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Men´s WFCQ AOFC - Final day

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Men´s WFCQ AOFC - Day 5

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Men´s WFCQ 2018 - AOFC - South Korea

Men´s World Championships 2018 Qualifications

Asia Oceania Qualification
Hanrim Sports Complex
Jeju Island, South Korea
22nd - 27th January 2018

Final Standings
1.Australia (13)
2.Singapore (17)
3.Japan (16)
4.Thailand (22)
5.Republic of Korea (18)
6.New Zealand (26)
7.Malaysia (29)
8.China (38)

*Numbers in brackets show the ranking prior to the event, based on the results from the last two WFC events or by participation in other IFF events.

Match results

22.01. 10:19 Group B: SGP M - NZL M10-2
22.01. 13:00 Group B: JPN M - MAS M12-3
22.01. 15:45 Group A: CHN M - KOR M0-14
23.01. 13:01 Group A: THA M - CHN M37-1
23.01. 15:45 Group B: SGP M - JPN M4-4
23.01. 18:30 Group A: KOR M - AUS M2-9
24.01. 11:31 Group B: NZL M - MAS M5-5
24.01. 14:15 Group A: AUS M - THA M4-3
25.01. 10:14 Group B: MAS M - SGP M1-11
25.01. 13:01 Group B: NZL M - JPN M1-3
25.01. 15:46 Group A: CHN M - AUS M1-26
25.01. 18:30 Group A: THA M - KOR M12-0
26.01. 12:10 7th place: MAS M - CHN M17-1
26.01. 15:10 Semi-final 1: THA M - NZL M11-2
26.01. 18:00 Semi-final 2: JPN M - KOR M6-2
27.01. 10:01 5th place: NZL M - KOR M2-9
27.01. 12:59 3rd place: THA M - JPN M1-8
27.01. 16:01 Final: AUS M - SGP M5-4

Scoring leaders

1.Pawat ThaiditTHA M5175220
2.Alexander RinefalkTHA M5614202
3.Tomas GartnerAUS M4711184
4.Santipong SukkasemTHA M5112130
5.Ichiro UedaJPN M5102120
6.Daniel GartnerAUS M4751214
7.Tristan James Desmond DassMAS M456110
8.Sattaya PhoosinoiTHA M547112
9.Jimmy HolmstromTHA M555102
10.Jihwan YeonKOR M55492

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Eythan YeohAUS M415193.75
2.Kenta HiguchiJPN M5111893.27
3.Ryan AlexandrakisAUS M471988.75
4.Kota YagyuJPN M523388.46
5.Rajiv MakalingamSGP M448787.27
6.Yotsaphong ChaiphringTHA M513286.66
7.Jun Kwang KimKOR M523485.18
8.Doo Sun ParkKOR M5922578.63
9.Oliver SundinNZL M533978.57
10.Autthachai SohtreeTHA M5471378.33

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Standings - Group A
1.AUS M330039-66
2.THA M320152-54
3.KOR M310216-212
4.CHN M30032-770
Standings - Group B
1.SGP M321025-75
2.JPN M321019-85
3.NZL M30128-181
4.MAS M30129-281

Match replays: www.youtube.com/iffchannel

Match photos: www.flickr.com/photos/iff_floorball

Qualification System

In AOFC, the teams are divided into two groups and the teams will play once against each of the other teams in their group. Based on the results from these group matches the teams will progress to the play-off rounds, as follows and four teams will qualify:

- 1st in Group A & Group B progress to the final and qualify directly to the WFC Final round
- 2nd in each group play a quarter final against the 3rd placed team from the other group. The winners of this progress to the 3rd placed match and both qualify directly to the WFC Final round
- The losers of the quarterfinals will play for 5th place
- The teams who finish 4th in their group will play off for 7th place

Other qualification groups:

EUR1 - Estonia
EUR2 - Slovakia
EUR3 - Latvia
EUR4 - Slovakia

AMER - Canada

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