Solna 28.08.2003





To: Presidents of ordinary member associations of IFF




The future of International Floorball- meeting in Helsinki September 13-14, 2003



Place and schedule:

Meeting at SAS Radisson Hesperia hotel, Mannerheimintie 50, Helsinki, Finland,
Phone: +358-9 431 01, Fax: +358-9 431 09 95,
starting with friendly dinner Saturday September 13 at 20:30, and actual meeting Sunday September 14, 09:00-14:00.



  1. Introduction, welcome and purpose of meeting (Mr Eriksson)


  1. Status of today concerning IFF Vision and objectives and financial situation, implications, and objectives set in Hohenmölsen November 2001, implications (Mr Liljelund)


  1. Role of the member associations of IFF, rights and duties (Mr Orlando)


  1. Marketing function in general and due to loss of Axel Wester (Mr Lindström)


  1. Economical point of view in connection with Hohenmölsen implications and how to deal with marketing function (Mr Eriksson)


  1. Associations Presidents proposals on how to deal with general work and marketing work within IFF (all, plenary discussion)


  1. Possible solutions on marketing function and general IFF administrative work (all, plenary discussion)


  1. Timetable and eventual setting of solutions and eventual second associations Presidents meeting (all, plenary discussion, and conclusions Mr Eriksson)



Yours sincerely,



Tomas Eriksson                           Stefan Kratz

IFF President                          Secretary general b d


Participants (preliminary to be confirmed by the associations):


Czech Republic/ Mr Martin Vaculik, member and CB

Denmark/Mrs Mona Aagaard, vice President

Estonia/Mr Ain Lillepalu, President

Finland/Mr Matti Ahde, President

Norway/Mr Kjell Hovland-Olsen, President

Sweden/Mr Per Jansson, President and CB

Switzerland/Mr Renato Orlando, President and vice President of IFF

Russia/Mr Anton Nilov, secretary general and Mr Vyacheslav Kalinin, marketing director

IFF/Mr Tomas Eriksson, President of IFF

IFF/Mr John Liljelund, vice President of IFF

IFF/Mr Peter Lindström, member of CB

IFF/Mr Stefan Kratz, secretary general of IFF