Liljelund gave a short report of the venue check of the WFC 2017 in Bratislava, Slovakia in June. The WFC will be played in the O.Nepalu and Hant Arena, which are situated next to each other and the IFF is to be accommodated in the Hilton hotel, which is situated between the two arenas and within walking distance to both. The venues are good for the WFC and some adjustments are still needed.
The preparations are ongoing and are controlled and run through the IFF Event Management System – Eventello, but in some fields the organiser is a bit behind schedule, but the organiser reassures that all will be on time. (Appendix 6)

The TV set-up is prepared through a Slovak company ArenaSport and the LOC has secured the broadcast of all Slovak matches on Slovak National TV. After a quite tedious process the match schedule has been released after extensive discussions with Slovak, Czech Finnish and Swedish TV‘s, who all are onboard for the WFC 2017. More information about TV will be given in the September meeting, when the other countries have replied to the TV offer sent out in June.

Mr. Eriksson informed that during the WFC 2017 ballot, it seemed that there are good connections to the NOC and Ministry of Sport.

Ms. Bakke asked if the WFC 2017 web page will be up and running soon, which Mr. Liljelund confirmed that has been promised from the LOC.

CB decided: To approve the reports

b) U19 WFC 2017 Växjö, Sweden

Mr. Klabere gave an interim report on the U19 WFC 2017 final round played in Växjö Sweden, as the final evaluation is still ongoing. The final result was a smaller minus than budgeted, which is good. Total number of spectators of the Event was 14 214, with the A-division final had a new record of U19 WFC Men final of 2 656 spectators and for a game in men‘s u19
Total number of sold tickets: 5 599 (total of 7 958 distributed/printed tickets from the system). All the team Sweden matches were shown on TV4 Sport. Altogether there were in the five matches a total of 100 000, with a total reach of 129 000 spectators.
The SIBF is pleased with the U19 WFC, but still hopes to find a solution for financial zero result for the Event.

CB decided: To approve the report

c) WFC 2018 Prague, Czech Republic

Mr. Kratz reported that so far in total 34 teams have registered to the WFC 2018 and that the organisers of the WFC 2018 qualifications will be Canada, Estonia, Korea, Latvia and Slovakia (Appendix 25a). Now the quotation is effecting the number of the Asian and Oceanian teams.
In addition, Kenya has applied to participate in a European group of the WFCQ and the Slovak organizer has informed that they are ready to organize a qualification tournament for 11 teams.

The organizer agreement for the WFC 2018 will most probably be signed during The World Games in Wroclaw.

Mr. Suman wanted to inform that due to the strange situation in Czech Sports, with the Football President and Sport Confederation leadership under police investigation, which is slowing down the discussions with the government and city for support. The ticketing is being discussed already now. The level of promotion will be on a higher level than before and the LOC is willing to discuss the promotion with the other countries. Mr. Suman also informed that the approach among the sponsors is that longer projects are much better for the potential sponsors.

CB decided: To approve the report

d) U19 WFC 2018 St. Gallen, Switzerland

Mr. Kratz reported that now when also Russia has been able to register for the U19 WC and it has been decided by the IFF ExCo that the non-European teams will be directly qualified, then Austria, Italy, Netherlands and now also Russia will have to play a qualification tournament, which is to be organized in Linz 08-10.09.2017 by the Austrian Floorball Association. The qualification will for a double booking of the City be played in two arenas.

Further Mr. Kratz reported that the contract with the Swiss federation is ready to be signed here in Wroclaw.

CB decided: To approve the report

e) Upcoming organisers - U19 WFC 2020

Mr. Liljelund informed that the negotiation with the Chinese Floorball Federation (CFF) have been ongoing for the whole spring and summer and IFF is awaiting an answer before the CB meeting in Wroclaw. CFF has been making calculations on how to cover the costs for the Event, as they are awaiting the answer of the Chinese government for support.

CB decided: To approve the report and move the decision to the next CB meeting.

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup
a) EuroFloorball Cup 2017

Mr. Kratz reported that the EuroFloorball Cup will be organized in Valmiera, Latvia 17-21.10.2017 with 6 Men‘s and 6 Women‘s teams and EuroFloorball Challenge 2017 in Trencin, Slovakia 23-27.08.2017 with 8 Men‘s teams (Appendix 25b). Both contracts are ready to be signed.

Mr. Liljelund concluded that there is still an interest for the International Club Competition.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Champions Cup 2017

Mr. Nurminen reported on the preparations of the IFF Champions Cup 2017 to be played in Seinäjoki, Finland. The preparations are ongoing on all levels. There has been interest showed from both Sweden and some from the Czech Republic, concerning the TV production.

The organiser is working with the teams to find solutions for the teams to get to Seinäjoki, with two teams travelling to Vaasa. The venue is a big Football hall, with exhibitions for the audience. The venue has over 2000 seats and the budget is to have over 2000 spectators per day, which is a high target. The marketing has started quite well and the co-operation with the city of Seinäjoki is working very well. The ticketing has already started. The TV right are still under negotiation, with the YLE has changed their strategy, there are ongoing discussions with other operators. The Salibandyliiga is negotiating of the inclusion of the Champions Cup in the possible deal for the new TV deal of the Finnish Salibandyliiga.

Mr. Liljelund made a comment in respect to the order of the TV negotiations, in order to secure a reasonable price for the TV production. Mr. Eriksson stressed that the same situation has happened in a number of countries, where the rightsholder ends, in this case IFF; drawing the short straw. It is important to handle the matters early enough.

Ms. Reehuis asked why the number of spectators in the Finnish Superfinal went down by 800 spectators to which Mr. Nurminen answered that there were very little fans of the playing teams.

The Champions Cup Steering Group (CCSG) has based on the decision made in Vantaa, Finland on the 23.03.2017, worked on the proposal for the Agreement for the organisation of the Champions Cup 2019 – 2022 (Appendix 7a) and the Champions Cup Regulation 2019 – 2022 (Appendix 7b). The CCSG has now agreed upon a common proposal and is now proposing these two documents to be approved by the IFF CB, in order to be able to sign these as soon as possible. As a part of the process the stakeholders of the Champions Cup clearly wanted to have a new solution for the possible support of the IFF Champions Cup Brand Manager, with much bigger focus on sales.

Based on this feedback from the Champions Cup countries the IFF has prepared a proposal which has been approved by all the stakeholders. The understanding of the IFF secretary general is that the proposal in general is in accordance with the standpoint of all the stakeholders and therefore proposes to the CB to approve the proposal for the new CC Brand Manager for the period of 2018 – 2019, as the stakeholders want to evaluate the performance of the Brand manager first. (Appendix 8)

The CCSG gave a working group headed by Mr. Rantakari the task to prepare a first draft proposal for how to build a system for a home and away based games. The first session of this working group will be held on Saturday the 29th of July in Wroclaw.

CB decided: To approve the report and approve the proposals of the Champions Cup Agreement and Regulation and the proposal for the IFF CC Brand Manager

§ 7. Committees and Ad Hoc group reports
a) ExCo reports

Mr. Eriksson reported on the ExCo meeting held on the 16th of June over Skype, discussing the preparations of The World Games 2017 Wroclaw, Poland. The preparations are running well from the IFF side and the national associations have been helpful, when it comes to the registration of the teams. IFF has also promoted the event quite widely and even bought some commercial space in Wroclaw to make the event visibly in the City in July. IFF is also producing the TV and internet-TV signal for the 1st three days, as the IWGA is making the signal for the Final day to its takes and the Olympic Channel and covering the cost for the SNG.
The ExCo decided to invite the organisers of the TWG 2021 in Birmingham, USA, the IOC Sports Department and the Polish NOC, through the Polish Federation to follow the WKK Arena and the Floorball tournament. IFF will also make a written press release to all stakeholders during The World Games, in order to raise awareness and interest towards the Event of the Media present at the TWG.
The ExCo also decided that an extensive Evaluation Report of the TWG 2017 Floorball will be made, including the hard numbers from TV/YouTube, spectators, activities and web and social media sites. In the evaluation, we shall try compare the Event to others in Wroclaw and also describe the added value we brought to the Event with the city promotion and the activation campaigns, the social media activity prior and during the Event and how the national federations have used The World Games in their own activities. Mr. Eriksson stressed that it is very important to have a good cooperation with the NOC, like in the case of Czech Republic, Switzerland and of course the home nation Poland. This networking is really important and has to be followed up.
The IOC Sports Department will visit the Floorball Final on the 30th of July by Mr. Mike Joyce, who is representing the IOC Sports Department, in the second half of The World Games. In addition the IWGA Evaluation Commission has visited the Floorball venue a number of times.

Mr. King reported of the present activities of the IFF Entourage Commission and the information provided to its members about the proposed changes of the IFF Athletes Entourage Policy. (Appendix 9) The guidelines are checked towards the IOC guidelines, to adopt the updated version of the guidelines and to encourage the National Associations to take on this responsibility.

The SUHV has informed that Mr. Manuel Engel has informed that he has resigned from the IFF Entourage Commission due to personal reasons, as he was looking for a position in the IFF Athletes Commission.

Mr. Ovedal asked how often the commission will meet and Mr. King answered that it is on a case by case situation

CB decided: To approve the reports, approve the proposal for the IFF Athletes Entourage Policy and permit Mr. Manuel Engel the resignation from the IFF Entourage Commission.

b) CB members responsibilities

Mr. Ovedal shortly updated the present status of the development for the of the Western European member federations and the activities related to this. After the last meeting there has been a development seminar in Hungary, with the importance to have CB members participating to the Good Governance part. The results of the questionnaire will be reported in the September meeting and there is a seminar planning for November on both Good Governance and Coaching development.

Mr. Lopez shortly presented the status report for the activities in Latin America and the possible actions to be taken in the near future. (Appendix 26) There are new countries with some kind of activity, where Mexico is the fastest. There are things happening, but there are still a number of obstacles in the process. There would need to be an eye to eye meeting, to speed the development. Mr. Eriksson reminded that there are some Special Olympics activities in Uruguay, which needs to be followed up by the IFF Office

Mr. King and Mr. Liljelund reported from the AOFC CB meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand in connection to the AOFC Cup on the 4th of July and the opening of the AOFC Office in connection to the Thai Hockey Association offices. (Appendix 10)
The AOFC meeting discussed the upcoming AOFC Cup for Men in Harbin, China in end of July/beginning of August and the women‘s tournament in Singapore in June and the IWGA activation campaign initiated by Mr. King for the AOFC countries. The AOFC CB also briefly discussed the next steps for the AOFC strategy, which should be connected to the IFF strategy process.

Mr. King made a comment that we need to make a review on the development work of the AOFC countries, as we can‘t have big blow-out results in the WFC. We need we will need to have a discussion on how confederations should or shouldn‘t work. The confederations should more be a political body, leaving the actual work for the IFF. The referee development is going forward a lot in the region.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that we should have a CB theme discussion on the role of the confederations in one of the coming CB meetings.

CB decided: To approve the reports

c) Contacts to International Sports Organisations

Mr. Eriksson reported on the breakfast organised by IOC President Thomas Bach, which IFF invited to in the beginning of The World Games. The IOC has now decided that the IOC session in Peru, Lima will appoint the organisers of the Olympic Games both for 2024 and 2028. The IOC President Bach was quite open in the field that he said that all in The World Games wants to take the next step to other multi-sport games. The IOC is now evaluating the fit of the sports and the logistical implications of new sports on the Olympic Program. It was stressed to what sport can bring to the society at large. It is the sports that need to do their own homework.
Mr. Liljelund stressed in respect to this, IFF will need to build a strategy depending of how the votes will fall. IFF has also now received the confirmation from the IOC for the yearly development and anti-doping financial support from the IOC Sports Department.

Mr. Eriksson further reported that the Indonesian federation is still working hard to secure Floorball as a demonstration sport at the Asian Games 2018 in Indonesia. Mr. Raymond Nangoy has expressed that the chance is a little bigger than 50 per cent and the Indonesian federation need the support of the AOFC and its members. The Thai Hockey Association is working towards inclusion of Floorball at the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2021, which now looks likely to be organised in Thailand.

Mr. Liljelund informed about the outcome of the ARISF Council meeting held on the 22nd of July in Wroclaw, Poland and the possible effect the decisions might have on the IFF.

Mr. Liljelund informed that the FISU has informed that they have not yet received applications for the organisers for the World University Championships 2020, which has a has a dead-line for application is by the 29th of September 2017.

Mr. Eriksson initiated a discussion of how the IFF shall use the outcome of The World Games in order to learn for the future and also communicate to the Sports World of the success. The Floorball participation has been really good so far with a full arena already on the first day of the event.

Further Mr. Eriksson is to give an oral report of The World Games so far, where most things have worked well. Mr. Suman expressed that there are huge differences between different sports. One or the most important issues for the future is the location of the venue, where IFF has had a really number of the IWGA and WOC high level guests in the arena already. The speaker is a key person who will give the level of the competition on a totally new level. There needs to be more explanation of the rules in each sport. We are more promoted than the other sports, even if there has been problems with the branding language. A separate question is how we take The World Games internally, we really tried to build on the brand, where we started from zero and we must force the players to spread the world after TWG and how different it is.

Mr. Liljelund informed that there has been a number of really positive comments about the 3x15 minute game. The office will make a thorough evaluation of the Event with in the sport.

Mr. Liljelund informed that the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (BAYOGOC) has decided about the first set of sports included in the Sport Initiation program, where Floorball was not included. IFF has sent a second application to the BAYOOC, expressing that we will take all financial cost for the organisation of the Urban Floorball sports initiation. This information has also been given to the IOC YOG department and the Sports Initiation responsible persons. Based on the result regarding the YOG, it is vital to start the process towards Tokyo, lobbying for a possible appearance there as well.

Mr. Liljelund had a meeting with Ms. Anabela Moccia on Friday the 21st of July, who informed that the IOC Coordination Commission, during its visit in Buenos Aires last week, had advise the BAYOGOC that the focus should be given to the official sports also when it comes to the program of the Sports Initiation and Spots Lab. So Floorball is not to be on the program of the YOG in Buenos Aires in any form.

CB decided: To approve the reports


Mr. Klabere reported on the RACC first meeting held in Vantaa, Finland on the 20-21.05.2017.
The meeting discussed a number of topics and directions forward for the RACC, starting form the basis to get all new member on the same level. In the RACC there are a total of 27 persons from 18 countries. (Appendix 11a and 11b). Ms. Reehuis proposes on behalf of the ATC that Ms. Agata Plechan, Poland and Tomas Sladky, Czech Republic shall be ATC representatives in the RACC. The RACC already changed the way they are working and communicating.

The RACC meeting proposed to change the last day for ordinary transfers to 15.01, which is included in appendix 12, and also proposed that RACC shall have a representative in the Champions Cup Steering group.

Mr. Suman felt that the issue of the Competition Calendar needs to be looked over carefully and we can‘t make everyone happy. It will be thougher to get everything included in the calendar. Mr. Klabere expressed that there are a number of issues that needs to be included in the process.

Mr. King asked if the RACC is increasing the education of the Jury members. Mr. Klabere answered that the problem is more the possibility for education of new Jury members, where it is mainly the Champions Cup and the U19 WFC. There has been a good development of a number of persons.

Further Mr. Klabere reported on the process for the Game Rules 2018 (Appendix 11c) and the process forward where a proposal for how the next edition of the game rules shall be worked out will be presented in a later CB meeting 2017.
Mr. Liljelund reported that based on the discussions held prior to the IFF CB meeting, it has become clear that a more cautious approach is needed to be taken in respect to the rule concerning the Protective goggles. The proposal is to advise the national association of the use of protective goggles and evaluate the effect during the period the Game Rules edition 2018 are valid. (Appendix 11d) Mr. Suman expressed the need for the process of how the general things for the Game Rules, should not only be evaluated by the Rules specialists.

Ms. Reehuis asked from what perspective the Rules Group is looking at the rules, is it a player, spectator or political view. Mr. Klabere answered that the approach has been based on the fact the sport is working good, so the changes have been kept to a minimal.

Mr. Ovedal asked if the Danish can bring forward an own proposal in the future based on this. Mr. Klabere answered that all can be approved, if the applications are not totally revolutionary.

Mr. King asked why the changes have been applied for concerning the extra time and the number of players. Looking upon how do we secure consistency for the implications of the rules all over the world and can secure the development of the sport with similar conditions. Mr. Klabere answered that it is an issue of the referee education.

Mr. Eriksson felt that the process has to be looked over in the future, which Mr. Klabere expressed that the RACC will be looking upon in the future.

Further Mr. Kratz reported that the IFF Office has made several changes to the IFF Transfer Regulations, in order to secure that all players moving from one country to another will make the necessary transfers also if the stay is of a temporary nature regardless if it is based on work, studies or just travel. (Appendix 12) Mr. Klabere thought the changes are very good changes.

Mr. Suman asked the reasons for the introduction for the lower transfer categories for work or study visits and the ranking systems. Mr. Halonen answered that the reason is the problems with countries were players are playing a short period of time for different reasons. The text has to be edited concerning the statement of the ranking.

Ms. Bakke felt that the change could affect the financial year result, but Mr. Halonen answered that this will not be the case.

Mr. Klabere explained the RACC position to have a representative in the Champions Cup steering group.

Mr. Klabere also gave a short report about the applications which has come from Finland and Sweden concerning a special permission for the length of Extra time and the number of players on the field of Play. The RACC is positive to the applications and proposes to approve them, but all exemptions to the Game Rules, must be applied for by the RACC/CB and noted on a special page on the IFF web page. (Appendix 13a and 13b) Mr. Suman informed that also the Czech Floorball has made an application concerning the Extra Time to the IFF and asks the IFF to approve this. Mr. Klabere expressed that the application has to be made in writing, which will be granted in accordance with the decision of the CB and handled by the Office.

CB decided: To approve the report, approve the changes of the IFF Game Rules in accordance with the updated version, IFF Transfer Regulation with the specification of the ranking period and the applications of Finland and Sweden to use an exemption for the length and number of players during Extra Time and to put forward to the competition office to handle further applications concerning Extra Time.

d) RC

Mr. Halonen reported that the RC had held a Per Capsulam meeting, which was chaired by Mr. Råsbrink who is now back in business (Appendix 14). The main topic was in order to change one of the Spanish referees. Mr. Nelio Mendonca who used to be pair for Mr. Alejandro Santisteban lives in Brazil and therefore it‘s extremely difficult for them to referee together and therefore the Spanish Association has proposed to the IFF RC to replace Mr. Mendonca with Mr. Juan Marie Esponera.
Based on the evaluation of the performances of two referee pairs in the AOFC Cup, who are in the AOFC referee development group, the IFF RC further proposes to promote them from the AOFC Development Group to the IFF ordinary referee group. The referees are: Mr. Fajar Nurrohmanu Hidayat / Mr. Yongky Dwi Adi Priyanto from Indonesia and Mr. Jong Suk Shin / Mr. Young June Lee from Korea

The RC has with sincere regrets noticed that the long serving RC Chair Mr. Klaus Koskela has passed away and proposes that the IFF would in some way honour his memory. The SSBL proposes to nominate Mr. Mika Saastamoinen as the new Finnish representative on the RC.

CB decided: To approve the report and to confirm the decision to include the Men‘s referee pairs Mr. Fajar Nurrohmanu Hidayat / Mr. Yongky Dwi Adi Priyanto from Indonesia and Mr. Jong Suk Shin / Mr. Young June Lee from Korea as International Referees. In addition to replace Mr. Mendonca with Mr. Juan Marie Esponera, as Mr. Alejandro Santisteban pair. The CB further decided to elect Mr. Mika Saastamoinen to the IFF Referee Committee

e) Medical committee

Mr. Halonen, in the absence of Ms. Nurminen, informed that Ms. Anna Jacobson has agreed to continue as the IFF Anti-Doping person until the end of July 2018, when Ms. Merita Bruun will return from her maternity and study leave.

Ms. Bruun has finalised the WADA Code Compliance review and has together with the secretary general checked that all figures and statements are according to actual facts. WADA has informed that the IF‘s will get their Code Compliance reviews by the end of the year and IFF will then need to take corrective actions if needs be to do that.

CB decided: To approve the report

f) Athletes Commission

Ms. Reehuis informed that the newly elected Athletes Commission has held its first meeting during the U19 WFC 2017 in Växjö in Sweden in beginning of May. The ATC mainly discussed the role and task of the ATC and made a number of plans of what they will work with in the coming years. (Appendix 15) The new compassion of the ATC comprises of both new and old members and discussed how the ATC can work inside the IFF. The ATC members are really keen to work and enthusiastic. The ATC has made proposals to have representatives in different committees.

Mr. Eriksson expressed that the ATC members have already proven to be spokespersons of the IFF, especially the players participating in The World Games and Ms. Yui Takahashi promoting the World Games during the AOFC Cup.

Mr. King felt that there should be an education program for the ATC members. Mr. Reehuis answered that the ATC is preparing materials in the field of Anti-Doping, Betting and other issues. Mr. King felt if has been a really good start.

Mr. Klabere expressed that Mr. Sladky as the ATC representative in the RACC was really positive and profitable.

CB decided: To approve the report

g) Marketing Ad Hoc group

Mr. Beer informed about the actions taken to get to start the re-organisation of the sales activities of the IFF marketing and media rights, based on the ground study and analysis made in cooperation with the IFF Office. know the situation, in relation to the marketing questions in the IFF. Mr. Beer has had several meetings with the IFF Office.

The Core Country Marketing Network Group (CCMNG) had its last meeting on Friday the 5th of May in Växjö, in connection to the U19 WFC 2017. (Appendix 16) The meeting focused on the success stories and the biggest challenges of the different countries and their main goals on marketing and sales, trying to identify best practices and how to work with sales of Floorball. In addition the Sportcal Global Sport Index study was presented and it was discussed how it can be used for the national federations. It was agreed that the Brand Manager will analyse the IHHF sponsors and try to contact them and/or their competitors. Also the sales structure for the future and the role of the CCMNG was discussed. The meeting was good and open, confirming the ways we are working in the marketing field. The outcome was to try to become more active.

Mr. Beer further reported that the IFF Event Identity guidelines have been updated by the IFF Office, with the new IFF Logo and Event Identity. These are to be used in all IFF Events. (Appendix 17)

Mr. King would like to find a way to take the learning from the Core Country Marketing Network Group into the Asian countries. Mr. Beer invited representatives from Asia to the CCMNG meetings.

The IFF Office has built a new marketing presentation and updated the video materials related to this.

Mr. Beer additionally reported on the plan for the re-organisation of the sales of the IFF
marketing and media rights during the coming season and in the period 2017 – 2020. The basis for the approach is to have a in-house based sales, supported by local co-operating companies in a number of countries, as IFF has not been able to find an International Sales Agency. The IFF CB is to discuss and approve the new sales approach. (Appendix 18) The Marketing function will start the process to implement this plan during the autumn of 2017.

CB decided: To approve the reports and the IFF Marketing Sales system

h) Development & Equality Ad Hoc group

Mr. Halonen reported that there have been three development seminars ran during the spring and early summer.

The first one took place in Hungary from the 2nd to 4th of June 2017 in Erd near Budapest with three separate blocks: Coaching, Refereeing and Good Governance and the seminar was level 2 seminar in all blocks. There were 32 participants from seven different countries and some participants also from countries where there is no IFF member associations such as Bulgaria and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The participants from IFF member associations were from Austria, Belarus, Hungary, Ukraine and Serbia. (Appendix 21) There needs to be concreate rules for who can participate in the seminar.

A Referee block seminar took place in Bangkok Thailand from the 30th of June to 2nd of July 2017 with 25 participants from Thailand, 9 from Indonesia and 1 from Singapore. The need and the request for this seminar came from the Thai Hockey Association, because they need to have officially certified referees in order to be able to play official games in the Thai Sports community. After the seminar, the certified referees can also educate more local referees and certify them with national certificates. (Appendix 22)

A coaching seminar was carried out in Woy Woy in Australia from the 7th to 9th of July 2017 with Australian and New Zealander participants in conjunction of the Australia Junior Open tournament. The seminar was built around three different modules with game observation and analysis from five games, a master class on defensive tactics and how to include the teaching of individual player roles in teams coaching and then a junior training session for players and coaches. A total of some 40 plus coaches took part and there were around 30 players. The Australian Federation was very pleased with the seminar.

CB decided: To approve the report

i) International Lobbying Ad Hoc group

Mr. King presented the plans for the IFF Lobby Actions for 2017 and the updated Lobby Plan (Appendix 24), with focus on the increased recognition among the decision makers at a national and international level. The idea is to do presentations at the WFC‘s, but they have not been as successful as a number of countries are focused on their own operations. The next steps should be to target a certain number of countries.

Mr. Eriksson felt that the focusing to a number of countries would be good. Mr. Suman stressed that the work would have to be connected to the approach how we will go forward with the ANOC AGM in Prague in November. We need to help the countries to build the relationship with the NOC.

Mr. King felt that if success of Floorball in The World Games, could make it easier to approach the NOC‘s, to which Mr. Suman expressed that the approach of the NOC‘s towards the TWG is quite different.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office
Mr. Liljelund informed that Ms. Merita Bruun has applied and been permitted to pro-long here maternity leave until the summer 2018. As her replacement IFF has continued the contract with Ms. Minna Nurminen until the end of July 2018.

CB decided: To approve the report

a) Development operations

Mr. Halonen reported on the activities taken in the field of development operations. The Office has some plans for seminars in the end of the year in Turkey, but the political situation is problematic. There is a plan to have a seminar in Uganda, but it is challenging. In addition there is a seminar request from China in September.

Ms. Reehuis informed that there is a letter about Floorball in Tukey, which will be forwarded to the IFF Office.

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Information operations

Mr. Halonen reported, in the absence of Ms. Minna Nurminen that IFF has started the build-up of the new IFF web page to be introduced in spring of 2018. In addition IFF has built a version of the IFF Mobile Application for The World Games.

During the U19 WFC 2017 in Växjö, the IFF had a co-operation with the social media platform UNILAD. UNILAD showed ten of the matches. All in all, the matches reached 4 559 016 people, gained 302 681 views and the engagement was 2 982. Though the engagement number isn‘t big, the reach was rather good and many people who have never heard of the sport saw it for the first time. The recommendation is that we continue the co-operation, but need to think more carefully of which matches to show in order to get the positive image.

The IFF together with the AOFC have launched a social media activation campaign in connection to The World Games. The countries will need to use specific hashtags and the main prize is a new rink for their country. Even before the competition even started, it had 350 public posts with the three needed hashtags. The competition will help bring visibility to The World Games Floorball competition also in Asia-Oceania despite the lack of competing teams. It should also be mentioned that our ATC member Yui Takahashi has done great job promoting The World Games in Asia-Oceania.

IFF Social Media pages fans:
Facebook: 40 122
Twitter: 12 763
Instagram: 51 549
Youtube Channels: 25 422 + 11 226
All: 141 082

The growth of the followers has been slower, but that is normal during the off season. The World Games material and constant posting have managed to keep the actions (impressions, reach, engagement) rather constant and there are even more actions on the IFF Floorball social media sites than during the promotion of the WFC 2016 when compared to a timeline that is as long.

During the Summer (May 1st – July 19th) the IFF Social Media pages stats have been:
Facebook: 2 913 520 Impressions. 1 560 416 Reach. 14 214 Post Engagements. 6 148 Link Clicks.
Twitter: 350 294 Organic Impressions. 10 824 Total Engagements. 722 Link Clicks.
Instagram: 198 903 Likes Received. 1 409 Comments Received.
Youtube Channel 1*: 969 689 minutes watched. 211 157 views.
*The All Star Games in Sweden brought lot of traffic to the IFF Youtube.

Mr. Eriksson thanked the Office for the good work done and tell ourselves and the World of how good we are.

CB decided: To approve the report

c) Material operations

Mr. Liljelund reported that IFF has had its yearly meeting of the Material Board, previously the IFF Development Board (Appendix 19), in which the discussed topics were mostly concerning the present situation of the Floorball material market, where the number of sticks has decreased significantly from 2016 to 2017. But there was no specific reason for the decrease and the number of balls and goals have stayed on the same level.

The second important topic was the update of the Material Regulation 2018, which will need to be approved by the IFF CB. There are no major changes in the regulation, but mainly small adjustments to issues related to Manufacturer tasks and marking of equipment. (Appendix 20).

CB decided: To approve the report and the Material Regulation edition 2018.

d) ParaFloorball information

Mr. Halonen reported in absence of Ms. Nurminen that during the U19 WFC 2017 in Växjö a Special Olympics demonstration match was successfully organised during the semi-finals period break. The LOC also filmed a short video based on the request of the IFF and the video reached over 66 000 users and had 28 000 views on Facebook. Doing short videoclips of the demonstration matches in the future is something that should be put to the agenda as it demonstrates our values and shows that we truly are a sport for all.

Mr. Eriksson stressed that the co-operation with Special Olympics has proven to be very good and it is a win-win situation for us.

CB decided: To approve the reports

e) Equality operations

Nothing to report.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 9. Member Federations
a) Membership questions

Nothing to report

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Members under suspension

Mr. Eriksson is to report that the suspension of the National Floorball Federation of Russia has been lifted.

CB decided: To approve the report.

c) New Member Applications

Mr. Halonen reported that the Floorball Federation of Kenya was granted a provisional membership within the IFF in the last meeting of the IFF Central Board on the 8th of April 2017. The membership was granted on six months‘ probation to solve the existing problems between two competing federation in Kenya. After the IFF CB granted the membership the organizations have found mutual understanding and Floorball Federation of Kenya is now working for Floorball in several locations in Kenya. Floorball has been adopted as a test sport in some schools and universities. In the new board, there are members from both organizations and also from Special Olympics Kenya. It seems that Kenya is now one of the most active member federation in Africa.

Mr. Halonen further reported that the Nigerian Floorball Federation (NFF) has applied for IFF membership and has handed in all related documents, apart from the minutes of the founding meeting. The NFF also had participants in the IFF Floorball Development Seminar in Cameroon in September 2016 and they have received some help from the Cameroon Floorball Association in their application process. (Appendix 23)
At the time there are ten clubs who are members of the NFF and the NFF also has a written plan how to promote Floorball in Nigeria within the next 12 to 18 months and the NFF has also participated to a government ran projects to increase the awareness and visibility of sports in Nigeria in general.

The proposal is to approve the Nigeria Floorball Federation (NFF) as the provisional IFF member Nr. 67

CB decided: To approve the report and accept the Nigeria Floorball Federation (NFF) as the IFF Provisional member Nr. 67.

Mr. Liljelund further reported that the AOFC President Mr. Siriwat has indicated that he has created contacts with Floorball groups in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Myanmar Hockey Association, which all have indicated they are in the process to join the IFF competitions and apply for membership. In addition to this the process with Laos is proceeding well and there might also be a membership application in the coming next 6-12 months.

Mr. Liljelund further is pleased to inform that President of the Croatian Federation Mr. Tomislav Dakovic has reported that the reorganization of the Croatian Floorball Federation is in the final phase. The CFF will send you all the necessary documentation during the month of September, after the discussions with Croatian players from Sweden, Switzerland and Germany are finalised. The CFF has also had preliminary talks with responsible persons for national federations at the Croatian Olympic Committee.

CB decided: To approve the reports

§ 10. Next CB meeting
Mr. Eriksson conclude that the next CB meeting, will be held in Helsinki region, Finland on the 16th and 17th of September starting at 13:00 with lunch.

Mr. Ovedal informed that he is not in position to participate for the next CB meeting, for personal reasons.

CB decided: To approve the report and decide the time and place for the next CB meeting

§ 11. Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked for an efficient meeting and closed it at 13:30.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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