Data Analysis: Sweden vs Denmark 25-0 – 06.12.2018

13-0 was a result after the first period between Sweden and Denmark in the last game in Group B. Disaster for team in white and there were many reasons to be disappointed about. Analyzing such an one-sided match works for description of how big of a gap between teams existed but do not expect deeper findings. Your eyes could be enough to evaluate.

Look at one of the early goals.

Failing in marking of Galante Carlström (no. 9) in dangerous area created easy clear path opportunity and a goal for Sweden.

18-1 was a difference in dangerous possessions (clear path opportunities and odd man rushes) in the first period. Denmark elevated their defensive game in the second and third period but dominance on the field was still apparent.

Denmark was able to yield some odd man rush situations in final minutes of the game but could not score anyway.

Please note that between minute 20 and 30 there is no video available and therefore data tracked are limited. There could not be better match for a video failure though.

Sweden had a big advantage in clear path opportunities as well as cross field passes. They scored 12 even strength goals with clear paths and 12 even strength goals after cross field passes. Next gif gives an example on how can you successfully execute quick attack (3 on 3) with help of a cross field pass.

Overall execution rates of Swedish team were high.

Sweden was able to execute (to finish with shot attempt) 80% of clear path opportunities and execute (to successfully pass and receive) 64% of cross field pass opportunities on offensive half. Denmark executed only 1 clear path and 1 cross field pass in the game.

Last graph is revealing frequent finishers in the game at even strength.

Wilhelmsson recorded 8 shot attempts and 5 assist in 50 minutes of play tracked. Similarly to the game Sweden vs Norway it was Rudd with most (8) shot attempt assists.

To conclude there is no reason to summarize more or highlight any aspects in this game. Let´s rather finish with another gif in which Sweden showed how effective you can execute odd man rush.

By Petr Malina