One World — One Ball

IFF Central Board meeting 2/2011

Place: Hotel Novotel Bern Expo, Bern, Switzerland

Tomas Eriksson President
Monica Bakke Treasurer
Greg Beaudin
Hans Botman, §1. - §7.j
Risto Kauppinen
Stephen King
Oliver Stoll §1. - §7.j
Filip Suman Vice president
Lars-Gunnar Tjärnquist
Edwin Wiedmer

Stefan Kratz Competition Manager
Merita Bruun Information Manager
John Liljelund Secretary General


§ 1. Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson opened the meeting at 09.00 and greeted the CB members welcome to the first ordinary IFF CB meeting for the mandate period 2011-2012. Mr. Eriksson expressed that the seminar held yesterday was a great success and will help in reaching for the objectives set for the period 2011-2012.

§ 2. Approval of the agenda

Mr. Eriksson concluded that there was three updated appendixes, namely the
Appendix 3b, Financial report by 28.02.2011
Appendix 4b, IFF Claims situation by 28.02.2011
Appendix 14, Invitation for the Core Country Marketing Network meeting in Helsinki, Finland

§ 3 Minutes from the CB meeting
06/2010 in Helsinki, Finland (11.12.2010), (Appendix 1),
01/2011 in Per capsulam, (20.01.2011), (Appendix 2),

The minutes from the last meetings were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§ 4. Economy

a) Financial report by the 31.12.2010 (Appendix 3 & Appendix 3b)

Ms. Bakke presented the financial report and the balance sheet for the financial year 2010, per 31.12.2010. The big picture is that the income and cost was a bit over the budget.

The write off of the claims has affected the financial result somewhat and there is still a small issue related to the equity of IFF in the year end.

Mr. Eriksson expressed that the result for 2010 is very good and that the responsible persons have done a good job in keeping the finances together.

Mr. Botman raised some questions related to the balance sheet and the claims from 2005 to 2007 and the level of interest rate.

Mr. Eriksson answered that there has been some cleaning up made in the claims for 2005 – 2007 and that the IFF Office will look at the possibilities to increase the level of interest revenues.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) Information on IFF claims – status February 28th, 2011 (Appendix 4 – to be updated at meeting)

Mr. Kratz presented firstly the claims situation by 31.12.2010 (Appendix4a) and then secondly the IFF claims as per 28.02.2011 (Appendix 4b) and the situation with the suspended member associations Ukraine and Malaysia as well as the actions to be taken in advance of the next IFF CB meeting.

The ExCo proposed that the office and the treasurer Ms. Bakke, will come up with a proposal on how to deal with the member associations which has a lot of debts to the next CB meeting in Germany, in May 2011.

Mr. Botman raised the question about the referee costs for the U19 2010, which he found to be very high and felt that we need to look over the way it has been coordinated.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 5. World Championships

a) WFC 2010 Finland

Mr. Kauppinen gave a short report concerning the 8th Men‘s WFC 2010 in Helsinki and Vantaa. The organisation committee will finalise the final report by the end of March and the English summary will be distributed to the IFF.
The SSBL has been very pleased with the result of the WFC, with an average of 2036 spectator per match, as well as the theme of communality was well put through. The financial result will be positive, but the final result will only be ready in the end of March.

The CB decided: To approve the report

Mr. Liljelund gave an update about the TV broadcasting and the visibility achieved in both spectators and airing time, with the different TV Companies and the host broadcaster Yleisradio Oy. (Appendix 5).

Mr. Suman stressed that the number of viewers is the key factor to sell any marketing packages.

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) WFC 2011 Switzerland

Mr. Wiedmer gave a report on the preparations for the Women‘s WFC 2011 to be played in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The LOC has been organised in nine areas, in order to have full control of the project. The preparations are well under way and all essential plans are in place. The co-operation with the city of St. Gallen is working well. The ticket sales started on the 6th of March, 2011.

Mr. Kratz gave a report on the qualifications played in beginning of February in Australia, Canada, Poland and Spain. (Appendix 13)
The following team qualified from the qualifications:
AOFC: Japan
Americas: USA
EUR 1: Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands
EUR 2. Poland, Slovakia and Hungary

Mr. Suman reported about the ballot for the WFC 2011 groups, during the Swiss Cup Final on the 5th of March in Bern, Switzerland. The ballot was prepared well and also worked in practice. The match schedule has been finalised (Appendix 13a)

Mr. Botman asked why the ballot was made during the Men‘s Swiss Cup final and got the answer that this was the wish of the SUHV.

The CB decided: To approve the report

c) U19 WFC 2011 Germany

Mr. Stoll gave a short report on the preparations for the U19 WFC 2011 played in Weissenfels, Germany between the 3. – 7.5.2011 with sixteen teams. The preparations are moving forward well and most of the different tasks are already ready. The LOC is waiting for the decision of the main local sponsor by end of March, which will make a big difference in the finances.

The CB decided: To approve the report

d) WFC 2012 Switzerland

Mr. Liljelund reported that the negotiations started for the organiser contract for the 9th Men‘s WFC 2012 in Bern and Zurich, Switzerland and is in process.

Mr. Mr. Wiedmer explained that the group games are played in 2 venues in Bern (Wankdorfhalle) and in Zürich (Saalsporthalle) with a capacity of round 3‘000 seats each and the finals will be played in the Hallenstadion in Zurich (round 14‘000 seats). The main obstacle is the extremely high price of final venues.

The CB decided: To approve the report

e) WFC 2015

Mr. Liljelund informed that up to date the Finnish Floorball Federation (Appendix 6) has sent in a letter of interest and Floorball Germany (Appendix 7) has implicated that they will after their CB meeting on the 17th of February, send in a letter of interest concerning the organisation of the 10th Women‘s WFC 2015. The associations have to send in their applications, with the appropriate appendixes, no later than the 15.6.2011.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 6. EuroFloorball Cup

a) EuroFloorball Cup 2011

Mr. Kratz reported on the actions taken to find an organiser for the EFC Final round 2011. The IFF Office has after a number of discussions with the Polish Federation, been able to come to an agreement with the Polish Floorball Federation to organise the EuroFloorball Cup in October. The EFC will be played with six Men‘s and Women‘s teams, with the organisers and three direct qualified teams, giving two spots to qualify for.

The invitation will be sent out in the end of April to the teams ranked 5th and lower. The qualification will be played in August.

Mr. Eriksson thanked the RACC and the Office for the good work done.

The CB decided: To approve the report

b) Champions Cup

Mr. Suman expressed that the process started around two years ago, with teams abstaining from the EFC Final round and that the form of the competition was not more interesting for the Top Clubs. The process to start to build a new Top Club European Competition, with a meeting of the Top Clubs , the National Associations and the IFF, forming a working group which agreed upon the basis of the competition system for the new Club competition, approved by the IFF CB. There was an agreement on how to build the financial system of the Champions Cup between the stakeholders. The CB agreed that there should be a special regulation and an agreement between the stakeholders for the Champions Cup.

Mr. Liljelund made a short presentation on the proposal for the IFF Regulation for the Champions Cup (Appendix 8) created and approved by the IFF ExCo.

The regulation is built on the work done by four nations and IFF‘s working group, including the competition system and the cost-allocation model approved by the IFF CB. The ExCo proposes to approve the proposed regulation

Mr. Tjärnquist expressed that there is a need for a good Club Competition and the SIBF is interested to participate in the event. There have been a few EFC events which have not sparkled and might not have given the return on investment for the Floorball family. The Swedish clubs are not interested to participate if the competition is not interesting enough. The SIBF brought in some ideas of how to build the competition.
There need to be a number of elements that clearly clarifies the Champions Cup, with a specific graphical design, an own web-page and own identity.
Mr. Tjärnquist wanted to add to the regulation a clause where the building of the marketing perspective of the Champions Cup is included.

Mr. Wiedmer felt that with the Club Competition the responsibility has been shifted from the Clubs to the Association, which the SUHV finds this to be wrong. The SUHV is not in favour of the present version of the Champions Cup. The reason for this is purely financial. The SUHV finds that it is not correct that the Associations have to take over the responsibility of the Clubs or IFF.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that there needs to be a working group headed by the IFF Marketing function had answered that the IFF fully appreciates the situation in the different member associations. For marketing, development and especially political reasons we need to have a new Top Club Competition. The IFF is investing around 50.000 CHF per year in the Champions Cup.

Mr. Tjärnquist felt that we must be able together to create a good and prosperous Champions Cup. We need to sit down and look upon the marketing situation to build a star product, so that in 2014 SUHV would not have to be afraid of the financial output.

Mr. Suman felt that we heard interesting arguments in the situation, where the clubs are saying that they are over the limit financially, as well as the Associations and maybe the IFF included. Usually in major events over 80 per cent of income comes from the ticketing and since there are three home teams playing each day, there will be much more ticketing income in the new format. The Championships Cup is built on a new financial concept. If we have audience and visibility, we can be able to raise the level of the marketing. The SUHV can just pick the fruits of the work of the other three organisers in 2011-2013.

Mr. Liljelund expressed that there needs to be a process in order to have basis to build on. We need to approve the regulation for the Champions Cup and present a proposal for the Champions Cup agreement, in order to move forward.

Mr. Kauppinen felt that he can agree with Mr. Suman, Mr. Tjärnquist and Mr. Liljelund and feels that there needs to be a decision made in the question. Mr. Kauppinen is in favour of the proposals and finds it important to move ahead and take discussions.

Mr. Eriksson concluded that we need to have a final ruling on the matter. Concerning the regulation, Mr. Eriksson proposes that it will be approved and the CB will agree upon the Champions Cup agreement for 2011, giving the national associations possibilities to come back with their comments. The ExCo will be given the task to conclude the process with-in the six weeks to have the agreement signed.

The CB decided: To approve the regulation for the Champions Cup

Mr. Liljelund presented the proposal for the agreement between the IFF and the four national associations for 2011, prepared by the ExCo (Appendix 9)

Mr. Eriksson proposed that the IFF will send out the agreement proposal for 2011 to the stakeholders to agree upon.

The CB decided: To approve the proposal for the Champions Cup Agreement

Mr. Suman reported on the preparations for the first edition of the Champions Cup to be played in Mlada Boleslav in October 2011, trying to arrange a top IFF Club Competition with only 7 months to prepare for the Event. The CFbU will do their best in order to meet the high expectations of the participating teams and the national associations and IFF.

Mr. Kauppinen hopes that the National Associations are actively promoting the new top Club Competition in their own country.

The CB decided: To approve the report

§ 7. Committees and Function reports

a) ExCo reports

Mr. Eriksson reported on the IFF ExCo meeting held in connection to the ispo Floorball Village in Munich, Germany on the 7.2.2011. (Appendix 10)
Firstly Mr. Eriksson made a few comments concerning the ispo fair and finds that the concept is really good with a number of 12 brands and their internal and external co-operation, secondly it is very interesting that IFF have the possibility to promote Floorball to the whole Sports Market and thirdly the ispo has been very good for Floorball in Germany.

Mr. Eriksson went through the IFF ExCo meeting minutes, explaining the issues discussed. Mr. Suman commented on the ISF School Sport World Floorball Championships in Plzen in May.

Mr. King reported on the present activities of the AOFC and the plans for 2011 – 2012 (Appendix 15). AOFC has three main type of countries, with very structured countries (AUS; JAP, KOR, NZ and SIN), a second group of countries that have been around for a while (IND, INE, MAL, MON, PAK) but has yet to develop their organisations and the third croup of countries which has just started and trying to start their operations.
The focus for the next two years is to get the existing countries to be better functioning and more competitive in the international competitions, as well as bring in more countries in and reconcile countries like Thailand.
The aim is to have a Floorball Development Seminar in South-East Asia in end of May, inviting 11 countries and through this to have 16 members by the end of 2012.

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

b) Contacts to International Sports Organisations

Mr. Eriksson reported on the upcoming SportAccord, organised in London, Great-Britain from the 04 – 08.04.2011.

The CB decided: To approve the report


Mr. Suman reported on the preparations made by the RACC, in connection to the coming season 2011-2012. There is a planning meeting for the two year period, in Sweden in two weeks, in order to prepare for big RACC meeting in June and have everything ready for the coming two year period. The RACC will have to look upon the systems and the structure of the Events. The RACC will prepare a Competition seminar for the summer in 2011

The CB decided: To approve the report

d) RC

Mr. Botman gave a short report about the first meeting of the new RC held in Vantaa, Finland on the 26th and 27th of February 2011 and the decisions taken there. The RC made a division of task of the RC members. The main task is to secure the quality and the quantity of the international referees.

The CB decided: To approve the report

e) Development function

Mr.Wiedmer reported on the plans of the Development function for the year 2011 in order to find out the ways to update the seminars. Mr. Liljelund informed about the small scale seminar organised for the university PE teachers with the Shanghai International Studies University in January. (Appendix 11)

Mr. King further informed about the activities AOFC is planning, in order to organise some introduction activities in Sri Lanka and Iran in the first half of the year, as well as a full scale development programme seminar in the region.

The CB decided: To approve the report

f) Marketing function

Mr. Kauppinen gave a short recap of the marketing situation and that the IFF has now signed the sponsorship agreements with Unihoc, Swerink, Asics and Gerflor for the period of 2011 – 2014. Mr. Liljelund presented the content of the agreements. The marketing function has prepared a detailed action plan for the coming two year period, which will be reported to the CB.

The marketing function has called together for a marketing networking group from the Floorball Core countries for a first meeting in Helsinki on the 16.03, to start the process of coordinating the marketing efforts in the main Floorball countries. (Appendix 14)

Mr. King proposed that the Core Countries Marketing network would discuss the way to move forward with the marketing solutions for the Champions Cup.

The CB decided: To approve the report

g) Medical committee

Ms. Bruun reported about the present status concerning the IFF WADA Code Compliance status, where WADA has indicated that there are too few tests performed in Floorball, in order for IFF to achieve the full Code Compliance in the 2011 review. The IFF Office has been in contact with the WADA Administration and the SportAccord Doping Free Unit and based on this we made a proposal on how to secure the Code Compliance, by gradually increasing the number of tests.

The Registered Testing Pool 1 has been chosen for 2011 and the initial contact has been taken with the players concerned. Players from the Czech Republic is now included for the first time in the RTP 1.

The Say NO! to Doping campaign will continue during the U19 WFC in Germany in May and discussions are ongoing with the organiser of the WFC 2011 to continue the campaign there

The CB decided: To approve the reports.

h) Material function

Mr. Liljelund reported on the 5th edition of the ispo Floorball Village held in Munich, Germany from the 6th to 9th of February 2011. This year there were 12 brands participating in the Village.

The CB decided: To approve the report

i) Athletes Commission

Mr. Stoll reported on the plans the Athletes Commission has for the upcoming two year period.

The CB decided: To approve the report

j) Equality function

Mr. Tjärnquist reported on the plans the Equality function has for the upcoming two year period.

The CB decided: To approve the report

k) ParaFloorball function

Mr. Tjärnquist reported on the plans IFF has in connection to supporting and promoting the different forms of ParaFloorball.

Mr. Bruun gave a short report of the present ParaFloorball contacts:
IFF has been contacted by the ICEWH, which has asked whether there would be a possibility that the German Electric Wheelchair Hockey team could play an exhibition match during the U19 WFC in Weissenfels. IFF has forwarded the request to Floorball Germany.
IFF has further been in contact with the Special Olympics, which are interested to find more formal ways of co-operation between the SO and IFF.
IFF is to start the discussions of co-operation with the International Wheelchair Floorball Federation.

Mr. Beaudin gave a report of the ParaFloorball contacts in Canada and it was discussed the importance of setting these persons in contact to the IFF Office.

The CB decided: To approve the reports

l) Information function

Mr. Beaudin reported on the plans of the Information function for the period 2011 – 2012.
The plans will be made during the spring. The situation looks quite good and there is a lot of material and information being sent out.

Proposal: To approve the report

§ 8. IFF Office

Mr. Liljelund presented the responsible persons in the committees and functions from the IFF Office. (Appendix 12).

The CB decided: To approve the report.

§ 9. Member Federations

a) Members under suspension

Mr. Kratz reported on the situation of the suspended associations Malaysia and Ukraine. Ukraine has stopped to answer to any communication. Malaysia has started to communicate with the IFF.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

b) New Member Applications

Mr. Liljelund reported that activities have been made by Croatia, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Mozambique, but the Office is still investigating the situation, so no real applications are still present.

The CB decided: To approve the report.

§ 10. Next CB meeting

The next CB meeting will be held in Weissenfels, Germany during the U19 WFC on the 8th of May 2010 starting at 09.30.

Mr. King proposed that the committees and the functions will come in with written reports for the CB meeting two weeks prior to the CB meeting.

The CB decided: To approve the report and proposal.

§ 11. Closing of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson closed the meeting at 13.20 and thanked the CB for a very good and prosperous three days and is looking forward for a two year mandate period.

John Liljelund Tomas Eriksson
Secretary General President

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