Galante Carlström, Nilsberth, Nilsson Excel as Sweden Destroys Denmark 25-0 – 04.12.2018

Alexander Galante Carlström, Robin Nilsberth and Kim Nilsson were the most prolific Swedish players in the match against Denmark. While the first one scored five times, Nilsberth and Nilsson tallied four goals each. Sweden was controlling the game from the very beginning and demolished their opponent. Swedish goalkeeper Johan Rehn became the first goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet at the tournament.

Both Sweden and Denmark tried to play attractive floorball, which resulted in a very pacy game with lots of chances from the start. But the fifth minute changed everything and Danish tactics collapsed like a house of cards. At 4:56, Jonas Adriansson tipped the ball into the wide open net and scored the first goal of the game. Afterwards, it was just a demolition from the Swedish team. After the 1st period, the scoreboard was showing an incredible score – 13-0. Five of these 13 goals were scored by the Swedish superstar Alexander Galante Carlström.

The Danish nightmare continued after the break as well. The Swedes added four more goals in the 2nd period. Even though the Tre Kronor were not pushing that hard to score, they totally dominated the game, created lots of opportunities and did not allow any Danish chances. In the 32nd minute, Robin Nilsberth joined Alexander Galante Carlström on the list of players who scored a hat-trick in the game. Arena Sparta was full of fans and even the Danes showed something they could applaud to – several smart dekes by Lukas Eldholm pleased the fans, but did not lead to any goal.

Denmark had a scoring chance right at the start of the last period. Jonas Adriansson was penalized, but the Danes failed to convert the power-play. The Swedes had no mercy with their opponents and didn’t slacken their goal-scoring efforts. In the last period they added eight more goals and won 25-0. Johan Rehn’s shutout was the first of the championship.