CC 2017 Team Presentations - Women – 26.09.2017

2017 Champions Cup in Seinäjoki, Finland on the 6th - 8th of October 2017.

The Champions Cup is the championship tournament for the European Top Club teams. The tournament will be played with 12 teams (6 men´s teams and 6 women´s teams) 6th - 8th October 2017 in Seinäjoki, Finland.

Currently, the six teams involved, for both the men´s & women´s competition, are determined as follows:
- National Club champions of Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden & Switzerland
- A second team from the organising country
- Winner of the previous year´s EuroFloorball Cup

The best women´s club teams in Europe battling for the Cup title this year in the Women’s Champions Cup 2017 are IKSU (SWE), Classic (FIN), UHC Dietlikon (SUI), Tigers Jizni Mesto (CZE), Sveiva (NOR) and TPS (FIN). 

The winner of the Champions Cup receives prize money of 10 000 CHF and the runner-up receives 5 000 CHF. Also, the reigning EuroFloorball Cup (EFC) champion receives 5 000 CHF, if participating in the CC.

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Team Presentations


The Swedish IKSU has a much younger team this year, but still with many national team players. The new players are very promising and their goal for this CC is to win the tournament.

Players to watch

Frida Norström: Frida is the captain of the team. She is very strong and has good physical strength. She is very good in one against one and can play at any position.
Emelie Wibron: Emelie is very strong and fast player with a good shot and she can play at any position.
Cornelia Fjellstedt: Cornelia can play at any position. Extremely technical player with good shot and very good at blocking shots.

#11 F. Norström
#26 E. Wibron

#17 C. Fjellstedt


The Finnish team Classic is a mixture of experience and youth. Their aim for the tournament is to play in the final game.

Players to watch

Nina Rantala: Very skilful player who fights for the team every second.
Hanna Sipiläinen: The top defender in Finland. The way she reads the game is top level in the world.
Ella Alanko: Despite of her small size, she is usually the winner of the 1 vs 1 fights.

#21 N. Rantala
#22 H. Sipiläinen
#8 E. Alanko



After a long seek of eight years the team, UHC Dietlikon, finally won the Swiss championship again in 2017. With some changes in the team, with the departure of foreign top players, the team has won in the summer more depth with the addition of talented and skilful Swiss players. A spot in the final at the CC and everything is possible, that´s where the journey should go.

Players to watch

Andrea Gämperli: Very skilful young center, women with a big reach, thanks to her 184cm, who won last year´s MVP and Top scorer titles in the swiss league.
Michelle Wiki: The sniper. Produced a stunning 83 points in 15/16 with 65 being goals of that before leaving to Swedish KAIS Mora for last season. She won´t miss a shot in the slot.
Monika Schmid: The goaltender. Improved her game last season to a new level and helped her team in many tight games by being the wall between the pipes. Allowed not one goal in the cup final and only two in the super final.

#5 A. Gamperli
#6 M. Wiki
#29 M. Schmid


The Czech team Tigers Jizni Mesto is very young but the players want to win every match. They have a couple of new players in their team and they are sure that they will help the team to play their best floorball during the Champions Cup. Their aim for the tournament is to play as best as they can and get to semi-finals.

Players to watch

Denisa Billa: Denisa is the most experienced player in the team and the captain of the Czech national team. She found new motivation when she got a chance to play as forward. She was also the best scorer in the last years league.
Lucia Kosturiakova: Lucia is the captain of the Slovak national team. She is amazing how she can play floorball at this level and have a demanding job at the same time. Watch her fast moving, nice passes and hard shots.
Nikola Hermannova: Team´s young star. The strong defender that can play also as a forward with very good ball control and hard shot.

#14 D. Billa
#24 L. Kosturiakova
#2 N. Hermannova


The 2017 version of Sveiva women´s team is a mix of seasoned Sveiva ladies, talents from their own ranks and a good skillset of players that wishes to take the team and themselves further up in the ranks. The aim is a semi-final in this year´s Champion Cup... From there anything is possible.

Players to watch

Malin Dahler: Goalkeeper with lightning reflexes. A player equally comfortable on the Norwegian national team as in the Champions Cup.
Anette Berg: Captain of the team. Taking charge and leading is a good ability, but doing so while being an offensive force is exceptional.
Petra Hlozankova: Up and coming. Unknown for now. With speed and agility as a trademark. Experience like the Champions Cup will aid in promoting a talent to a household name. Petra is from the Czech Republic. 

#32 M. Dahler
#24 A. Berg

#13 P. Hlozankova


TPS from Finland has a lot of young players who are eager to compete. Last season they won the Finnish Cup and earned their place in the tournament. Their goal for this year´s Champion Cup is to win the tournament.

Players to watch

Noora Vuorela: She is a brilliant goalkeeper, who had her debut in the Finnish national team last September.
Jenna Saario: Jenna is a good shooter and always determined to make lots of goals during the game. She also knows that passing is one of the most important skills at every game.
Tiia Nikkola: Tiia has great individual defending skills, including good timing and right area selection among other things.

#35 N. Vuorela
#89 J. Saario

#14 T. Nikkola

All team and player information has been provided by the teams themselves and only edited by IFF.