Central Board


Parkhotel, Prague, Czech Republic

Eriksson, Tomas, President
Liljelund, John, Vice President
Orlando, Renato, Vice President
Jonsson, Tomas, Treasurer
Gilardi, Thomas
Jansson, Per
Kauppinen, Risto
Lindström, Peter
Vaculik, Martin

Kratz, Stefan, Secretary General
Wester, Axel, Marketing Director         

§  1 Opening of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson greeted the board members a warm welcome to Prague and declared the meeting opened at 09:00.

§  2 Approval of the agenda
The agenda was approved.

§  3 Minutes from last meeting
The minutes from the CB meetings 23.05 and 25.05.2002 were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.

§  4 Economy
a) Prel. financial report 31.08.2002 (enclosure 1)
Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary financial report of 31.08.2002, which shows a surplus of
6,265 CHF. An additional approval income of approximately 100.000 CHF is on its way for the
period May 1st until August 30th, 2002.

All indicates a surplus well in line with the budget, i.e. +8.000 CHF for the year 2002.

The CB decided to approve the report.

b) Information on claims
Mr. Jonsson reported on IFF claims in general, and in particular concerning participation in
WFC 2003. Total claims per 29.08.2002 was 63,291 CHF, WFC 2003 participation fees included.

Mr. Jonsson further informed that Latvia has faxed a bank receipt showing that all their debts, a total of 11.552:52 CHF, were paid on 30.08.2002.

The CB decided to approve the report.

c) Proposal from ExCo concerning Latvia and Hungary
The IFF Executive Committee (ExCo) has proposed that the participation in the WFC 2003 for Hungary should be dependent on whether they would stick to the plan of paying off their debts to IFF, and for Latvia the participation should be dependent on the payment of all their debts. Latvia due to the fact that they did not, initially, follow their own presented schedule.

The CB notices that Hungary did follow the plan and that Latvia has paid their complete debts to IFF.

The CB decided to allow both Hungary and Latvia to participate in the WFC 2003 and all other IFF activities.

d) Status Helsingfors IFK
Mr. Kratz reported that Helsingfors IFK did not pay the fine, 1000 CHF, within 3 months.

According to the Juridical Regulations Chapter I, § 2.4, the fine is automatically increased with 50%.
The total sum, 1500 CHF, has been invoiced to Helsingfors IFK. The Finnish Floorball Federation is informed.

The CB decided to approve the report.

e) ExCo proposal depreciation on claims
The IFF ExCo has, due to financial reasons, proposed a depreciation on the claims for Brazil 200 CHF (fee 2000 and 2001), Slovakia 200 CHF (fee 2000 and 2001). Brazil has not yet participated in any IFF events, and Slovakia has started to take part in European Cup this year 2002.

The CB decided according to the proposal to depreciate the total claims of 400 CHF for Brazil and Slovakia.

f) Participation and debts in general
The CB has noticed an increasing number of cases concerning debts and participation, and that there is a need to find an efficient handling of these items.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Jonsson to prepare a proposal regarding participation and debts to be decided upon at the next meeting January 11th, 2003.

g) Development of IFF office development
The ExCo has discussed the need of increasing the office administration. The need for the near future is considered to be at least 4 persons, a Secretary General, a Marketing Director, a Technical Director, and a Clerk. The CB was of the opinion that the enlargement of the IFF administration is based upon financial possibilities and starting when the budgets are balanced.

The ExCo has, accordingly, proposed to the CB to enlarge the contract with AIK concerning the Marketing Director, Mr. Wester, from 50% to 80% from 01.09.2002.

The CB decided according to the proposal, raising the contract between AIK and IFF concerning Mr Wester from 50% till 80% starting from September 1 st, 2002, and to put forward to the ExCo to prepare the division of tasks and responsibilities between the employees.

§  5 World Championships
a) WFC 2003 participants
Mr. Kratz reported that 19 teams has registered to participate.

The CB discussed the number of teams, concluding that 18 countries would be an appropriate number of participants in order to protect the organiser as well as keep down the number of days for the actual tournament.

The CB decided that the WFC 2003 should consist of 18 teams and that a qualification match between Italy and the Netherlands should be played to decide which of these two nations should be part of the WFC. Further the CB decided to put forward to the office to inform Italy and the Netherlands about the decision and to the RACC to decide upon way of playing this qualification.

b) WFC 2004 negotiations and contract – updated information
Mr. Orlando informed that, preliminary, one group will be played in Basel and the other in Zurich.

A draft will be prepared and presented until the next CB meeting.

Mr. Liljelund informed that a contract will be negotiated and signed at the next CB meeting in Prague, January 11, 2003.

The CB decided to approve the reports from Mr. Orlando and Mr. Liljelund.

c) WFC U19 Women 2004
No letters of interest to organize the Women’s U19 WFC 2004 have arrived, even though some research has been made. Various solutions, including postponing, were discussed.

The CB decided to put forward to the RACC to prepare a proposal on an alternative playing system for the U19 WFC, based on a preliminary round and a Final round with 4 teams 13-14.11.2004, and to the ExCo to decide upon the proposal.

d) WFC U19 Men 2005
Mr. Eriksson informed that preliminary discussions have been held with more nations than Latvia, that has sent an letter of interest.

e) WFC 2006 organizer
The Swedish Floorball Federation is the only applicant left to organize the Men’s WFC 2006.

The CB decided to grant the WFC 2006 to SFF to organize.

f) Events – until 2008 updated version (enclosure 2)
The updated list of events and organizers until 2008 were scrutinized and discussed.

§  6 European Cups
a) EC January 2003 finals – report on progress and plans
Mr. Vaculik reported on the EC Final round organization.

Complete information to the teams will be sent midst of September.

The CB decided to approve the report and to accept the proposed schedule.

b) EC January 2004 finals – Status on discussions with the German FA
Mr. Orlando reported that the German Floorball Association is ready to organize the EC Finals in January 2004.

The CB decided to grant the DUB to organise the Final Round of the European Cup in January 2004.
Further the CB decided that the organisers of the European Cup Final Round should always be directly qualified.

§  7 Committees – Reports and Constitution
a) ExCo – office development
Main objectives and tasks for the ExCo were discussed and concluded.

The CB decided the main objectives for the ExCo to be:
1. Perform and carry out prepatory work for the CB in finance, IFF administration (office).
2. Monitoring of the IFF office, what we do and how we do it, including ExCo as a trouble-shooter
between CB meetings.
3. In charge of political relations, such as IOC, GAISF, FISU, attending these conferences,
Congresses and IFF Vision on IOC in Lausanne.
4. In charge of preparing internal conferences such as Presidential Meetings, Secretary General

Mr. Orlando reported that the RACC will prepare a proposal on how to play the WFC 2004, Qualification included, to be ready in November and  to be decided in the next CB meeting.

Mr. Gilardi reported on the EC Qualification Round where he acted as Jury chairman.

On the very positive side was mentioned that the Russian teams were very well organized and played very well.

On the negative side it was reported that one team, Bratislava, did not show up in the technical meeting and further had three match penalties.

Nizhegorodets, Russia, and Rubene, Latvia qualified to the Men’s Final round and
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, and TSV Halle Süd, Germany qualified to the Women’s Final round.

The RACC is evaluating the ECQ for a possible development.

The CB decided to approve the report and to constitute the following persons as RACC members:
Martin Johansson, Sweden, Esko Kyyhkynen, Finland, and Filip Suman, Czech Republic.
Further the CB decided to constitute the following persons as co-opted members: Andris Dzenis, Latvia, Thor Johnsen, Norway and Francis Vanbellingen, Belgium.

c) RC
Mr. Gilardi informed on his view on the RC work and how it should be organized to meet the requirements. Further Mr. Gilardi informed that he had a meeting with K-H. Seiler during the EC Qualification.

The CB decided to approve the report and to constitute the following persons as RC members:
Daniel Würmlin, Switzerland and Klaus Koskela, Finland.
Further the CB decided to constitute the following persons as co-opted members: Andrew Clough, Great Britain, Jon-Erik Eriksen, Norway and Jörg Heuer, Germany.

d) EDC
Mr. Vaculik reported on his view of the upcoming EDC work.

The CB decided to approve the report and to constitute the following persons as EDC members:
Per Jansson, Sweden, Risto Kauppinen, Finland and Ewa Zoltowska, Poland.

e) MIC
Mr. Lindström reported on a meeting he had with Interactive Media in Helsinki.

A draft proposal of a cooperation was presented.

The CB decided to approve the report and to put forward to the MIC to continue the discussions and to present a contract proposal to the ExCo to decide upon. Further the CB decided to constitute the following persons as MIC members: Janne Johansson, Norway and Miikka Seppälä, Finland.

f) Material questions
Mr. Liljelund reported on discussions with manufacturers regarding the approval system.

The CB decided to approve the report.

§  8 Member Associations
a) Georgia
The Georgian Floorball Association (GFA) has applied for membership.

The IFF ExCo has scrutinized the application and has proposed to the CB to grant provisional membership to GFA.

The CB decided to grant GFA provisional membership as member number 30 of IFF.

b) Report of other applicants
Mr. Kratz reported that both Armenia and Nigeria have been asked to complete their respective application before they are to be decided upon by the CB in coming meetings.

The CB decided to approve the report.

§  9 IFF Calendar (enclosure 3)
Mr. Kratz presented an updated version of the IFF Calendar.

The CB discussed the possibilities with the Calendar, if correctly used and constantly updated.

The CB decided that all committees shall inform the Secretary General of Committee meetings and other important tasks to be included in the IFF Calendar.

§ 10 External Congresses
a) GAISF Congress 2002
The GAISF Congress is held 21-24.11.2002 in Colorado Springs, USA.

The CB decided that Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Liljelund shall act as official IFF delegates.

b) FISU WFC in Göteborg, Sweden November 7-9, 2002
The FISU Floorball World Championships is held 07-09.11.2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Mr. Orlando is earlier appointed official IFF representative in the Technical Committee of the WFC.

The CB decided that Mr. Orlando and Mr. Eriksson shall act as official IFF delegates.

c) IOC in Lausanne – scheduled meeting before Prague January 11, 2003 meeting
The CB discussed the aim to gain IOC recognition latest 2006 and means to reach it.

The CB decided to put forward to Mr. Orlando to set up a meeting with IOC, at an appropriate level, and that Mr. Orlando, Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Kratz shall act as official IFF delegates in such a meeting.

d) WADA – World Conference on Doping in Sports
Mr. Eriksson informed that WADA will organize a World Conference on Doping is Sports in Copenhagen 03-05.03.2003.

The CB decided that official delegates will be decided upon at a later stage.

§ 11 Next CB meeting
The next CB meeting will be held in Prague, during the European Cup, 11.01.2003, 09:00-14:00
and the meeting thereafter in Bern/Zurich April 12-13, 2003

§ 12 Closing of the meeting
Mr. Eriksson thanked the CB for an effective meeting and closed it at 16:30.