IFF CB meeting 30.08.2003


Place:         IFF office, Solna, Sweden


Present:      Tomas Eriksson, President

                   John Liljelund, Vice President

                   Tomas Jonsson, Treasurer

                   Thomas Gilardi

                   Per Jansson

                   Risto Kauppinen

                   Peter Lindström

                   Stefan Kratz, Secretary General

                   Axel Wester, Marketing Director § 5 - 9


Excused:     Renato Orlando, Vice President
                   Martin Vaculik, member



§   1   Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson greeted the CB welcome and opened the meeting at 09:00.


§   2   Approval of the agenda

The agenda was approved.


§   3   Minutes from last meeting

The minutes from the last meeting, May 22nd in Bern, were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.


§   4   Economy

a)       Preliminary financial reports 29.08.2003 (enclosure 1 - 2)

Mr. Jonsson presented the balance sheet and the preliminary financial report per 29.08.2003, showing a surplus of 121,860 CHF.


Since the last meeting the income on marketing has improved from the budgeted 29% to 49%, but still there is a difference (negative) to budget with –61 595 CHF.


The treasurer reported that the income on organizers fee points towards a deficit of –25 000 CHF (IFF reaches 15 000 out of budgeted 40 000 CHF). 


The outcome for IFF for the entire year 2003 still points towards a deficit of approximately –30 000 CHF, i.e. if IFF will still have two employees after September 1st and for the rest of the year. If no second employee is employed or IFF will not have other staff related costs, the outcome for the entire year 2003 could point towards a balanced result.


The CB decided to approve the report.


The CB decided to advertise for a second employee as soon as possible in order not to loose speed.


b)       Information on IFF Claims (enclosure 3)

Mr. Jonsson reported on IFF claims per 29.08.2003. The total claims are 67 612 CHF.


The CB noted with satisfaction that the claims have been reduced substantially since the last meeting. SG Mr Kratz and the treasurer Mr Jonsson got the job to inform all members of their claims and notify them that no registrations will be allowed for IFF events after June 30, 2003 if not all claims are settled or there is an approved plan for paying the debts.


The CB decided to approve the report.









§   4   Economy continuation


c)       Debt of Poland (enclosure 4 - 5)

Mr. Kratz reported that the Polish FF has not reacted at all to the letters sent concerning their debt, 10 852 CHF.


The CB discussed the decision taken 22.05.2003 concerning the possible suspension of Poland from 01.08.2003 and the implications of the decision.


The CB decided, since there has been no reaction whatsoever, to confirm that PFF is suspended from 01.08.2003.


d)       Debts of Russia

Mr. Kratz reported that a plan to pay off the debt of Russia Floorball Union is made and also followed.


The CB decided to approve the report.


§   5   World Championships

a)       WFC 2003 report

Mr. Gilardi reported that the WFC 2003 was not financially a success but has lead to a growing interest from Swiss TV and other medias.


The organization of the WFC 2003 was according to the CB of high standards where a good job was done in order to meet with IFF Vision and objectives.


The CB is very pleased with the co-operation between SUHV/Swiss TV, SSBL/YLE, SIBF/SVT and IFF concerning the broadcasting from the WFC 2003. Floorball was on Swiss TV every day during the entire tournament and the international signal was produced by Swiss TV and sent to both Finland and Sweden for the bronze- as well as the final match.


The CB decided to approve the report.


b)       WFC 2004 contract and schedule

Mr. Liljelund reported that the contract for WFC 2004 is signed.


Mr. Gilardi reported that the WFC 2004 would be played in Zurich and Kloten.


Mr. Gilardi further presented the preliminary schedule, still to be confirmed by the end of September whether to be played Saturday-to-Saturday or Sunday-to-Sunday (May 15-23, 2003), due to TV reasons.


The CB decided to approve the report.


c)       WFC 2004 C-Division

Mr. Liljelund reported that the contract is signed with SUFA. The C Division will be played in Madrid during the period April 19-25, 2004.


A ballot to fix the groups and the order of play within the groups was carried out.


Group A consists of Japan, Malaysia, Georgia and Slovakia. Group B consists of Spain, Belgium, France and Canada.


The CB decided to approve the report and that Mr. Orlando will carry out an inspection trip to Spain in October.


d)       WFC U19 Men 2003 report

Mr. Liljelund reported that the organization of the Men’s U19 WFC 2003 runs smoothly.


The CB decided to approve the report.








§   5   World Championships continuation

e)       WFC U19 for Women 2004

Mr. Kratz reported that 8 teams have registered correctly and that Poland’s registration has been rejected due to their debt situation. The correct registered nations are, Germany, Czech Republic, Finland, Switzerland, Hungary, Latvia, Norway and Sweden.


The CB decided to approve the report and to confirm the ExCo decision to appoint SSBL as organizers, and thanking HFF and CFBU for their interest to organize and to put forward to RACC to make a proposal on ranking of the teams.


f)        WFC Women 2005

Mr. Eriksson reported that the contract has been negotiated and is to be signed in the coming weeks and that an inspection trip will be carried out at the earliest convenience, most probably early February or March 2004.


The CB decided to approve the report.


§   6   European Cup

a)       EC 2003/2004 – report (enclosures 6 - 7)

Mr Kratz noted that vice President Orlando confirmed at the last meeting in Bern on May 22nd, that DUB was to sign the contract for the EC 2004 as negotiated.

Mr. Eriksson reported that Mr. Orlando made an inspection trip to Germany in June 2003, where he meet with DUB and vice President Dr. Blanke, and that everything is in place and according to schedule.

Mr. Wester reported from the Qualification round played in Prague in August where Jaegerspris Underducks FC from Denmark and Rigas Lauvas from Latvia qualified for the EC women final round, and that Tatran Stresovice from the Czech Republic and Outlaws FFK from Denmark qualified to the EC men final round in Germany.


The CB decided to approve the reports and to confirm the e-mail decision concerning Södertälje IBK (runner-up of the Swedish Championships) as re-placer for Balrog IK (Swedish Champions) in the EC Final round.


§   7   Committees – Reports and Constitution

a)       ExCo (enclosures 8 - 9)

Mr. Eriksson informed of the meeting with the President’s of the ordinary member Associations to be held in Helsinki 13-14.09.2003. The main aims are;


To inform of the present situation and to reach a common understanding of the present situation, i.e. the difficulties to sell the sport. Maybe to revise the timetable for some of our objectives and to make priorities of the nearest future. To make all Associations understand the importance of becoming ordinary members, and
admit that the bigger Associations have better possibilities to act than IFF, finding a solution on the present situation, clarify that all Associations can and must support the IFF.


Mr Eriksson informed about the agenda decided by the ExCo:


  1. Introduction, welcome and purpose of meeting (Mr Eriksson)


  1. Status of today concerning IFF Vision and objectives and financial situation, implications, and objectives set in Hohenmölsen November 2001, implications (Mr Liljelund)


  1. Role of the member associations of IFF, rights and duties (Mr Orlando)


  1. Marketing function in general and due to loss of Axel Wester (Mr Lindström)


  1. Economical point of view in connection with Hohenmölsen implications and how to deal with marketing function (Mr Eriksson)


  1. Associations Presidents proposals on how to deal with general work and marketing work within IFF (all, plenary discussion)


  1. Possible solutions on marketing function and general IFF administrative work (all, plenary discussion)


  1. Timetable and eventual setting of solutions and eventual second associations Presidents meeting (all, plenary discussion, and conclusions Mr Eriksson)


The CB decided to approve the report, and confirm that from IFF Mr Eriksson, Mr Orlando, Mr Liljelund, Mr Lindström and Mr Kratz participates.



§   7   Committees – continuation


Mr. Eriksson reported that IFF had on August 4, 2003, received from the IOC in Lausanne all the necessary documents concerning IOC recognition. The ExCo had scrutinized the documents.


Mr. Eriksson informed that the application for recognition of IOC should be the IOC by hand latest 15.09.2003.


The CB decided to apply for IOC recognition latest 15.09.2003, all in order with the IFF Vision decided by the IFF Congress in Helsinki 2002 in order to reach IOC recognition 2006.


b)       RACC

The CB decided, upon proposal from Mr. Orlando, to constitute Martin Johansson as Vice Chairman of RACC.


c)       RC

Mr. Gilardi reported on the ongoing work within RC, i.e. handling the nominations of international referees and observers, and appointing referees to Internationals and took the opportunity to thank Mr. Wester for the work he has done for RC.


The CB decided to approve the report.


d)       EDC

Mr. Kauppinen reported on the ongoing work within EDC, i.e. the marketing DVD where the 3rd raw version will be ready by midst September and the Youth Start Kit, where the material is in the translation stage, which is expected to be completed as a raw version by midst September. Mr. Kauppinen further reported that it would be very difficult to organize the seminar in Germany during the EC Final round since Mr. Wester is resigning from office.


The next EDC meeting is planned to 07.11.2003 in Prague during the Men’s U19 WFC.


The CB decided to approve the report.


e)       MIC

Mr. Lindström reported on the ongoing work within MIC where a contract has been negotiated, and signed, with Exel concerning official IFF ball, and also took the opportunity to thank Mr. Wester for the work he has done for MIC. Mr. Lindström further reported that contacts have been taken with possible sponsor/marketing companies.


The CB decided to approve the report, and approved with satisfaction the negotiated contract with Exel OY.


f)        Material questions

Mr. Liljelund reported on the status of the application from ITC in the Czech Republic for possible IFF recognition. Mr Liljelund furthermore reported on the Development Board work.


The CB decided to put forward to the ExCo to decide about the ITC application based on the SP recommendation by midst of September.


g)       General

Due to the financial situation of IFF Mr. Eriksson emphasised that the national Associations must carry the cost for Committee members, for the time being, all in order with the valid IFF financial regulations.


The CB decided to approve the report, and that the IFF financial regulations are in full force concerning IFF work in general and committee work in particular.


§   8 Next CB meeting

The next CB meeting will be held in Weissenfels on the 10-11.01.2004 with arrivals Friday 09.01.2004.

§   9 Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson thanked for an effective meeting and closed the meeting at 17:30.




Stefan Kratz                                                 Tomas Eriksson

Secretary General                                        President