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Women´s U19 WFC 2018 Team Presentations: A-Division, Group A

A total of 18 teams registered for the 8th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships. Th... — 20.4.2018

Women´s U19 WFC 2018 Team Presentations: A-Division, Group B

A total of 18 teams registered for the 8th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships... — 19.4.2018

Women´s U19 WFC 2018 Team Presentations: B-Division, Group C

A total of 18 teams registered for the 8th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships.Thi... — 18.4.2018

8th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships 2018

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Official event website: http://www.wfc2018.ch/en/

A-Division: Athletik zentrum, st. gallen

Final Standings


Sweden (1)*


Finland (2)


Czech Republic (4)


Poland (6)


Switzerland (3)


Norway (5)


Germany (9)


Slovakia (7)

* Numbers in brackets show the rankings prior to the event, based on results from U19 WFC 2016.

Match results: A-division

02.05. 10:01 Group A: GER WU19 - SWE WU190-29
02.05. 13:00 Group A: CZE WU19 - NOR WU199-0
02.05. 16:02 Group B: POL WU19 - FIN WU190-7
02.05. 19:01 Group B: SVK WU19 - SUI WU193-3
03.05. 10:00 Group A: SWE WU19 - NOR WU1914-2
03.05. 13:00 Group A: GER WU19 - CZE WU192-8
03.05. 16:00 Group B: SVK WU19 - POL WU194-5
03.05. 19:00 Group B: SUI WU19 - FIN WU194-5
04.05. 10:00 Group A: NOR WU19 - GER WU195-0
04.05. 13:00 Group A: SWE WU19 - CZE WU1913-2
04.05. 16:00 Group B: FIN WU19 - SVK WU196-1
04.05. 19:00 Group B: SUI WU19 - POL WU192-5
05.05. 10:00 7th place: SVK WU19 - GER WU194-5
05.05. 12:59 A-Semi 2: FIN WU19 - CZE WU194-1
05.05. 16:00 5th place: NOR WU19 - SUI WU192-8
05.05. 18:59 A-Semi 1: SWE WU19 - POL WU1910-2
06.05. 12:00 3rd place: POL WU19 - CZE WU191-3
06.05. 15:00 A-Final: SWE WU19 - FIN WU197-2

Standings: Group A
1.SWE WU19330056-46
2.CZE WU19320119-154
3.NOR WU1931027-232
4.GER WU1930032-420
Standings: Group B
1.FIN WU19330018-56
2.POL WU19320110-134
3.SUI WU1930129-131
4.SVK WU1930128-141

Scoring leaders: A-division

1.Wilma JohanssonSWE WU195713200
2.Ellen BackstedtSWE WU195126180
3.Frida SwahnSWE WU195113140
4.Amanda LjunggrenSWE WU195410140
5.Emma StenbergSWE WU195103130
6.Moa GustafssonSWE WU19573100
7.Barbora HuskovaCZE WU1955380
8.Andrea WildermuthSUI WU1945274
9.Alicia SvenssonSWE WU1952570
10.Rikke Ingebrigtsli HansenNOR WU1946060

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Goalkeeper Statistics: A-division

1.Christine MejboNOR WU194480100.00
2.Emely-Alice LeuGER WU194420100.00
3.Kristina HlavataSVK WU194350100.00
4.Magdalena MichaliszynPOL WU195350100.00
5.Patrycja BernackaPOL WU195620100.00
6.Elsi KangasharjuFIN WU195820100.00
7.Paulina FarulovaSVK WU194320100.00
8.Ladina TondurySUI WU194600100.00
9.Julia-Lucia BranGER WU1941000100.00
10.Charlotte Reenskaug JohnsrudNOR WU194420100.00

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B-Division: Sportcentre, Herisau

Final Standings
9.Latvia (8)
10.Russia (18)^
11.Hungary (11)
12.Austria (15)
13.Canada (10)
14.Australia (-)
15.New Zealand (-)
16.USA (12)

* Numbers in brackets show rankings prior to the event, based on results from U19 WFC 2016. Teams marked with (-) were competing in their first Women´s U19 WFC event. ^ Russia did not compete in 2016, so their ranking was based on past participation in U19 WFC events.

Match results: B-division*

02.05. 10:01 Group C: AUT WU19 - AUS WU196-1
02.05. 13:00 Group C: USA WU19 - LAT WU190-20
02.05. 16:01 Group D: CAN WU19 - RUS WU192-10
02.05. 19:01 Group D: HUN WU19 - NZL WU195-1
03.05. 10:00 Group C: AUT WU19 - USA WU195-4
03.05. 13:00 Group C: AUS WU19 - LAT WU194-16
03.05. 16:00 Group D: CAN WU19 - HUN WU193-5
03.05. 19:00 Group D: RUS WU19 - NZL WU1912-3
04.05. 10:00 Group C: LAT WU19 - AUT WU1920-1
04.05. 13:00 Group C: AUS WU19 - USA WU193-3
04.05. 16:00 Group D: NZL WU19 - CAN WU191-3
04.05. 19:00 Group D: RUS WU19 - HUN WU195-2
05.05. 10:00 15th place: NZL WU19 - USA WU196-2
05.05. 13:00 B-Semi 1: LAT WU19 - HUN WU193-0
05.05. 16:00 B-Semi 2: RUS WU19 - AUT WU198-3
05.05. 19:00 13th place: AUS WU19 - CAN WU191-5
06.05. 09:00 11th place: HUN WU19 - AUT WU196-1
06.05. 09:00 B-Final: LAT WU19 - RUS WU199-2

*NOTE: B-Division final was played at Athletik Zentrum, St. Gallen

Standings: Group C
1.LAT WU19330056-56
2.AUT WU19320112-254
3.AUS WU1930128-251
4.USA WU1930127-281
Standings: Group D
1.RUS WU19330027-76
2.HUN WU19320112-94
3.CAN WU1931028-162
4.NZL WU1930035-200

Scoring leaders: B-division

1.Laura GaugereLAT WU195813210
2.Anna AnkudinovaLAT WU195137202
3.Julija RoziteLAT WU1951010200
4.Simona GrapenaLAT WU195107170
5.Anastasiia BulbashRUS WU195512170
6.Mariia BasarginaRUS WU195103130
7.Leticija KalveLAT WU1956392
8.Klinta MartinjekabaLAT WU1955492
9.Jana GamsAUT WU1955270
10.Elizaveta NadeevaRUS WU1955160

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Goalkeeper Statistics: B-division

1.Cara HornAUS WU194600100.00
2.Rachel BertschingerNZL WU194560100.00
3.Hunter JonesCAN WU194490100.00
4.Cassie TroyUSA WU194100100.00
5.Louella EatonAUS WU194240100.00
6.Lily MessierCAN WU194430100.00
7.Tanya PutthapipatNZL WU194430100.00
8.Annalina Van HerckeUSA WU1941230100.00
9.Victoria WeitgasserAUT WU195930100.00
10.Valentina StryginaRUS WU195300100.00

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A total of 18 teams registered for the 8th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships. This is the most ever registrations for this event and was the first time that a qualification had to be held for this event.

Australia, Italy, The Netherlands & New Zealand all registered for the first time in the Women´s U19s.

The Final Round was played in St. Gallen and Herisau, Switzerland, with 8 teams in A-division & 8 teams in B-division. All A-division teams, as well as six B-division teams were directly qualified, based on results from the Women´s U19 WFC 2016 and regional quotas. The remaining 2 spots in the B-division were determined via a qualification event in Europe, between Austria, The Netherlands, Italy & Russia.

Every team played each other once within their group. The top two teams after the group stage proceeded to the semi-finals in their division, while the other four teams had placement matches.

The 8th placed team in A-division (Slovakia) will be relegated to B-division for 2020. The winner of B-division (Latvia) will be promoted to A-division for 2020.


A qualification event was held in Linz, Austria from 8th - 10th September 2017. Four nations competed - Austria, Italy, Netherlands & Russia. It was the first time that either Italy or The Netherlands had participated at this level.

Based on the results of this event, Austria & Russia qualified to the Final Round.

More information on the qualification event can be found here.

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