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Men´s WFCQ EUR3 - MVPs

During the qualifications, a MVP from each team is selected by the local organisers. The WFCQ EUR3 MVPs are: Hungary #20 ... — 5.2.2018

Men´s WFCQ EUR3 - Final Day

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Men´s WFCQ EUR3 - Day 4

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Men´s WFCQ 2018 - EUR3 - Latvia

Men´s World Championships 2018 Qualifications

European Qualification 3
Vidzemes Olimpiskais centrs
Valmiera, Latvia
30th January - 3rd February 2018


Switzerland (3)*
Latvia (7)
Russia (15)
Italy (21)
Hungary (30)
Iceland (32)

*Numbers in brackets show the current ranking based on the results from the last two WFC events

Match schedule

30.01. 13:00 EUR3: ISL M - RUS M5-7
30.01. 16:00 EUR3: ITA M - SUI M2-18
30.01. 19:00 EUR3: HUN M - LAT M1-12
31.01. 13:00 EUR3: SUI M - ISL M22-3
31.01. 16:00 EUR3: RUS M - HUN M8-8
31.01. 19:00 EUR3: LAT M - ITA M11-1
01.02. 13:00 EUR3: HUN M - SUI M0-21
01.02. 16:00 EUR3: ISL M - ITA M3-2
01.02. 19:00 EUR3: RUS M - LAT M3-7
02.02. 13:00 EUR3: ITA M - HUN M3-4
02.02. 16:00 EUR3: SUI M - RUS M17-3
02.02. 19:00 EUR3: LAT M - ISL M14-0
03.02. 12:00 EUR3: RUS M - ITA M9-5
03.02. 15:00 EUR3: ISL M - HUN M3-12
03.02. 18:10 EUR3: SUI M - LAT M9-4


1.SUI M550087-1210
2.LAT M540148-148
3.RUS M521230-425
4.HUN M521225-475
5.ISL M510414-572
6.ITA M500513-450

Scoring leaders

1.Jan ZauggSUI M5137200
2.Manuel EngelSUI M5106164
3.Pavel SemenovRUS M5313160
4.Manuel MaurerSUI M587150
5.Tim BraillardSUI M5411152
6.Roman MittelholzerSUI M594130
7.Aleksandr AvtushenkoRUS M594134
8.Janis RagovskisLAT M567130
9.Janis RajeckisLAT M565112
10.Vladimir GorshenenkoRUS M582106

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Ivars DisereitsLAT M529390.62
2.Pascal MeierSUI M539686.66
3.Gergely SzaboHUN M532684.21
4.Janis SalcevicsLAT M5561183.58
5.Adam BlaumannHUN M5531182.81
6.Marco MangiaITA M5701582.35
7.Patrick EderSUI M526681.25
8.Aleksei EroshkinRUS M5872478.37
9.Mathieu UnternahrerITA M51083078.26
10.Tryggvi StefanssonISL M5852676.57

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Qualification System

In Europe, each team will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches, a total of 10 teams will qualify according to the following:
- The two best teams from each qualification group will qualify; and
- The the two best 3rd placed teams will qualify.
The calculation of the best 3rd teams will follow this order: 1. Average number of points 2. Average goal difference 3. Average scored goals 4. Lottery drawing*

*Since the number of teams between the qualification groups differs, the group sizes will be equalised by removing the results from the matches against the lowest placed teams in the larger-sized group before comparing the average results.

Other qualification groups:

EUR1 - Estonia
EUR2 - Slovakia
EUR4 - Slovakia
AMER - Canada
AOFC - South Korea

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