New WFC Attendance record – 06.12.2018

WFC Prague was set out to be a record breaking tournament and now it has once again lived up to the expectations.

The Men’s WFC in Prague, Czech Republic has broken another record. With only six days into the tournament, the attendance record from the Men’s WFC 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden has been broken. 106 694 people have attended the Men’s WFC in Prague so far. The previous record from 2014 was 104 445.

The tournament has been simply brilliant so far. The Czech organisers have done an amazing job, they started the hype already two years ago and now we are experiencing it. WFC Prague is really living up to its motto ‘Fast track to glory’, says John Liljelund the IFF Secretary General.

WFC Prague has also broken two records during the first day of the tournament. The opening day match spectator record as well as opening day attendance record. Read about it here: