IFF Central Board meeting 2/2005

Minutes 04.06.2005


Place:                           Hotel Elizabeth, 24 Mount Elizabeth, Singapore


Participants:              Tomas Eriksson         President

                                      Renato Orlando         Vice President

                                      Tomas Jonsson          Treasurer

                                      Per Jansson                

                                      Risto Kauppinen      

                                      Peter Lindström        

                                      Thomas Gilardi         

                                      Martin Vaculik          


                                      John Liljelund            Secretary General

Stefan Kratz               Head of Technical Department

Merita Bruun              Assistant



§    1.                Opening of the meeting

Mr. Eriksson greeted all heartily welcome and opened the meeting at 10:00 and specially greeted Ms. Merita Bruun welcome.



§    2.                Approval of the agenda

The agenda was scrutinized, completed and approved.



§    3.                Minutes from the CB meeting in Prague (09.04.2005)

Mr. Eriksson went thru the decisions from the last CB meeting (1/2005) in Prague. The minutes from the last meeting were scrutinized, approved and put ad acta.



§    4.                Economy – Appendix 1


                   a)                Preliminary financial report 31.05.2005

Mr. Jonsson presented the preliminary financial report per 31.05.2005. The liquidity of the IFF is on a very good level and the cash flow has never been as high as it is now. At the moment we show a surplus of 145.000 CHF,  but the estimate for 2005 will land on plus/minus 0. We will not reach the marketing sales budget, but we will neither use all the budgeted funds for office costs.


We will also gain more membership fees in 2006, due to that more members will become ordinary members in 2006. Mr. Jonsson still pointed out that we need a bigger amount of marketing income for financing the administration in the future.


















§    4.                Economy – continuation


      b)                Information on IFF claims – status May 31st, 2005

Mr. Jonsson presented the IFF claims per 31.05.2005. The total claims (including invoiced membership fees for 2005 due to be paid on April 30) are 39.916 CHF, out of which 14.000 CHF are membership fees for 2005.


The associations, with outstanding debts have been informed on a number of occasions that the participation fee for WFC 2005 must be settled latest April 30, before the WFC in Singapore. Mr. Kratz has worked very hard to remind the federations to pay their depth. Hungary is the only federation, which has not paid the complete participation fee for the WFC.



As decided in previous CB meetings, the office proposes that all the federations, that still have outstanding debts from 2003 and prior shall be suspended from all IFF activities starting from the 1st of June 2005.


This will automatically mean that these associations are not eligible for participating in the upcoming Euro Cup Qualifications in Denmark, U19 Men’s WFC in Latvia, European Cup in the Czech Republic and the Men’s WFC in Sweden.


The office proposes that an association that have been suspended, will stay suspended for a time period of at least 3 months and still one month after all debts are paid or a settlement plan has been provided.


Mr. Orlando opposed the office proposal, that the suspension should stay suspended for three months.

Mr. Jansson proposed that all applications for participation in WFC should be closed for the federations which have claims to the IFF. He was supported by Mr. Kauppinen.


The CB decided not to change the system of the suspension of federations.


The CB decided if the Hungarian Floorball federation has not settled all their depths of CHF 4200, by the 15th of June, 2005, they will be suspended. Office remark: The debts were settled the 6th of June.


§    5.                World Championships


a)                      WFC 2005 – Report

Mr. Orlando reported on the present WFC in Singapore. The main problem was of course Georgia not attending in the championships. Another problem was the three Danish girls that suffered from dehydration.


The main problem was the heat in Woodlands, which we had approved during the APAC. There might be a discussion in the future with the Danish federation and the Danish insurance company, but because the team decided to go back and play in Woodlands, which was up to them, the responsibility was then theirs.


When it comes to the organiser, they had an issue, with the number of volunteers in the venues. There were some technical problems (i.e. the clock, penalty benches) and some problems with the transportations; teams have been picked up late etc. There has also been some problem with the press centre, i.e. no pre-information about the internet costs for the journalists. Otherwise, the championships have been organised properly and the championships have been good.


Mr. Liljelund gave a short report on the TV situation (Eurovision, TV 4, Czech TV, Russian NTV, Swiss TV). We will provide the material via TV4, trying to connect SVT and Singapore TV and later with YLE and Swiss TV, if we can solve the link.


Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report. Mr. Orlando and Mr. Kratz where asked to handle the abstention of the Georgian team.


§    5.                World Championships - continuation


b)                      WFC U19 Men 2005 – Appendix 2


Mr. Orlando gave a report about the RACC inspection trip to Latvia, carried out by the RACC vice chairman Mr. Martin Johansson during the four nation tournament 22.-24.4.2004. He also reported about the issues related to communication between the organiser and IFF. There will be a jury consisting of 4 persons.


The LFS has sent in a list of exceptions from the organisers regulations (appendix 4).


Mr. Gilardi asked about the situation concerning the referee management, who will pay for it. Mr. Liljelund informed that there can be a maximum of 4 persons in the referee management and that IFF carries all the costs for travel and board & lodgings, if the RC budget for 2005 so permits..


Mr. Liljelund gave a short report about the contract negotiation with LFS and that the contract was signed during the WFC 2005 in Singapore. The LFS pays 5.000 CHF for the organising rights and the LFS has the possibility to sell the extra IFF advertisement space and IFF will receive a commission of 10 %.


                         Proposal: To approve the reports and the agreement with LFS.


The CB decided to approve the report and the agreement with LFS for the organising of the WFC U19 2005.



c)                       WFC Men 2006


Mr. Jansson reported on the progress with the organisation of the WFC 2006 A- and B-division. He reported that everything is running on very well as Mr. Kalte showed during the Presidential meeting. He told that there is a lot of TV interest towards the championship from four or five TV’s.


Mr. Liljelund reported on the present TV situation. Discussions have been going on with the Swedish SVT, the Finnish YLE and Eurosport on rate cards, production and signals. The SVT has promised to come back with the information concerning the rate card of the signal and the product costs. Discussions have also been going on with Eurosport2 and the decisions will be made in August.


Mr. Kratz reported on the contract negotiations with the Spanish federation, concerning the organisation of the WFC C-division in Spain 2006. The Spanish federation has now started to hesitate whether they will be able to organise the championships. The issue is purely financial and also related to number of volunteers. Mr. Kratz will continue the discussions together with Mr. Orlando during the WFC 2005. Office remark: The result of the discussions was that Spain will organize the WFC 2006 C-Division.


Proposal: To approve the reports.

The CB decided to approve the report.



d)                      WFC U19 Women 2006 Germany

Mr. Liljelund reported on the negotiations with the German association, concerning the organising of the U19 Women WFC in Grimma. The WFC will be played during the international weekend in November 8-12.11.2006.

The organisers are able to take 16 teams to the championships and everything has been done according to the agreements and the contract was signed during the WFC 2005.


Proposal: To approve the report

The CB decided to approve the report and the agreement with DUB for the organising of the WFC U19 2006.




§    5.                World Championships - continuation


e)                       Upcoming events

The IFF Office will start the negotiations with all the organisers of WFC in 2007 and beyond after the summer holidays.


Mr. Liljelund informed on the started negotiations with the organisers of WFC 2007 and WFC 2008. The IFF has negotiated with Denmark for the women’s WFC 2007 and with the Czech Republic for men’s WFC 2008.



             §    6.                European Cup


a)                      EC 2005/2006 Czech Republic

Mr. Liljelund reported on the negotiations, concerning the EC 2005/2006 Final round contract.


Mr. Kratz reported on the negotiations concerning the EC qualifications in Denmark. Mr. Kratz informed that the qualifications are going to be the biggest ever. Mr. Kratz also reported upon the invitation process and he will check the present situation with the number of teams. Mr. Kratz will propose a playing schedule for the qualification.


The CB decided to approve the report.




             §    7.                Committees and Function reports


a)                      New reporting structure – Appendix 3

Mr. Eriksson proposes that the CB would agree to a new reporting system for the CB. The main idea is that each committee and function head would report, in writing on the following issues:

-          Report of present issues

-          Upcoming issues and meetings

-          Issues that need to be decided

-          New ideas etc.

The office will prepare a document for this in advance to the CB meeting in Malmö. The reports are to be returned to the office two weeks in advance of the CB meeting.


Proposal: To approve the proposal.


Mr. Eriksson explained that there is a clear need to have one page summary three weeks in advance of each CB meeting from the committee and function chairmen.


The CB decided to approve the proposal.




b)                      Contacts to International Sports Organisations/ExCo report

Mr. Orlando gave a short report from the Sport Accord and the GAISF General Assembly in Berlin, April 15-20 and the meetings with Mr. Blatter and Mr. Fasel. There were good meetings held with a number of different persons. During the Sport Accord the delegation participated in a number of workshops in marketing and sport organisation.


Mr. Eriksson told that all 8 member federations applying for GAISF membership were turned down, (perhaps partly due to the electronic voting system.)


The CB decided to approve the report.








§    7 b)            continuation 


IWGA Appendix 4

Mr Eriksson reported on the correspondence between the IFF and the IWGA and the invitation as guests/observers to the World Games in Duisburg. Mr. Eriksson has decided that, Mr. Eriksson and Mr. Orlando will travel to the World Games in Duisburg (prel. 22-25.7.).


Mr. Eriksson reported about the discussion with IWGA president Mr. Froehlich. Mr. Froehlich told that the IWGA will make an evaluation about the sports after Duisburg. This could open a possibility for us to participate in 2009. This however means that we would need to send the four best teams to the World Games.


Mr. Orlando told that he thinks that South Korea must start to cooperate with China. He thinks that the situation looks good now.


Mr. Jansson felt that it is important that there are both ladies and men games at the World Games. This is very important for promoting the sport. This is possible especially if we are a demonstration sport. Politically it could be wise to push for the ladies here.


Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report.


FISU: - Appendix 5

Mr. Orlando reported on the correspondence between the FISU and IFF, concerning the 2nd WUC in Switzerland 2006. The FISU has asked IFF to nominate a technical delegate for the WUC. IFF has taken note of that FISU has appointed Mr Magnus Nilsson still as FISU Technical delegate for Floorball within FISU.


Mr. Orlando gave more information about the WUC 2006 in Bern. The Swiss federation is now working together with the Swiss Universities. All preparations will be organised in the same way as the WFC 2003 in Bern.


Proposal: The IFF CB decides to nominate Mr. Orlando as the technical delegate of the 2nd WUC.


The CB decided to approve the report and to elect Mr. Orlando as the technical delegate of the 2nd WUC 2006, in Bern.



Master Games: - Appendix 6a, 6b

Mr. Eriksson reported on the correspondence between the IFF and the Master Sports Federation.


Mr. Jansson stressed that we need to be sure that the objectives of the Master Sports are in line with the one of IFF.


Proposal: The IFF ExCo and Office will prepare a proposal for how to deal with the Master Sports Federation in the future. The IFF President proposes that Secretary General Mr. Liljelund will meet with the Master Sports and discuss the future.


The CB decided to approve the report and to appoint Mr. Liljelund to research the matter more deeply.













§    7 b)            continuation 


ISF (International School Sport Federation): Appendix 7

Mr. Liljelund reported on the correspondence with the ISF and Mr. Liljelund will continue to have the contact with the ISF.


Mr. Liljelund gave a short report on the meeting with the ISF, in Prague, in April. The possibility is that the Czech School Sport Federation is interested to organise the first school sport World Championships. The possible time would be in 2007 and at the moment the IFF has supplied ISF with information. The age group will be from 15-17 years.


Mr. Eriksson asked if the CB members are interested in developing the sport in this direction. The CB members found this to be interesting, but both Mr. Jansson and Mr. Orlando warned that we are not to be misused by the other organisations. Mr. Eriksson stressed that this is also a calendar problem.

The CB found that it is good that these international sport federations are now starting to get interested about IFF.


             Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report. 



WADA: - Appendix 8

Mr. Eriksson reported on the actions taken to prepare and deliver the Yearly Statistical report on Doping Controls provided by IFF during 2004. Ms. Bruun has collected the information from firstly the IFF events and secondly from the national series in the bigger IFF member federations. (Appendix )


             Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report. 




Mr. Eriksson reported on the present situation and Mr. Liljelund reported on the discussions with Mr. Olli Rauste, CAS arbitrator. Mr. Liljelund reported on the issues concerning the IFF cooperation with CAS/TIR. There are no possibilities to be affiliated with CAS/TIR, but we need to incorporate the essence of the CAS regulations into our IFF Statues. The secretary general has this on his table to analyse it among the statues monitoring prior to the IFF General Assembly 2006 in Sweden. This being made on the CAS documents and statues available.



             Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report. 


















§    7.                continuation 


c)                       RACCAppendix 9


Mr. Orlando reported on the IFF RACC meeting held in Singapore. The RACC is organising a workshop in Malmö on the 26th of August to discuss the following matters: Playing systems of WFC, European Cup, Competition and Organising regulations, Tasks of the Jury and RACC. The members of the RACC will prepare the work until the CB meeting in January 2006.

Mr. Orlando invited all CB members to participate if they so choose.


Mr. Jansson also stressed that we need to look over the regulations.


Mr. Liljelund reported on the new Information form for International Matches.


Mr. Orlando stressed that we need to change the name of the form from Application to Information.


Mr. Gilardi said that there needs to be a time limit in which you have to send the information. Mr. Gilardi proposed that the time level will be 8 weeks. Mr. Gilardi opposed the wording of the referee nomination part.  Mr. Gilardi wanted that the word restriction would be changed to proposals.


Proposal: To approve the report and to approve the proposed Application form for International Matches.


The CB decided to approve the report and change the name of the form to Information form for International Matches and Nomination of Referees. Also the wording regarding the referee nomination will be changed and the there will be a 12 week deadline included in the form.



d)                      RC

Mr. Gilardi reported on the RC work in Singapore and upcoming work of the RC. He thought that the more inexperienced referees got very good experiences from these championships.


Two referees had taken their whole family here, which will be discussed in the future. RC now gives guide lines to the referees about the families being in the same hotel as the referees.


The referee management is now 5 persons for the first time and there has been a long discussion about the nomination of referees.


Mr. Gilardi reported on the deviation of the work tasks inside the RC. The solution is still in progress, but the RC will return to this later.


Mr. Eriksson stressed that the RC work should together with the IFF office.

Mr. Jansson pointed out that the issues related to the costs for the Swedish and Norwegian will still have to be discussed.


Proposal: To approve the report


The CB decided to approve the report. 














§    7                 continuation 


e)                       Development function

Mr. Orlando reported on how the whole Development program will be built and the time table for the project. The program will be developed by Referees RC/Mr. Koskela, Coaching Mr. Vaculik/Mr. Liljelund and administration Mr. Orlando/Mr. Liljelund.


Mr. Orlando went thru the structure of the development programme and how the panel will be put together.


Mr. Liljelund is to build a budget for the Development program. The materials are to be put together during the summer. The first test clinic will be held during the autumn.


Mr. Gilardi stressed that it is important also to educate the federation to have their own Referee observation system. Is it the responsibility of IFF to support for the stronger federations?


Mr. Eriksson explained that the development program is directed towards the newer and weaker federations.


Proposal: To approve the renewed Development programme and the timetable.


The CB decided to approve the report. 


Mr. Orlando reported on the meeting with the DUB, concerning the German development plan. The DUB has finally reported the activities for 2004. Based on the report the final outstanding CHF 12.500 has now been paid to the DUB. Appendix 10a, 10b, 10c, 10d


Mr. Orlando gave a short report on the development of the DUB.


Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report and to pay the development support of CHF 10.000 to the German Floorball Association in June and the second part for 2005 in January 2006, after receiving the intermediate report in July and the full year report at the Development Board meeting in January 2006, during the European Cup.



Mr. Liljelund to report on the Development Board meeting held on the 19th of May and the meeting with SP on the 12th of May. Appendix 11


Mr. Liljelund reported the on the decisions from the Development Board. The new target for DUB is 5000 members and 9 State associations. Further Mr. Liljelund reported that the SP agreement has been prolonged with SP until December 31st, 2006.



Proposal: To approve the reports.

The CB decided to approve the report and the prolonging of the agreement wit SP. 



Mr. Orlando reported on the Asian summit.


The Asian and Oceania member federations of the International Floorball

Federation decided the 2n of June to form the Asian and Oceania Floorball Confederation,

on the occasion of the second Asian Summit during the World Floorball Championship

2005 in Singapore.


There has been a need to form this confederation in order to speed up the good development and promotion of Floorball in the region. All but three parts of the statues were agreed upon and the final version of the will be sent to the office by July 31st 2005. There were quite a lot of discussions in the summit about the confederation and how it affects the IFF practices. The press releases and other information will be sent later. Mr. Orlando will have a discussion with the AOFC in the future.


§    7 e)            continuation

The Asian and Oceania Floorball Confederation consists today of yet eight IFF members

Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Singapore.


The founding Assembly elected the following persons to the Central Board:

- Mr. Sani Mohd. Salim, Singapore President of AOFC

- Mr. Rainer Martiskin, Australia                  Vice President of AOFC

- Mrs. Susan Kim, South Korea                    Treasure of AOFC

- Mr. Subramaniam Suresh, Malaysia         Secretary General

- Mr. Takabonu Yoshino, Japan                   Member         


The office of the confederation will be placed in Singapore.


The Asian and Oceania Floorball Confederation (AOFC) is the first such grouping inside the IFF and its main task is to promote Floorball according to the vision and mission to the IFF in this region.


Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report. 



f)                       Marketing function


Mr. Liljelund reported on upcoming negotiations with potential sponsors. 

At the moment IFF has signed sponsor agreements with Exel (Precision ball), Puma (Referee outfit) and Gerflor (Flooring). The agreement with Gerflor ends after the WFC in Singapore, the agreements with Exel and Puma will end after the WFC in Sweden 2006.


Mr. Jansson reported on the new strategy and the sales packages of the sales (Title, Main, Partners and Material) sponsor packages. We will first discuss with Exel and Puma about the fact that we are trying to first sell Title and Main sponsors. The idea is to go big or go home. We are looking for opening the market. The flooring is crucial for all championships, which is open for renegotiations. We will aim for bigger cooperation.


Mr. Jansson has already started the discussions with Puma


Mr. Liljelund reported on the present situation with the negotiations with Gerflor and Exel. Gerflor will give their proposal in September.


Proposal: To approve the reports.


The CB decided to approve the report. 



g)                      DC

Mr. Liljelund to reported on the situation of the DC and Mr. Olav Hermanson. The DC chairman Mr. Hermanson has failed to rule on the Rubene case concerning the team lists for the European Cup finals in Zürich in January 2005), forwarded to the DC chairman on January 28, 2005. Mr. Liljelund has been in direct contact with Mr. Hermanson and discussed the matter with him. Mr. Hermanson promised to act in the issue before the 20th of May.


Mr. Jansson requested an explanation from Mr. Hermanson to the issue being dealt with late. He feels that the DC chairman Mr. Hermanson has not fulfilled his duties and he has failed in his task.


Proposal: If DC chairman Mr. Hermansson has not dealt with the Rubene issue by the 20th of May, the IFF CB will order secretary general Mr. Liljelund to handle the case.


The CB decided  A) To take note of the DC’s decision of 27th of May.  B) The CB decided to include the explanation of Mr. Hermanson to the protocol. C) The issue will also be taken up by IFF President and Mr. Ahde who will have discussions with Mr. Hermanson.  



             §    8.                IFF Office


a)                      New Office

Mr. Liljelund reported on the new office in Helsinki and introduced the office assistant Ms. Bruun  

Proposal: To approve the report.


The CB decided to approve the report


b)                      New internet site – Appendix 12

The IFF internet site is 10 years old and at the moment it is very difficult to administer. The office in Helsinki has asked for an offer from OpenSpace for the renewal of the IFF internet site, which also would make it possible to edit the Sites from different computers than Mr. Kratz.


The value of the offer is 4.026 € (incl. VAT).


Proposal: To discuss the purchase of a new internet site.


Mr. Liljelund proposed that we will have a further look in the matter.


The CB decided  that the office will have a more thorough look at the issue.



             §    9.                Member Federations


a)                      Members under suspension

Nothing to report


b)                      New Member Applications

Mr. Jonson reported on the process of the Icelandic member application.

Mr. Eriksson told that all the requirements have been fulfilled.


Proposal: To approve the report and if an application is available approve the Icelandic Floorball Federation as

provisional member (number 36).


The CB decided to approve the Icelandic Floorball Committee as a provisional member of IFF. The Icelandic federation will be member number 36.


             §  10.               Next CB meeting

                                      The next CB meeting will be held in Malmö in Sweden, upon the invitation of the city of Malmö,

                                      taking place on August the 26-28.


                                      Special topics on the agenda will be:


                                      Deviation of work tasks between the IFF office and the committees

                                      IFF internet site & logo.

                                      Working with the new areas, i.e. China etc.

                                      CAS in our statues.

                                      The case of Georgia


                                      Mr. Eriksson thanked the new IFF administration for a good start



             §  11.               Closing of the meeting

                                      Mr. Eriksson thanked for an efficient meeting and closed it.





                                      John Liljelund                                    Tomas Eriksson

                                      Secretary General                             President