Data Analysis: Czech Republic vs Denmark 10-1 – 08.12.2018

The Czech Republic controlled the Quarterfinal game against Denmark. We can reflect on the game through data tracked.

Danish team had solid first period but was scored twice early and this gap was too much against strong opponent.

As showed in following graph the Czech Republic yielded 6 clear path opportunities in the first period and scored one goal from them. Denmark countered with two odd man rushes and also one goal from them. Czech team possessing much more in the game find some holes in Danish defence and surprised them with two more distant shots that found a way to the net.

From the second period Czech team took over the game and was happy to attack into deeper defence looking for openings. Czechs created another 6 clear paths and even otherwise were dangerously efficient yielding different kind of offensive plays. On of them is visualized in the next gif.

Notice work from Sebek (no. 3) here as he attracts defending players with his quick move to the middle, passes the ball to Curney (no. 40) and collapsing defence including goalkeeper can not defend in time supporting defender Kisugite (no. 5).

Overall Czech team had 21-10 advantage in dangerous possessions (clear path opportunities and odd man rushes) and was also dangerous on power-play while creating another 7 clear paths there.

On top of this also execution of Czechs was much better than for their opponent. Next graph shows execution of clear path opportunities (share of clear paths finished with shot attempts) and also execution of cross field passes (share of successful moments of passing and receiving).

Cross field passes were something that Czech team was searching for in the game as well and at the end they executed 13 of them while Denmark only 2.

Player evaluation from the game is done via next graph.

Clear path opportunity differential is on vertical axis and odd man rush differential is on horizontal one. Czech forward Rypar who rotated during the game in two lines ended up with the best results having 5 more clear paths than opponent and 2 more odd man rushes when on the field. Other Czech players follow and somebody like Dalkvist can sleep nicely knowing he fared well against strong opponent in the sense of dangerous possession score.

Last graph reveals frequent shooters and passers of the game.

Prazan and Doza recorded the most attempts and both were likely assisting. Rypar, Bauer or Danish Schmidt, Skov Nielsen were those who attempted to shoot in the game a lot. The most Danish finishes is assigned to Eldholm who is doing well at the tournament.

While concluding the article we enjoy his individual effort in this game as he went with confidence passing four Czech players and rushing the ball forward.

Semifinal matches are set. Czech team will meet Finland who will be a big obstacle on the way to this years finals. Should we expect rather tactical battle about controlling the game mostly with slow attacks as data suggests. Or will any team surprise us with more quick plays or even odd man rush situations? We will see very soon.

By Petr Malina