Champions Cup 2019 Team presentations - men – 20.12.2018

The champions from the top four floorball countries: Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland will participate in the Champions Cup. On Thursday (3rd of January) the teams will play semi-finals and the medal matches will be played on Friday.

Four teams are fighting for the Men´s CC title and those are Classic from Finland, Floorball Köniz from Switzerland, Storvreta from Sweden and Florbal Mlada Boleslav from Czech Republic.

Classic (FIN)
Their aim is to be a sporty and skillful team that is fighting for the trophy at the CC 2019.

Players to watch: 

#56 Krister Savonen
This defender with amazing ball touch is one of the best players in the world at this moment. Savonen was also nominated in the WFC 2016 All Star Team.

#19 Joonas Pylsy
Not one of the biggest guys, but one of the best centers in Finland. Was nominated as the best center in WFC 2018.

#8 Juha Kivilehto
One of the legends. Still plays at the top level and was on fire in the WFC 2018 final.

Floorball Köniz (SUI)
Young and hungry team whose aim is to win titles in national and international championships.

Players to watch:

#66 Patrik Doza
Playmaker, who plays in the Czech national team. Has gained international experience from several WFCs.

#30 Patrick Eder
Goalkeeper who is playing in the Swiss national team. WFC 2018 was his first Men´s WFC.

#61 Jan Zaugg
Swiss national team forward who is dangerous in the offence and likes to score.

Storvreta (SWE)

Storvreta wants to play a fast offensive game with good passing and a lot of one timers in the opponents´ zone. They really want to win the Champions Cup in 2019.

Players to watch:

#92 Alexander Rudd
Very good technique and one of the best players in the world.

#22 Albin Sjögren
Ambitious forward who was the top scorer in the Swedish league, SSL, last season with 70 points in 32 games.

#77 Tobias Gustafsson
Swedish national team defender who was nominated as the best player in the Swedish league SSL, last season.

Florbal Mlada Boleslav (CZE)

Florbal MB won the Czech championship for the first time and they are again playing in the Champions Cup after 2011 and 2015. The team has many players with national team experience.

Players to watch:

Czech national team goalie who has gained international experience from several Euro Floorball Tours and from the 2017 World Games.

Jiří Curney
Czech national team forward and all-time most productive player of Tipsport Superliga in Czech Republic.

Milan Tomašík
Czech national team forward, three times Swedish league, SSL, finalist. Has played in several WFCs and international tournaments.