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Men´s WFC 2008

Men´s 7th World Championships
Prague & Ostrava, Czech Republic
December 6th - 14th 2008

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A-Division Standings

1. Finland
2. Sweden
3. Switzerland
4. Czech Republic
5. Latvia
6. Norway
7. Russia
8. Estonia
9. Denmark
10. Italy

B-Division Standings

1. Germany
2. Poland
3. USA
4. Austria
5. Singapore
6. Japan
7. Hungary
8. Slovenia
9. Netherlands
10. Great Britain

The seven best team from the A-division and the winner of the B-division are directly qualified to the Men´s World Championships 2010. The remaining eight spots for WFC 2010 will be decided in continental qualification tournaments.

A-division Group A Standings
1.SWE M440053-98
2.CZE M430129-116
3.LAT M420220-234
4.RUS M401312-371
5.ITA M401312-461
A-division Group B Standings
1.FIN M440034-78
2.SUI M430128-176
3.NOR M420231-324
4.EST M410318-322
5.DEN M400411-340

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

B-division Group C Standings
1.GER M440062-128
2.AUT M430126-156
3.SGP M420219-344
4.SLO M410317-312
5.GBR M400415-470
B-division Group D Standings
1.POL M440040-158
2.USA M430123-196
3.JPN M420221-164
4.HUN M410318-312
5.NED M400416-370

Schedule & Statistics

Schedule & Statistics

A-division Placement matches

B-division Placement matches

Final Match
14.12. 16:10 Final: SWE M - FIN M6-7 ot.
Final Match (11th place)
13.12. 13:10 11th place: GER M - POL M11-7
Bronze Match
14.12. 13:10 Bronze game: SUI M - CZE M5-4 ot.
Bronze Match (13th place)
13.12. 14:10 13th place: USA M - AUT M9-5
Semifinal 1
13.12. 16:10 Semi-final 1: FIN M - CZE M4-2
B-Semifinal 1
12.12. 16:10 B Semi-final 1: GER M - USA M9-4
Semifinal 2
13.12. 19:10 Semi-final 2: SWE M - SUI M3-2 ot.
B-Semifinal 2
12.12. 19:10 B Semi-final 1: POL M - AUT M7-3
5th place
14.12. 10:10 5th place: LAT M - NOR M6-5
15th place
13.12. 11:10 15th place: SGP M - JPN M4-2

7th place

13.12. 10:10 7th place: EST M - RUS M8-14

17th place
12.12. 13:10 17th place: HUN M - SLO M5-4

9th place

13.12. 17:10 9th place: ITA M - DEN M2-5

19th place

12.12. 10:10 19th place: GBR M - NED M3-4

Scoring Leaders

Scoring Leaders All Matches of A-division
1.Fredrik DjurlingSWE M6114150
2.Willy FauskangerNOR M586140
3.Rickie HyvarinenFIN M667130
4.Henrik TalmeEST M549132
5.Emanuel AntenerSUI M6211130
6.David GillekSWE M6102122
7.Daniel CalebssonSWE M675120
8.Ales ZalesnyCZE M674112
9.Ketil KronbergNOR M556112
10.Magnus SvenssonSWE M682100
Scoring Leaders All Matches of B-division
1.Fredrik HoltzGER M61413276
2.Dominic MuchaGER M61012222
3.Mattias MikulskiPOL M688160
4.Andreas GahlertGER M6123156
5.Manuel MuchaGER M6114150
6.Kristian HoltzGER M669154
7.Karl ForareUSA M6104140
8.Adrian MomNED M575122
9.Siegfried SendlhoferAUT M675122
10.Jan HajdusPOL M683116

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WFC All Star Team 2008:

Goalkeeper: Henri Toivoniemi, Finland
Defender: Daniel Folta, Czech Republic
Henrik Quist, Sweden
Fredrik Djurling, Sweden
Forward: Aleš Zálesný, Czech Republic
Santtu Manner, Finland
Winner of the scoring league: Fredrik Djurling, Sweden
Photo: Martin Neužil

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