Floorball Champions Cup
Wednesday 02.10.2013 10:00
Tigers  3 — 4  Rönnby IBK
Tigers  —  Rönnby IBK
Wednesday 02.10.2013 13:00
Alligator Malans  10 — 2  SK Lielvarde
Alligator Malans  —  SK Lielvarde
Wednesday 02.10.2013 15:30
Classic  5 — 4  Piranha Chur
Classic  —  Piranha Chur
Wednesday 02.10.2013 18:30
Falun  5 — 1  Classic
Falun  —  Classic
Thursday 03.10.2013 10:00
Vitkovice  3 — 10  Falun
Vitkovice  —  Falun
Thursday 03.10.2013 13:00
SB-Pro  6 — 1  Tigers
SB-Pro  —  Tigers
Thursday 03.10.2013 17:30
Sveiva  1 — 10  Classic
Sveiva  —  Classic
Thursday 03.10.2013 20:15
SPV  6 — 3  Alligator Malans
SPV  —  Alligator Malans
Friday 04.10.2013 10:00
Piranha Chur  5 — 1  Sveiva
Piranha Chur  —  Sveiva
Friday 04.10.2013 10:00
Rönnby IBK  5 — 2  SB-Pro
Rönnby IBK  —  SB-Pro
Friday 04.10.2013 18:00
Classic  9 — 0  Vitkovice
Classic  —  Vitkovice
Friday 04.10.2013 20:45
SK Lielvarde  3 — 11  SPV
SK Lielvarde  —  SPV
Saturday 05.10.2013 10:00
Rönnby IBK  9 — 2  Piranha Chur
Rönnby IBK  —  Piranha Chur
Saturday 05.10.2013 13:00
Classic  2 — 3  SB-Pro
Classic  —  SB-Pro
Saturday 05.10.2013 16:00
SPV  4 — 2  Classic
SPV  —  Classic
Saturday 05.10.2013 19:00
Falun  8 — 6  Alligator Malans
Falun  —  Alligator Malans
Sunday 06.10.2013 13:00
Rönnby IBK  4 — 3  SB-Pro
Rönnby IBK  —  SB-Pro
Sunday 06.10.2013 16:15
SPV  5 — 7  Falun
SPV  —  Falun

Tampere - Your Host City

Tampere is an interesting destination. It is a cozy, safe and beautiful city in the Finnish lake district. It is also a city with a rich industrial heritage. Today it is a popular destination for sports events, congresses and holidays. 

Tampere is the third biggest city in Finland and has a population of 215 117 which makes it the second largest economic area in Finland. In the region of Tampere there are 352 000 inhabitants. Gustavus III, King of Sweden, founded Tampere in 1779. In the Nordic countries, Tampere is also known by its Swedish name, Tammerfors.

Tampere is located in the midst of a lake labyrinth –2000 lakes situated within the city limits. A big city by Finnish standards, Tampere still manages to feel like a small town. In the centre everything is within walking distance. Surrounded by two large lakes, which give the city its distinctive air of natural peace, Tampere is a versatile town with vivid cultural life and lively summer events.

Tampere is also one of Finland’s major centres of growth, a birthplace of new technology and products used all over the world.

Tampere- All Bright!

Tampere has always been one of the most important industrial cities in Finland. Today, it is also famous for its information and biotechnology centers, universities, theatres and lively cultural events.

Tampere has two universities, a polytechnic and numerous educational and research institutes. Tampere is also a significant centre of education, research and high-tech industries.

Tampere is Finland’s theatre capital and a major cultural centre in general. There are numerous professional theatres and active amateur groups. The dozens of museums, art exhibitions and galleries located in the city further enhance culture in Tampere. In addition, Tampere hosts a number of different festivals every year.

Furthermore, Tampere has always been a city of sports. In recent years, Tampere has hosted several major international competitions and other sports events. The city has made a significant contribution to the event arrangements and has paid special attention to the quality of its competition venues.

Welcome to Tampere!

Men's standings
2.Alligator Malans210113-83
3.SK Lielvarde20025-210
Women's standings
1.Rönnby IBK21109-55
Top Scorers
Goalie statistics
1.Mans ParsjöFalun415383.33
2.Pekka NieminenClassic339981.25
3.Jarno IhmeSPV4491280.32
4.Roman CiompaVitkovice28280.00
5.Johan RehnFalun4451278.94