Floorball Champions Cup
Wednesday 02.10.2013 10:00
Tigers  3 — 4  Rönnby IBK
Tigers  —  Rönnby IBK
Wednesday 02.10.2013 13:00
Alligator Malans  10 — 2  SK Lielvarde
Alligator Malans  —  SK Lielvarde
Wednesday 02.10.2013 15:30
Classic  5 — 4  Piranha Chur
Classic  —  Piranha Chur
Wednesday 02.10.2013 18:30
Falun  5 — 1  Classic
Falun  —  Classic
Thursday 03.10.2013 10:00
Vitkovice  3 — 10  Falun
Vitkovice  —  Falun
Thursday 03.10.2013 13:00
SB-Pro  6 — 1  Tigers
SB-Pro  —  Tigers
Thursday 03.10.2013 17:30
Sveiva  1 — 10  Classic
Sveiva  —  Classic
Thursday 03.10.2013 20:15
SPV  6 — 3  Alligator Malans
SPV  —  Alligator Malans
Friday 04.10.2013 10:00
Piranha Chur  5 — 1  Sveiva
Piranha Chur  —  Sveiva
Friday 04.10.2013 10:00
Rönnby IBK  5 — 2  SB-Pro
Rönnby IBK  —  SB-Pro
Friday 04.10.2013 18:00
Classic  9 — 0  Vitkovice
Classic  —  Vitkovice
Friday 04.10.2013 20:45
SK Lielvarde  3 — 11  SPV
SK Lielvarde  —  SPV
Saturday 05.10.2013 10:00
Rönnby IBK  9 — 2  Piranha Chur
Rönnby IBK  —  Piranha Chur
Saturday 05.10.2013 13:00
Classic  2 — 3  SB-Pro
Classic  —  SB-Pro
Saturday 05.10.2013 16:00
SPV  4 — 2  Classic
SPV  —  Classic
Saturday 05.10.2013 19:00
Falun  8 — 6  Alligator Malans
Falun  —  Alligator Malans
Sunday 06.10.2013 13:00
Rönnby IBK  4 — 3  SB-Pro
Rönnby IBK  —  SB-Pro
Sunday 06.10.2013 16:15
SPV  5 — 7  Falun
SPV  —  Falun
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Rönnby wins the 2013 Women´s Champions Cup — 06.10.2013

The women´s final was a great battle between two even teams where Rönnby came out as the Cup winners and the 10.000 CHF prize money.

The first goal of the match was quite surprising at least Loisa Laura did not seed to expect that Susanne Riutta would try to score the old fashioned way and Riutta found the open space to put in the first goal. 

Rönnby was stronger in the first period, but only just. The Swedes had more ball control and found better passing lanes but also made a couple of mistakes that could have led to dangerous SB-Pro attacks. But the Finnish team did not react quickly enough to utilise these opportunities.

SB-Pro came out strong into the second period and also got a power play opportunity. Ina Leminen had a great chance to equalise when she was face to face with Mirja Viklund in the Rönnby goal, but no goal.

SB- Pro increased the tempo in the end of the second period and took more control. Three minutes before the intermission Elina Kujala finally succeeded to get a ball behind Viklund and evened the score to 1-1.

- We were better in the second period. We played more straightforward and tried to get the ball directly towards the goal, Kujala Karoliina commented during the intermission.

In the last period the teams traded goals, first Malin Wikström took Rönnby to the lead, then Mira Wickman´s long distance shot evened the score. But then Wikström stepped up again. First she scored the 3-2 goal and then she gave the pass to Malin Forslund´s 4-2 goal after winning a one against one situation in the corner.
SB-Pro put up a great fight in the end and managed to score playing without goalie by Karoliina Kujala on a rebound. But the Swedish champion could hold on to the one goal lead and is now also crowned the world´s best club team.

After the game both coaches gave credit to their opponents.

- We did a good game but were not concentrated the first period. In the second  we started to play the floorball that we wanted to. Rönnby is individually much better than us, because they have a lot of experience from big finals, but we would be stupid not to learn out of such games, the SB-Pro head coach Timo Suonpää said after the match. 

- It was a hell of a fight that SB-Pro gave us. They were the better team in the second period but luckily we got back to our strong defence and scored again in the third, Rönnby coach Per-Erik Alvin commented the game.

Best players:
 Rönnby: Wikström
 SB-Pro: Wickman

More photos by Juhani Järvenpää and Topi Naskali on IFF Flickr

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