Solna 05.06.2003



To: Polish Floorball Federation




Regarding IFF CB decision concerning your debts to IFF


Dear floorball friends,


In its last meeting the IFF Central Board (CB) discussed and decided about your debts to IFF and the settlement of the debts.


The decision:


4 Economy

c) Debt of Poland (enclosure 3-4)

Mr Kratz reported that he meet with the Polish FA during the EC in Prague in January 2003, and discussed the handling of the Polish debts consisting of 10 852 CHF.


Mr. Kratz further reported that he has prepared and sent (on 21.03.2003) a proposal for Poland to settle their debts to IFF but that they have not reacted at all to the proposal. A reminder has also been sent to both the Polish FA as well as the Polish FA President.



In the last CB meeting the CB decided that:


Member Federations that has a debt to IFF, and has not made an agreement with IFF how to handle the payment will get a warning where the consequences of not paying within in a given time are stated. If the payment or an acceptable plan for the payment does not exist at the time stated, the warning/ suspension are automatically imposed for a given time or until the dept is paid. If the debt is not paid off within 6 months the case will be transferred to the Disciplinary Committee for further prosecution.


The CB decided to warn Poland urging them to accept the updated proposal latest 30.06.2003. The CB further decided that if a plan to settle the debts is not fixed by 30.06.2003 Poland will be suspended from 01.08.2003.


Attached you will find the updated proposal to which we look forward to your acceptance asap, latest




With sincere regards

International Floorball Federation



Stefan Kratz b.d.

Secretary General