Floorball Champions Cup
Wednesday 03.10.2012 11:00
Storvreta  4 — 1  Tatran
Storvreta  —  Tatran
Wednesday 03.10.2012 17:00
Wiler-Ersigen  6 — 7  Dalen
Wiler-Ersigen  —  Dalen
Wednesday 03.10.2012 20:00
Dalen  4 — 5  Piranha Chur
Dalen  —  Piranha Chur
Thursday 04.10.2012 11:00
Tigers  6 — 9  IKSU
Tigers  —  IKSU
Thursday 04.10.2012 14:00
SPV  10 — 9  Wiler-Ersigen
SPV  —  Wiler-Ersigen
Thursday 04.10.2012 17:00
RTU  1 — 5  Storvreta
RTU  —  Storvreta
Thursday 04.10.2012 20:02
Classic  3 — 2  Dalen
Classic  —  Dalen
Friday 05.10.2012 10:29
RSU  1 — 11  Tigers
RSU  —  Tigers
Friday 05.10.2012 13:31
Piranha Chur  3 — 4  Classic
Piranha Chur  —  Classic
Friday 05.10.2012 16:30
Tatran  11 — 4  RTU
Tatran  —  RTU
Friday 05.10.2012 19:40
Dalen  6 — 5  SPV
Dalen  —  SPV
Saturday 06.10.2012 11:00
IKSU  11 — 4  Piranha Chur
IKSU  —  Piranha Chur
Saturday 06.10.2012 13:59
Classic  3 — 0  Tigers
Classic  —  Tigers
Saturday 06.10.2012 17:10
Storvreta  9 — 8  SPV
Storvreta  —  SPV
Saturday 06.10.2012 20:10
Dalen  8 — 2  Tatran
Dalen  —  Tatran
Sunday 07.10.2012 13:10
IKSU  10 — 5  Classic
IKSU  —  Classic
Sunday 07.10.2012 16:10
Dalen  3 — 6  Storvreta
Dalen  —  Storvreta
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5th club team title for IKSU — 07.10.2012

One of the key questions going into this final, was whether Classic would be able to keep pace with the Swedish champions. And the answer was yes, they could, but only for a little over two periods. IKSU settled the match within the last ten minutes and won the final 10-5.

It was actually Classic that set the tempo in the start of the match and especially the line with Nina Rantala - Minna Korhonen - Eliisa Alanko created good opportunities. It was however Classic´s first line and Sanni Nieminen who scored the first goal.

IKSU continued with their high pressure fore checking in this game and the Classic defence faced problems in their own zone. IKSU´s first line: Therese Andersson - Josefina Eiremo - Elin Tjärnström with Susanne Ekblom and Emelie Wibron in the defence were unstoppable, and at 13:14 the top scorer of the tournament, Wibron, evened the score to 1-1.

The same line also scored IKSU´s second goal. This time Andersson was able to dribble through the Classic defence and lift the ball with a backhand shot over All-Star team goalkeeper, Lakkala. Classic could also create chances and the young Mari Alila evened the score after a perfect pass by Katriina Saarinen in a 2v1 situation. An interesting 2-2 was the score after the first period.

Latvala´s saves keeping Classic in the match

Both teams scored in turns in the start of the second period. First Jenny Gustafsson took IKSU into the lead, but 15 seconds later the score was 3-3 again through Alanko´s goal. Cornelia Fjellstedt´s scored IKSU´s fourth with a really nice wrist shot and one minute later Rantala showed great nerves by calmly feinting Malin Marklund out of position and putting the ball in.
The high tempo game continued the whole second period and for Classic, only playing with two lines, this started to show. They started to make more mistakes in their defensive zone and without Lakkala´s brilliant saves, Classic would have been in trouble.

Tjärnström´s goal took IKSU into the lead again in 47.32 and IKSU also had a penalty shot opportunity, but Lakkala made the save. Classic´s goalie could also keep her goal clean during the box play, but then IKSU´s possession started to pay off. The Swedish champion scored three goals within as many minutes and the game was over.

IKSU could celebrate their fifth best European club team title by defeating Classic 10-5!

Cornelia Fjellstedt and Sanni Nieminen were elected best players.
Emelie Wibron is the tournament top scorer with 7+6

Photos: perwiklund.se

Game statistics

Pictures from the game

Video interviews with Cornelia Fjellstedt (IKSU) and Victoria Wikström (IKSU)