Norway Reaches Quarterfinals after Shutting Out Australia 10-0 – 05.12.2018

The first quarterfinal in Arena Sparta featured Norway and Australia. Everyone expected a one-sided game and an easy win for the Norwegians. Based on the result it might seem this was the case, but the Australians showed they are improving fast and that better times are ahead of them. They had several promising opportunities today, but couldn’t score a single goal.

It wasn’t the best start into the match for Australia. Especially the third minute was horrible. Firstly, the captain Carl Hammarlund scored an unlucky own goal and just twenty-five seconds later the Norwegians doubled their lead. And after a beautiful power-play combination in the 7th minute, Norway was suddenly three goals ahead. But the first period wasn’t just about Norway. Australia also had a few scoring chances. Especially their first line, Liam Perry – Daniel Gärtner – Tomas Gärtner, convinced the Norwegians that they have to be aware of them.

After a dangerous slash in the face of one of the Norwegians, Ole Mossin Olesen found a way to pass the ball to Ole Martin Jansson, who already had an easy job to do. The most experienced player in the rink, the one and only Ketil Kronberg, then showed an unbelievable assist to make it 5-0 and two minutes later he scored himself. With just twenty-two seconds left in the middle period, Olesen increased the lead to 7-0 with a short-handed goal.

Martin Isnes Kvisvik is perhaps the admirer of the Norwegian biathlon legend Ole Einar Bjørndalen, because his shot was similarly accurate. Ole Mossin Olesen then made it 9-0 with an easy tip and with eight minutes left on the clock, Kronberg added his second goal to set the final score at 10-0 for Norway.