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Women´s U19 WFC 2016 in facts & figures

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Women´s U19 WFC 2016

7th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships 2016

Quinte Sport & Wellness Centre
Belleville, Ontario, Canada

4th - 8th May 2016

Official event website: For more tournament news and tourist information visit www.floorball2016.ca

Tickets can be purchased online at: www.floorball2016.ca/buy-tickets

Live Stream:
All matches will be streamed live on the IFF YouTube channels:

Yardmen Arena: Channel 1 - www.youtube.com/iffchannel

Rink B: Channel 2 - www.youtube.com/ifflive

Match Schedule


Final Standings
4.Czech Republic
8. Latvia

Group A Results, Standings & Statistics

Group B Results, Standings & Statistics

A-Division Match Schedule

04.05. 13:10 Grp A: SWE WU19 - NOR WU1915-0
04.05. 15:31 Grp A: SVK WU19 - SUI WU193-6
04.05. 16:10 Grp B: LAT WU19 - FIN WU191-21
04.05. 19:10 Grp B: CZE WU19 - POL WU197-7
05.05. 10:10 Grp A: SVK WU19 - SWE WU190-11
05.05. 13:10 Grp A: SUI WU19 - NOR WU1911-3
05.05. 15:30 Grp B: LAT WU19 - CZE WU195-15
05.05. 16:10 Grp B: FIN WU19 - POL WU1919-0
06.05. 10:10 Grp A: NOR WU19 - SVK WU197-5
06.05. 13:09 Grp A: SUI WU19 - SWE WU190-15
06.05. 15:29 Grp B: POL WU19 - LAT WU195-2
06.05. 16:14 Grp B: FIN WU19 - CZE WU197-3
07.05. 10:10 7th place: LAT WU19 - SVK WU195-9
07.05. 13:10 A-Semi 2: FIN WU19 - SUI WU195-1
07.05. 15:59 5th place: NOR WU19 - POL WU195-4
07.05. 16:11 A-Semi 1: SWE WU19 - CZE WU195-0
08.05. 15:12 3rd place: CZE WU19 - SUI WU192-3
08.05. 18:10 A-Final: SWE WU19 - FIN WU196-3

A-Division Scoring leaders

1.Frida AhlstrandSWE WU19597160
2.Oona KauppiFIN WU19575124
3.Jenna SaarioFIN WU19566120
4.Annie NilssonSWE WU19583110
5.Ellen SvenssonSWE WU19565110
6.Lina SvarfvarSWE WU19565112
7.Veera KauppiFIN WU19555100
8.Ellinoora HuotariFIN WU19537100
9.Josefine WalinderSWE WU1953690
10.Felicia ForsmarkSWE WU1958080

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A-Division Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Hanna SvenssonSWE WU195280100.00
2.Lovisa HedinSWE WU19546393.87
3.Kristiina TarkiainenFIN WU19518385.71
4.Eliska DrbalovaCZE WU195711285.54
5.Jill MungerSUI WU195731384.88
6.Veronika TomsovaCZE WU195771583.69
7.Teea LehikoinenFIN WU19537882.22
8.Ida AmbjorseieNOR WU194781980.41
9.Petra HackovaSVK WU194681879.06
10.Thilde FredriksenNOR WU194561677.77

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Final Standings

Photo: Aaron Bell

Group C Results, Standings & Statistics

Group D Results , Standings & Statistics

B-Division Match Results
04.05. 10:25 Grp D: CAN WU19 - JPN WU195-3
04.05. 12:48 Grp C: USA WU19 - AUT WU195-2
04.05. 18:13 Grp D: THA WU19 - GER WU191-15
05.05. 12:45 Grp C: AUT WU19 - HUN WU190-12
05.05. 18:14 Grp D: JPN WU19 - GER WU190-12
05.05. 19:10 Grp D: CAN WU19 - THA WU199-3
06.05. 12:45 Grp C: HUN WU19 - USA WU199-1
06.05. 18:15 Grp D: JPN WU19 - THA WU193-6
06.05. 19:10 Grp D: GER WU19 - CAN WU194-5
07.05. 10:00 13-15th M1: THA WU19 - AUT WU1917-2
07.05. 13:00 B-Semi 1: HUN WU19 - GER WU192-5
07.05. 19:11 B-Semi 2: CAN WU19 - USA WU1910-3
08.05. 09:00 13-15th M2: AUT WU19 - JPN WU190-15
08.05. 09:11 11th place: HUN WU19 - USA WU1913-0
08.05. 12:10 B-Final: GER WU19 - CAN WU196-5

B-Division Scoring leaders

1.Kathryn KennedyCAN WU195114152
2.Aniko KelemenHUN WU194103132
3.Nelly JohanssonTHA WU19493120
4.Anna-Lena BestGER WU19575120
5.Theresa Beppler-AltGER WU19582102
6.Rachel SmithCAN WU19555100
7.Eszter FodorHUN WU19446100
8.Randi KleerbaumGER WU1956390
9.Nattida ChantedTHA WU1945490
10.Marcella TothHUN WU1944480

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B-Division Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Karolina BabusaHUN WU19490100.00
2.Anna RaczHUN WU19448688.88
3.Sophie KleinschmidtGER WU19562888.57
4.Madison BrinklowCAN WU195971487.38
5.Lena VogtGER WU19533586.84
6.Lily MessierCAN WU19529585.29
7.Haruka HosokawaJPN WU1941242384.35
8.Pornsawan SoramakTHA WU194501280.64
9.Annalina Van HerckeUSA WU194601678.94
10.Nora AronUSA WU194661878.57

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U19 WFC Playing system

Every team plays each other once within their group. After the group stage, the top two teams in each group proceed to the semi-finals within their division, while the other four teams have placement matches. The 8th placed team in A-division will be relegated to B-division for 2018. The winner of B-division will be promoted to A-division for 2018.

The rankings within each group are decided according to the following:

a) The total number of points.

b) If two or more teams have the same number of points the internal matches of the teams concerned, the internal goal difference included if necessary, shall be decisive.

c) If the internal matches according to b) are not decisive, most scored goals internally shall be decisive.

d) If the ranking cannot be decided by the internal matches, the total goal difference of the teams concerned shall be decisive.

e) If the total goal difference is not decisive most scored goals of the teams concerned shall be decisive.

f) If most scored goals are not decisive a drawing of lot with the teams concerned shall settle the ranking unless the ranking concerns only the two teams playing a last round match deciding about promotion or relegation when extra time and, if needed, penalty shots shall decide the ranking.

In B-division, the 13th-15th places will be determined by the result of the following matches:

- 3rd Group C v 3rd Group D
- 3rd Group C v 4th Group D
- 3rd Group D v 4th Group D (group match result)

With the result of these three matches, the final placings will then be determined according to the group ranking calculations (a-f) as shown above.

The last Women´s U19 WFC was held in May 2014 in Poland, with Sweden winning their 4th gold medal. Full results can be found here

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