One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 2/2018

Place: Meeting at Fleurop Office

Tomas Eriksson, President
Jörg Beer
Monica Birdal, Treasurer (§1 - §6)
Stephen King (§1-§7a)
Martin Klabere (§1-§7a)
Kimmo Nurminen
Thorbjörn Ovedal
Lidwien Reehuis, ATC Chair
Filip Suman, Vice President

Veli Halonen, Operations Coordinator
Stefan Kratz, Competition Manager
John Liljelund, Secretary General

Carlos Lopez
Ron Spence


§ 1. Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting of the CB at 09:00 and welcome the members to the second meeting of 2018 thanking the CB member for a good workshop yesterday and a good dinner last night.. Mr. Eriksson is to concluded that Mr. Lopez due to reasons related to work with the Spanish association and Mr. Spence due to personal reasons are prevented from participating in person in the CB meeting this time.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 2. Approval of the agenda
Mr. Eriksson concluded that there are the following updated appendixes for the meeting.

Appendix 2b - IFF Financial Report 2018, by 31.05.2018
Appendix 3 - IFF Claims by 31.05.2018
Appendix 4 - IFF Claims by 31.05.2018
Appendix 5 - Proposed changes of the IFF Statutes - update
Appendix 6 - WFC 2018 LOC Report
Appendix 32 - GAISF President letter to members

§ 3. Minutes from the CB meeting:
01/2018 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 11.03. (Appendix 1)

The minutes from the last meetings are to be scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§ 4. Economy
a) Financial reports – Final report 31.12.2017 and financial report 2018, by 31.05. 2018
Mrs. Birdal presented the financial report and the balance sheet by the 31.12.2017 (Appendix 2a), as all costs have now been settled, after some serious delay from the WFC 2017 Hotel in Bratislava.

The outcome per 31st of December is -79,979.01 CHF which is in line with the preliminary report last meeting and the planned outcome, with the extra investment made for the Wroclaw World Games 2017.

Further Mrs. Birdal presented the financial report and the balance sheet by the 31.05.2018 (Appendix 2b). The outcome is 361,500 which is around 169,000 better than on the same time last year, but the liquidity is down by around 77,500 CHF. This is due to the outstanding payments of the WFC 2017 organiser. The situation is not as bad as it could be, as we have already been able to invoice the WFC organiser fee and the marketing guarantee sum and not in the end of the year, which is the normal situation and explains the fairly better result already 31.05.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Information on IFF claims – status May 31st 2018
Mr. Kratz presented the claims situation by the 31.05.2018 for the Associations participating in the WFC 2018 and those not participating (Appendix 3 and appendix 4). There have been some 30.500 CHF payments since last meeting.

The following actions needs to be taken in connection to the registration of the teams for the WFC 2019, as the dead-line for registration was in the end of December 2017, in accordance of the IFF License System 2.0. The Association must be without debts to IFF by the time of the qualification to be guaranteed participation but also Associations following a set up plan to pay off their debts may be given the possibility to participate. From WFC 2020 the Association must be without debts by the time of registration, by the end of year 2018.

The claims situation affects the IFF liquidity situation negatively and discussions have been held with mainly Slovakia due to the WFC 2017 debt to IFF. The aim for Slovakia is to clear the complete debt during this year, which would then help the situation considerably. Latvia is following their plan to pay off their debts. China and Germany have cleared some debts. Slovenia is slowly paying of their debts. Ms. Birdal pointed out that the situation with Iran is problematic as they don‘t have means of getting a transferable currency. The matter has to be discussed at the AOFC Cup in Singapore.

Mr. Klabere felt worried for the situation in the Latvia, as it seems they have had problems with heir Superfinal financially, which doesn‘t make it easier to pay-off debts. Ms. Birdal asked if the issue with debts after arranging the WFC in the future.

Mr. Kratz further elaborated on the situation of the other countries with debts to IFF. The Philippines have paid 3.000 CHF.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that fewer countries are in problems, but their problems are increasing.

CB decided: To approve the reports

c) IFF General Assembly 2018, Prague, Czech Republic
Mr. Eriksson informed that based on the discussions in the previous CB workshop on the topics for Statues changes, the preparations have continued in order to have the needed IFF Statutes changes ready well in advance of the dead-lines. As the issue of the fixed number of terms for the President and the CB and the gender equality are critical and in the focus of the IOC and GAISF, as pointed out clearly during the SportAccord and in the ARISF IOC Session.

During the CB workshop in Amsterdam, the CB was ambivalent to include these into the statutes, but after consultation with GAISF‘s head of administration Mr. Gueisbuhler and the IOC Sports Department, the IFF Office has prepared a new CB decided, but with a much lenient approach in the disputed topics. (Appendix 5)

Mr. Liljelund presented the proposed changes for the IFF Statutes, which was discussed by the CB. Mr. Suman asked if we should create a pre-membership status in the future. Mr. Halonen explained that the IFF Office has already used this kind of procedure for the new membership applications for the last years.

The Office has also prepared a CB decided for the new clauses for the Continental Bodies within the IFF.

Mr. Eriksson proposed in line with the principles equality to remove the male connotation of the IFF Presidency in the statutes, which the CB agreed to.

The CB discussed the proposal made some small changes to the proposal. Mr. Liljelund informed that there will be some additional articles included, put forward by the Ethics Commission

CB decided: To approve the report and present the proposed changes for the IFF General
Assembly 2018 in Prague.

§ 5. World Championships
a) WFC 2018 Prague, Czech Republic
Mr. Suman reported on the WFC 2018 preparations and the actions taken by the Czech Floorball and the WFC LOC. (Appendix 6a and 6b) The preparations are moving on, very well and all is in place. With the effect of the WFC the turnover of the whole sport for Czech Floorball will increase with 50 per cent. A total of 19 per cent of the 18+ population know that there is a WFC 2018 and of these 80 per cent knows it is in Prague. There will be Fan Zones in the 12 Czech regions mainly outdoors in the main squares or in sport arenas or shopping malls, making the project much bigger than ever imagined. It is really interesting what it will bring.

Mr. Nurminen asked what the final budget for the WFC is and Mr Suman answered that it is around 2 million Euros.

So far the organiser has sold some 13.000 tickets, not counting the reservations from federations, travel agencies and partners for the whole event, which is still in-line with the plans and the set targets.

Mr. Liljelund to inform of the preparations for the GSI study and interviews for the WFC 2018. A preparatory meeting was held on the last of May, to plan for the study and the data collection.

Further Mr. Liljelund reported on the TV situation. The final agreements with Czech TV are still under negotiations, but the LOC has confirmed, that all is in order. IFF has started the negotiations with Finnish YLE, Danish TV, Latvian TV, Swedish TV4, Swiss SRF and some discussions with a Singaporean company concerning South-East Asia. The final offer will go out in beginning of June.

CB decided: To approve the reports

b) U19 WFC 2018 Switzerland, St. Gallen & Herisau
Mr. Beer reported on the U19 WFC 2018 played in Switzerland 02-06.05.2018. The SUHV is happy to have received the good feedback from the teams, the fans, the authorities and the IFF. It was a well working event, with very little problems. The financial outcome is much better than expected, mainly due to the good spectator numbers on the final day, even if the Swiss team was already relegated.

Mr. Klabere gave a short oral report on the event from a competition point-of-view, in his capacity as the IFF Jury Chairman. There were some small problems, but the event was executed in a superior way, with a good city support. It was a very good experience and the IFF were really satisfied.

Mr. Eriksson thanked the SUHV for a very good job.

CB decided: To approve the report

c) U19 WFC 2019, Halifax, Canada
Mr. Kratz reported that the U19 WFC 2019 AOFC qualifications will be played in New Zealand. In the EUR qualifications there is a need of two organisers from which Italy already has signed the contract. Discussions are ongoing with a second organiser in Europe. The other qualification will be played in Russia, based on the agreement made in March 2018, after having received sufficient clarifications in the matter.

Russia has been willing to organise but the situation with the country´s anti-doping agency, RUSADA, not having been considered compliant with international standards makes it difficult to place an IFF event there, as a number of participating countries have been worried about their possibilities to participate in the event. The situation is now solved. Mr. King and Ms. Birdal asked if there will be some issues for IFF, to hold the qualification in Russia. The IFF Office interpretation is that it should be safe to organize the event there.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the U19 WFC 2019 logo is ready and that the work with the organisation has started. A number of teams have already visited Halifax. The U19 WFC 2019 agreement has been signed.

CB decided: To approve the report

d) Upcoming organisers
U19 WFC 2020, Harbin, China
Mr. Liljelund informed that the negotiation with the Chinese Floorball Federation (CFF) have ended as the CFF, for both lack of administrative resources, disputed legal position and most of all limited financial resources. During the IFF visit in Beijing, it came clear that as the CFF is not officially approved as an independent association but organized under the Chinese Ice Hockey Association it will not receive financial support from the government. It was unfortunate that it took CFF so long to finally decide that they are not able to organize the event. CFF apologies for the inconveniences caused.

Mr. Kratz reported that discussions are ongoing with a possible new organiser. The time for finding an organizer is critical, but IFF needs to follow the general guidelines in the way we appoint organisers, to treat everyone fairly.

Mr. Beer and Mr. King asked if there are other candidates interested to organize this event. Mr. Kratz answered that this is not the case.

CB decided: To approve the reports

WFC 2019, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Mr. Beer gave a status report of the WFC 2019 in Neuchatel. The agreement negotiations have
started and the agreement will be signed in the coming months. The marketing sales has been
organized and this is coordinated with Mr. Tero Kalsta and IFF. The LOC has been formed and
the local club has been incorporated into the organization. The Women‘s EFT will be played in

Mr. Kratz reported on that Thailand will organise the AOFC qualification and that Poland has
shown interest to organise one of the European qualifications. Further Mr. Kratz reported that he
is looking for organizers to the remaining qualifications.

CB decided: To approve the reports

WFC 2020, Helsinki, Finland
Mr. Liljelund reported that the WFC agreement negotiations have been finalized after a good
process and IFF is waiting for the final confirmation from the SSBL.

IFF has as a part of the negotiations also secured the TV production with PolarHD for the WFC
and agreed with Finnish YLE that they will act as Host Broadcaster for the WFC 2020,
broadcasting the Finnish and medal matches on YLE and covering the distribution of the signal to
the YLE MCR. The agreement will be signed in the coming weeks. The agreement with YLE
covers also all the IFF Major Events of 2019 – 2022.

The SSBL has decided to employ an Event Director to run the preparatory work and planning to
employ 2-3 additional persons for the event. The work for the visual element has started and the
logo will be launched very soon. The marketing sales will start in the autumn.

CB decided: To approve the reports

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup
a) EuroFloorball Cup 2018
Mr. Kratz reported that he has approached several Associations regarding organising the EuroFloorball Cup 2018 and that he is still discussing with a possible organiser but so far without success. There are still negotiations with Slovakia and if there is a no, then there are no more real options. If this is the case, IFF needs to send a letter informing, that if we will not have an organizer until 15.06., we will not be in position to organize the event.

Mr. Suman ask what the effect would be of not playing the EFC and EFCh and Mr. King further asked about the value for IFF and the participating clubs for organizing the EFC or EFCh. Mr. Kratz answered that there is a great interest to participate, but absolutely none to organizing the event.

CB decided: To approve the report.

b) EuroFloorball Challenge 2018
Mr. Kratz reported that he has approached several Associations regarding organising the EuroFloorball Challenge 2018 and that he is still discussing with a possible organiser but so far without success. Croatia that was an early option as well as Denmark have withdrawn their candidatures.

CB decided: To approve the report.

c) Champions Cup 2019
Mr. Nurminen reported on the IFF Champions Cup Steering Group meeting held on the 28th of March 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark and the continued preparations in regard to the Home & Away system for the Champions Cup in the future. (Appendix 7) The discussion of the competition structure is still open and a proposal will be made by the end of June. The financial model is still being discussed by the working group. The proposal will be given to the associations.

Mr. Suman asked if there is a proposal on the financial system for the competition, so that the clubs feel that they are partly responsible and are not in position to blackmail the national associations. Mr. Nurminen answered that the process is still ongoing, but there is a need to build a financial system including the clubs, associations and IFF.

Mr. Klabere further reported on the preparations of the Champions Cup 2019 – Final Four, to be played in Gävle, Sweden on the 3rd and 4th of January 2019, in a newly built arena. The tournament is played in connection to the Swedish Association District U16-junior tournament. There have been an active campaign made to raise the awareness of the Champions Cup, with a Social Media on the “Battle for the Ticket” to Gävle. The awareness of the Champions Cup tournament, spectators of the Swedish Super Final from 70 % and 87%. He awareness about who will host the CC 2019 has raised from 25% and 33%.

Mr. Liljelund reported that IFF and the Swedish Association is on the final stretches to finalise the agreement for the Champions Cup.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 7. Committees and Ad Hoc group reports
a) ExCo reports
Mr. Eriksson reported on the ExCo activities during the last two months and the preparations in advance of the GAISF SportAccord Convention in Bangkok. IFF worked with the information booth of the Thai Floorball in the SportAccord Convention and the IWGA elections.

Based on the earlier discussions within the ExCo the IFF Office has continued the process for registration of IFF in Lausanne and the Canton du Vaud. IFF has handed in the application in end of April and in the meeting this week it has become evident that there are some issues as the Commercial Registrar, as it is not in position to approve the IFF registration, without a confirmed Commercial Registrant order. Which is something IFF doesn‘t have as it was never registered by the IFF before 1996.

After some consultations by Mr. Philippe Renz with the commercial registrant, with the outcome that IFF General Assembly must make a decision that the legal seat of the IFF is in Lausanne, Switzerland. The needed additions have been made to the proposal of the new IFF Statutes for the IFF General Assembly 2018.

Mr. Liljelund reported that the IFF Ethics Commission (ETC) has received a complaint from Ms. Belinda Cameron and Ms. Fiona Cameron concerning the Australian Floorball Federation treatment of them. The complaint and a number of other emails have been sent to the CB member, the Athletes Commission members and a number of other individuals. The matter has been dealt with by the IFF Ethics Commission, which has made a decision in the matter. (Appendix 8)

CB decided: To approve the reports

b) CB members responsibilities
Mr. Ovedal reported of the development with the Western European countries and the actions taken based on the questionnaire sent to the Western European countries. There has been some delay in the process, but there is a satisfactory progress with-in the group of Six nations, which will have a coach educator seminar. There will be a tournament in Ukraine with Croatia, Moldova and perhaps also Iran.
In addition, Mr. Ovedal reported on the situation in Denmark and his own situation. The last six months has been quite stressful, the association had run into financial problems and the board had not been informed about the economic loss, which was only revealed when the secretary general got sick. Unrelated to this Mr. Ovedal has in the same time decided to step down as president and will in agreement with the newly elected president and the Central Board continue as the Danish International representative in IFF. The new Danish federation Central Board has informed that they will not be participating in any other than the official meetings of the IFF, in the coming years. The Development project is continuing as planned, supported by the NOC

Mr. Eriksson asked what the position of Mr. Ovedal in regard to the IFF, Mr. Ovedal answered that there is a support from the Danish NOC.

Mr. King asked how the Western European project and the Six Nation will be driven from here on. The financial agreement with the Danish NOC covers the participation of Mr. Ovedal in the group of the six countries. Mr. Suman felt that we need to learn from the Danish case, so it can be avoided in other countries. The learning is that a financial structure is needed.

Mr. Suman felt that we want and try to move forward faster, than what all our members are capable to follow. We need to find the way to support and work with them to help to speed up the development.

Mr Lopez has handed in a written report about the on the development in Central and Latin America and the plans for the future. (Appendix 9) The CB took cognizance of the report.

Mr. King reported on the recent development in the AOFC region and the status of the CB decided for the implementation of the IFF Development Officer for the AOFC, as it didn‘t work out exactly as planned with Korea. (Appendix 10) There is a new contact in Fiji, through some Finnish person. The IFF will try to re-booth the IFF mentor project with Korea, for the WFC 2020. IFF will set-up meetings to start the project and the objectives for it.
The AOFC will have its General Assembly in connection to the Women‘s AOFC Cup in Singapore in June.
The SEA Games are under danger for Floorball or the political changes of the Philippines NOC. There is a process to try to solve the participation. Through the SEA Games Council and we will know more at the AOFC GA.

As Mr. Spence is not present there are no report on the development in Canada and USA, especially as the preparations for the U19 WFC in Canada this time.

CB decided: To approve the reports

c) Contacts to International Sports Organisations
Mr. Eriksson shortly reported on the GAISF SportAccord Convention held in Bangkok, Thailand in April, where a number of Sport organisations, including the GAISF, ARISF, IMGA and IWGA have their Annual General Meetings. The Thai organiser took part in the Youth Sports festival, with a demonstration of floorball made by the Thai National teams and an AOFC information booth in the Sports Pavilion in the SportAccord. (Appendix 11)

The theme for this year‘s Convention was Uniting A Global Audience: Marketing and Sponsorship for the Future. A special topic during the SAC was the focus on Good Governance questions and the need to implement the rules into the by-laws and statutes of the IF‘s, in the field of transparency, age and term criteria‘s and gender equality. The SAC had 1841 delegates, 841 organisations, 109 IF‘s, 84 nations and 993 support staff.

The GAISF President has in his letter to the GAISF members stressed the important issues like, good governance GAISF multi-sport games process, .sport domain (Appendix 32)

Mr. Liljelund informed that Mr. Jose Perurena was unanimously elected as a the IWGA president for the next four-year term. After a number of consultations IFF withdrew the nomination of Mr. Liljelund for the Executive Committee. The IWGA will put more effort on the sport performance and media operations. IWGA has also modernised their logo.

The AGM ratified the 30 program sports, among which Floorball is included, based on our application. The Floorball tournament will be played with 8 Men‘s teams only. There will be four invitational sports Parasports (Wheelchair Basketball and Wheelchair Rugby), Lacrosse (Women) and Duathlon (Running & Cycling).

Mr. Suman felt that we should celebrate that we are in for the Birmingham and a part of that belongs to the IFF CB. A lot of work has been done by Mr. Liljelund, the Office and the CB.
Mr. Eriksson agrees and thinks it is very important to have a good build-up and participation of the North American National Associations. Mr. King expressed that we need to have to be even more innovative in Birmingham and we need to find new ways of showcase our sport and run similar campaigns like the Some campaign.

The ARISF AGM confirmed the membership of FISU, as an IOC Recognised IF. The ARISF AGM discussed the implications of the GAISF – IOC MoU for the ARISF IF‘s. Some of the previous services of IOC will be moved to GAISF and the IOC support will be paid directly to IFF based on the applications made by the IF‘s. The amount has increased to 32.000 USD per year. The ARISF secretary general Air Sports Susanne Schödel had resigned and Mr. Riccardo Fraccari (WBSF president) was elected for this position. Mr. Tom Hollowell from IOF was elected for the empty Council seat, after Mr. Fraccari, beating Ms. Schödel with 22 votes to 9 votes.
In the AGM there was quite some criticism towards the ARISF President from a number of associations.

Mr. Eriksson felt that we have taken another step as we are now spoken about in the International community.

The IMGA AGM was mostly a re-cap of the held Master Games and the upcoming. The preparations for the European Master Games in Torino, Italy next year are still ongoing, and the Italian association has started cooperating with the LOC. The LOC is looking to have three playing fields and at least some 30-40 teams. More information will be available after summer.

Mr. Eriksson reported that before the SportAccord GAISF had discussed with 8 IF‘s to participate in the re-formed Urban Games. IFF had not had any information about the development of the Urban Games, even though IFF had asked frequently. During the SportAccord, IFF received an invitation to a meeting for all the IF‘s that had earlier been contacted concerning the previous edition of the Urban Games. In the meeting the new concept of the Urban Games was presented and the eight IF‘s had been asked to in writing agree to their participation. All the IF‘s were given the possibility to apply for either a competition or demonstration sports for the first edition of the Urban Games. The Urban Games are covering all costs for the participating teams, also the travel. There is no City yet appointed, but the preparations are ongoing. (Appendix 13)
IFF has handed in the application for participation for Urban Floorball 3vs3 with goalies and have been summoned for a Skype meeting on the 1st of June. (Appendix 12)

Mr. Liljelund informed that IFF has continued the discussions with the IWGA concerning the possibility to open a sub-office at the IWGA Office in Lausanne, but with the present situation concerning the registration is a bit unclear how to proceed.

In the meeting with IOC Sport Department Mr. Mike Joyce informed that the Sport Department
will be reorganised, so that there will be just a summer and winter department. IFF belongs to the
summer department. In respect to the Sport initiation for the YOG, it is in the future dependent on
the organiser, so IFF needs to start looking at activation of the sport in North Africa. Mr. Joyce will
also move away from the IOC to the FIH Foundation.

IFF has based on the renewed system for IOC support applied for the support. IFF will run three
projects in 2018, the IFF Way of Refereeing, the Africa Cup and development seminar and the
Anti-Doping campaign and outreach. (Appendix 13b)

Mr. Liljelund informed that the preparations for the FISU World University Championships 2018 in Lodz, Poland is progressing, but there are not that many team registered for the Event. The tournament will be played with 7 men‘s teams and 6 women‘s teams.

Mr. Liljelund informed that IFF has as planned prolonged the Collaboration Agreement with FISU (Appendix 14). There was a need to prolong it as the WUC is played this year. A number of IFF members have asked what the strategy is in respect to the FISU WUC. This issue needs to be addressed in the coming Plan of Action.

Mr. Liljelund informed that IFF has made contact with FIH in Bangkok, but due to the reorganisation and the change of CEO, it was agreed that a new contact will be taken in June.

CB decided: To approve the reports

Mr. Klabere reported on the RACC activities. The RACC will have their yearly meeting on the 18.-19.8. preliminary in Prague but still to be decided. Mr. Klabere reports concerning the Future of Floorball. (Appendix 21)

Mr. Klabere is to inform that using the IFF YouTube livestream for reviewing goals that was tested in the WFCQs in Korea and Slovakia was used also in the U19 WFC 2018. There were seven checks in the St. Gallen and none were allowed, so there is still work to be done how the video check should be announced by the referee. The technical solution needs to be streamlined and clearly communicated, as this will be key in the WFC 2018.

RACC proposes that the International Friendly matches regulations shall be updated with age restrictions for for example U16 and U23 (Appendix 15) and that the all Competition regulations shall be updated in accordance with the updated match fixing regulations in the Juridical Regulations (Appendix 15a). This is just making it possible to play Friendly International for different ages groups with other age groups then the two official categories U19 and Adult. Mr. Kratz confirmed that this will be discussed in the RACC meeting. Mr. Klabere and Mr. Liljelund explained that the idea is not to restrict to only these age-groups, but to make it possible to play Friendly Internationals also in other like.

Mr. Kratz reported that Czech Republic and Finland has handed in reports on their exemptions concerning extra time and penalty shots for 2017/2018. Both reports were positive. (Appendix 16). Mr. Kratz has asked Sweden about the way they decided their league matches 2017/2018 which was not according to the exemption asked for and given. Sweden has explained their interpretation and idea for the application and that they had not understood that there is a clear difference from a rule perspective.

Mr. Kratz further reported that the office has approved similar exemptions for 2018/2019 regarding extra time and penalty shots for Czech Republic, Finland and Latvia (Appendix 17).

Mr. Halonen reported that there has been a mistake in the Rules 2018 Edition, concerning the measurement of the equipment. The penalty for an unnecessary check was missing.

CB decided: To approve the report and decide upon updating the competition regulations accordingly. The CB further decided to correct the small mistake in the IFF Game Rules.

e) RC
Mr. Halonen reported that the IFF Way of Refereeing Playbook was published on the 21st of March in all IFF social media channels, published on the IFF website and was also sent to all IFF member associations. Based on the feedback from the member associations there was a small update made to the educational rule interpretations. The update was mad in co-operation with the IFF RACC and regards how to carry out the penalty shot. In the update it was defined that if the ball in the penalty shot crosses the imaginary extension of the goal line, the penalty shot is considered to be over.

As there present is no Swedish representative in the IFF Referee Committee, the SIBF has advised that they will return to the matter after summer. This means that the appointment of a new chair for the IFF RC will have to wait until the next CB meeting.

CB decided: To approve the report.

f) Medical committee
Mr. Halonen, in the absence of Ms. Nurminen, informed that all teams participating in the WU19 WFC 2018 had to undergo and participated in the IFF Anti-Doping Education. The teams could choose to do it independently prior to the tournament or to participate in an education held by the IFF during the tournament. Half of the teams, meaning 8 teams chose the IFF education on site and based on this Ms. Nurminen filmed material during the educations and made a “Say No! To Doping” videoclip with the teams, which we are awaiting to final OK from WADA, before publishing as we are using their statement and want to be 100% sure it‘s okay.

An educational Anti-Doping video in regards of Food Supplements was also filmed during the U19WFC with the team captains. The video has been put together, but we are again waiting for an OK from WADA to publish it. This is due to the two supplement related doping cases we have had.

Mr. Halonen further informed that IFF has handled the Anti-Doping Rule violation by a Thai national team player during the WFCQ 2018 in accordance in the IFF Anti-Doping and Juridical Regulations. (Appendix 18)

CB decided: To approve the report

g) Athletes Commission
Ms. Reehuis informed that the IFF Athletes Commission (ATC) held their annual meeting in St Gallen, Switzerland, from 4th - 6th May, in conjunction with the Women´s U19 WFC. (Appendix 31). During Saturday the ATC met also with various IFF personnel - Secretary General John Liljelund, RACC Chair Martin Klabere, and Anti-Doping & Information Coordinator Minna Nurminen.
The main discussions were focussed on raising the profile of the ATC and creating some solid actions for them, such as stronger inclusion in IFF Committees, and more direct contact with other athletes.

During Sunday morning, the ATC ran a training session that was open to teams who were no longer participating in the U19 WFC and also to some players from a local girl´s club. New Zealand and Australia trained with the ATC, along with 8 players from UHC Wasa. The sessions were a great success and the ATC members felt that this kind of interaction was exactly the kind of activity that they should do more of in the future.

Ms. Agatha Plechan will participate in the WADA Athlete Commission symposium in Calgary, Canada for Athletes, representing the IFF.

CB decided: To approve the report

h) Marketing Ad Hoc group
Mr. Beer informed about the Core Country Marketing Network Group (CCMNG) meeting, which was held in St. Gallen, Switzerland on Friday the 4th of May, during the U19 WFC 2018. The meeting will focus on Core countries best practises, achievements and also challenges. Based on the feedback it was a very good meeting with a lot of discussions and sharing of ideas. (Appendix 19). All but Denmark and Norway participated and most of the present were well prepared, which we have to try to correct for the future.

Mr. Beer further reported that the IFF Sales Coordinator Mr. Tero Kalsta has made his first deal, with the drone company Zero Zero Robotics, which are looking for IFF Social Media exposure to test whether we are interesting as a partner. IFF has also closed a cooperation agreement with TMG Sports Oy (Finland) and Event 44 (Switzerland) for creating sales leads and closing partnerships for a Main sponsor for IFF. Mr. Beer likes the way Mr. Kalsta is working and reporting the activities.

A value-base survey of the floorball fan community in several countries is being prepared. Mr Kalsta has also been restructuring the sales presentation to make it more compact and fluent. A separate fact sheet for figures (Social Media, Youtube, TV) is also being prepared. (Appendix 20)

The LinkedIn presence of the IFF has been constructed on an on-going basis, a short glimpse on the statistics was cast. Reference material (video) from existing sponsors are being prepared and the execution is planned for the WFC in Prague. Mr Kalsta is also investigating some new concepts to be included in the marketing portfolio such as promoting as photography drone to produce floorball related content (maybe with our current sponsors) for social media and utilizing 3D projection (full court) in major IFF events.

The negotiations lead by Mr Liljelund to renew the existing Material Sponsor agreements have moved forward as we have received the proposal from Gerflor and Renew Group. The Gerflor proposal was satisfactory and acceptable. Some additions might be made according to the events (and where they will take place). The Renew Group and Swerink initial proposals were not fully satisfactory and a proposal with solid argumentation is being prepared. The new material sponsor deals will be made for 2019 – 2022.

IFF is also planning, with the assistance of the countries in the Core Country Marketing Network Group execute the Value-Based survey for Floorball, with the aim to have the final report in the end of the year. The IFF Marketing materials have also been updated lately.

CB decided: To approve the reports

i) Development & Equality Ad Hoc group
Mr. Halonen reported that IFF ran an advanced level seminar in Kiev in Ukraine with 38 participants, 22 in coaching block and 16 in refereeing block. The participants came from Belarus, Israel and Ukraine. Iran had also registered a delegation to the seminar, but the Ukrainian authorities refused their visas only one day before their arrival even though all the paperwork were made with the help of the local organizer, the Ukrainian Floorball Federation (UFF). (Appendix 22)

All the participants had quite vast experience either coaching, playing or refereeing. The feedback of the seminar was very positive and the UFF has also been very active in the region, not only by organizing the seminar, but also by helping Belarus, Bulgaria, Moldova and Romania with both administrative and competition issues. The UFF is carrying out the helping under the wings of the EOTO project.

The Moldova Floorball Federation has received official recognition of the Ministry of Sport.

CB decided: To approve the report

j) International Lobbying Ad Hoc group
Noting to report

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office
Mr. Liljelund provided general information of the situation in the IFF Office. Ms. Merita Bruun will return back from study leave on the 20th of August and has proposed to will work 80 per cent until the end of the year. IFF will meet with Ms. Bruun to finalise this in the coming weeks. The

IFF had offered Ms. Minna Nurminen a continuation of her position, but if Ms. Nurminen will be accepted into further education, she will no longer have the possibility to work for IFF. With Ms. Bruun only working 80 per cent, we need to find another solution. It has been agreed with Ms. Nurminen that she will regardless work until the 20th of August. Based on the situation we will have to continue the agreement with Ms. Anna Jacobson for at least until the end of the year. We will now by end of June, if Ms. Nurminen will be excepted or not.

Mr. Halonen informed that the development of the new website and statistics system is progressing. It is expected that the office will get access to the new website in the first week of June to start the work of building the content on the website. The transfer of the content from the old to the new website is a big job that will take some months to complete, is going to be a huge work, as that is the only existing archive IFF has. The launch will be in August.

The new statistics system is also being developed at the same time. The timeline for this is still not clear but in order for it to be integrated with the new website, hopefully it will also be ready for delivery later in the year. The IFF Office needs to copy the back-up for all the files, which presently are stored on the IFF web-site.

The launch date of the new website & statistics system is scheduled for August, in time for the start of the next IFF event season.

CB decided: To approve the report

a) Development operations
Mr. Halonen reported The IFF has sent an application regarding three development projects to the IOC to secure the funding for the projects. The projects are Anti-Doping project mainly regarding the use of the food supplement, Africa Cup in September 2018 and finalizing the IFF way of refereeing Playbook. IOC has approved the application.

IFF has also been approached by UEFA and asked if we would be interested to join an Erasmus+ program together with UEFA and two on their member associations. We have replied yes and sent the formal application from our side to UEFA, who will eventually build the project structure. The main idea is to introduce other sports in Football “events” to the people involved with Football. The plan at the time would be to have participation for example from the Gaelic Football Federation (Ireland) and the Basque Pelota Federation (Spain). The participations will be confirmed in the latter stage, after the approval of EU in a period of 3-6 months. (Appendix 23)

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Information operations
Mr. Halonen reported, in the absence of Ms. Minna Nurminen that the U19 WFC in St. Gallen and Herisau had 3 758 mentions on social media and 89 mentions on media during 1st – 7th of May according to Meltwater Tracking Tool.

On the IFF social media channels (U19 WFC + IFF Floorball) the event had 856k impressions on Twitter and 697k impressions on Facebook. Instagram engagement was 97k, Twitter engagement 24k and Facebook engagement 10k.

The social media channels performed better than in the previous Men‘s U19 in any other section except Facebook Impressions. This might simply be due to the algorithm change on Facebook as nowadays Facebook doesn‘t show as much content of the “liked pages” as it used to.
U19 social media channels were mostly handled by an outside Media Crew during the event and IFF was more than happy with their work and thus has also recommended them to the WFC 2018 LOC and CC2019 in case they need help.

The IFF had made a deal with QTV to have U19 WFC match videoclips on social media from the last two days, to see how these effects the Social Media. The test included 7 matches (matches in Athletik Zentrum 5-6.5.) and all in all there were 58 individual videoclips and 7 compilation clips. QTV also created an end bumper according to the IFF wishes.
The clips gained a lot of attention on social media, but one problem was the long time it took to upload the clips, as these needs to be instant. The idea was also to create more visibility to the events by not completely prohibiting filming. (Appendix 24)

CB decided: To approve the report

c) Material operations
Mr. Liljelund reported that the IFF has now found a solution in the Rockwind case, where Rockwind has applied for an exemption for their wrongly marked sticks. If Ms. Chen Xin will proactively participate in the re-unification of the Chinese Floorball, IFF will not carry out the full sanction. Rockwind has agreed to pay the assigned sanction fee in June.

IFF held the yearly meeting with RISE, discussing the present material issues. The main topic was the update of the material regulation 2018, where we have included a new section for delayed payment interest, as a sanction, as RISE is not in position to invoice interest rate of foreign companies. The floorball market is developing well, but there are still companies with paying difficulties on the market. (Appendix 25)

The IFF Material Board held its yearly meeting on the 15th of May. The Material Board discussed and approved the update of the Material Regulation, the reporting of the 2017 Material Board development projects, agreed the time table for the Material Regulation 2020 review process and grant the Philippines and the IFF Birmingham World Games project. (Appendix 26)

The IFF CB needs to approve the Material Regulation 2018, before IFF can publish it on the IFF web (Appendix 27). The Material Regulation 2018 will take effect on the 1st of July 2018.

Mr. Eriksson asked about the present risks with manufacturers and Mr. Liljelund answered that we need to take action towards a number of companies.

CB decided: To approve the report and approve the changes of the Material Regulation 2018

d) ParaFloorball information
Mr. Halonen reported in absence of Ms. Nurminen that IFF has proposed to include Special Olympic Floorball matches in The World Games 2021 as a part of the IFF Event. The BOC will look at this. The Special Olympics International has proposed that Floorball should become a target sport for the next years.

There was a Manual Wheelchair Floorball exhibition match was played during the U19 WFC period break of the Final.

CB decided: To approve the reports

e) Equality operations
Mr. Halonen reported in the absence of Ms. Sarah Mitchell, who attended the 7th IWG World Conference on Women in Sport held in Gaborone, Botswana, from 17th - 20th May 2018. The theme of the conference was "Determine the Future. Be part of the Change" and there was strong emphasis on the importance of equal participation, equal roles in leadership positions, and the importance of strong policies and implementation strategies for preventing Sexual Harassment and Abuse. (Appendix 28)

The CB discussed the representation of both genders in the IFF bodies.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 9. Member Federations
a) Membership questions
Mr. Liljelund reported about the meetings held with the Chinese Floorball Federation and the solution to try to solve the issue with a number of active organisations in the country. The solution found is to join all the active parties to try to build a Floorball Alliance which will divide the political, development, competition and education activities. The target is to have a joint solution within the next 12 months (Appendix 29)

Mr. Eriksson asked if the CFF is blocked to participate in the IFF Events. Mr. Liljelund explained that China will participate in the events they hae registered for.

CB decided: To approve the report

b) Members under suspension
No members under suspension

CB decided: To approve the report.

c) New Member Applications
Mr. Halonen reported that there might be a number of countries on the way in in the later part of 2018.

CB decided: To approve the report

§ 10. Next CB meeting
Mr. Eriksson concluded that the next CB meeting, will be held in the Helsinki region, Finland, 1st to 2nd of September, with arrival on Saturday.

CB decided: To approve the report and decide the time and place for the next CB meeting

§ 11. Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson closed the meeting at 13.50.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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