Meeting with the Presidents’ of the ordinary member Associations of IFF


Place:         SAS Radisson Hesperia hotel, Helsinki, Finland.

Date:           September 14, 2003.


§ 1     Introduction, welcome and purpose of meeting (enclosure 1)

Mr. Eriksson greeted the participants welcome and informed of the purpose of the meeting, i.e. to inform about the present situation in international Floorball from IFF´s point of view, the strengths and weaknesses, and to


 discuss and find eventual solutions for the marketing function of IFF.



All participants presented themselves.


§ 2     Status of today concerning IFF Vision and objectives and financial situation, implications,
          and objectives set in Hohenmölsen November 2001, implications

Mr. Liljelund informed of the background of the workshop was to streamline the organization and define

the objectives. IFF is maybe growing to quick – associations demand and want to participate in

championships. The vision was set and decided by the IFF Congress in Helsinki in May 2002, but to achieve the vision requires and needs more staff, i.e. a Secretary general, a competition officer, a marketing officer, and an office clerk. We need to discuss in which speed we should fulfil the vision. Amongst other things, the main objective is to get IOC recognition 2006.


§ 3     Role of the member associations of IFF, rights and duties

Mr. Orlando informed of the role of the members, the rights and duties.

Mr. Orlando feels that IFF has grown more externally than internally – due to lack of resources (financially, staff etc.). To many associations relies on the 5 “older” associations to carry out the international development. All associations has to realize that IFF is not an institution itself – it consists of all associations and all associations has to contribute to the development. According to the answers of the Federations following the questionnaire by the EDC that IFF shall support its members in all matters relating to Floorball, it is also the duty of the associations to pay its share in order to fulfil these important tasks.


§ 4     EDC/DB projects

Mr. Vaculik presented the work within EDC and specially the two ongoing projects – a Youth Start-up Kit and a promotion DVD. A pre-version of the promotion DVD was showed. The DVD will be in English, German, French, Spanish and Russian language. The material will be a public domain, free of charge for all.

Mr. Liljelund informed of the background of the Development Board (DB) and the co-operation between the DB and the EDC. Mr Liljelund mentioned amongst other things the development plan that is to be established for Germany in cooperation with DUB and the manufacturers.


§ 5     Marketing function in general and due to loss of Axel Wester (enclosure 2)

Mr. Lindström presented the current aims, current situation and the future and wishes of MIC.


§ 6     Economical point of view in connection with Hohenmölsen implications and

          how to deal with marketing function

Raising of membership fees & participation fees.

Basically the opinion is that staff and office costs shall be borne by the associations, and not by sponsors, since this is considered “extras”.

National proposals to solve the issues should be sent to IFF – to be discussed and decided at the next meeting.


§ 7     Associations Presidents proposals on how to deal with general work and marketing work within IFF (all, plenary discussion)

Basically the opinion is that staff and office costs shall be borne by the associations, not sponsors.

National proposals to solve the issues should be sent to IFF – to be discussed and decided at the next meeting. Concerning the income from sponsorships it shall be used, mainly, to finance the development programs within IFF.


§ 8     Possible solutions on marketing function and general IFF administrative work (all, plenary discussion)

Concerning the income from sponsorships it shall be used, mainly, to finance the development programs within IFF. Basically the opinion was that the IFF should ask all ordinary members for different possible solutions, and after having considered them, invite for another meeting, preferably as soon as possible, possibly in Prague in the Czech Republic during the U19 WFC for men in November 2003.


§ 9     Timetable and eventual setting of solutions and eventual second associations Presidents

          meeting (all, plenary discussion, and conclusions Mr Eriksson)


There is a need of another meeting, to be held in Prague, Czech Republic during the Men’s U19 WFC. Questions will be put forth to the ordinary members to reply to and later the replies will be distributed. The IFF will carry on to employ a second person at the office.


Questions for all ordinary members of IFF to look at and come back will possible solutions/proposals:

  1. Which WFC-s shall IFF organize and under what circumstances?
  2. Concerning the political lobbying towards IOC recognition, who shall be asked as opinion leaders and lobbyists, and how to finance it?
  3. Which possibilities are there to solve the marketing function, including the initial finance of it?
  4. When it comes to branding, and the international portfolio, what can the associations contribute with?
  5. What solutions are there for the IFF office in general and the increase of employees in particular, since the workshop in Hohenmölsen came to the conclusion that we need already today four employees?
  6. If the increase in office staff shall be borne by all the associations in a larger extent then is the fact today, what are the solutions; increase in membership fees, increase in participating fees, or other solutions?


The ordinary members of IFF shall answer the questions as soon as possible, preferably not later then October 23, 2003.


The next meeting will be in Prague during the WFC U19 for men, on Sunday November 9, 2003, at 0900-1200 hours in Prague at the Sparta Arena.



Yours sincerely,



Tomas Eriksson                       Stefan Kratz

President                                 Secretary general b d

















Czech Republic/ Mr Martin Vaculik, member and CB

Estonia/Mr Ain Lillepalu, President

Finland/Mr Matti Ahde, President and Mr John Liljelund, vice President and vice President of IFF

Norway/Mr Kjell Hovland-Olsen, President

Sweden/Mr Per Jansson, President and CB

Switzerland/Mr Renato Orlando, President and vice President of IFF

Russia/Mr Anton Nilov, secretary general and Mr Vyacheslav Kalinin, marketing director

IFF/Mr Tomas Eriksson, President of IFF

IFF/Mr Peter Lindström, member of CB

IFF/Mr Risto Kauppinen, member of CB

IFF/Mr Stefan Kratz, secretary general of IFF


Announced non-participation

Denmark/Mrs Mona Aagaard, vice President



Poland is not participating since they are under IFF suspension starting from August 1st, 2003.