Poland to face Czech Republic – 08.12.2015

Poland beat Russia 4-1 in a tight scoring battle.

In the first period there were only few scoring chances. The first goal came after a shot which was blocked by a Russian defender. The ball ricocheted in front of the goal and Magdalena Krzystyniak had an easy task to hit the net. Poland led 2-0 after the first period as they scored their second on power play after miscommunication between Russian goalkeeper and defender.

The second period was a lot like the first. A tight battle with disciplined defending, just like playoff games usually are. This meant that only one goal was scored. Poland took a 3-0 lead and the first signs of frustration was seen on Russian players’ faces.

Being down three goals Russia started the last period with a different tactic. They began to forecheck deep in Poland’s defensive zone and created chances but they only hit the goal posts three times. Poland stretched the lead to 4-0 and though Russia scored once they couldn’t create a proper chase.

“Even though we won we are not satisfied in the way we played today. We need to elevate our level against Czech Republic tomorrow”, Elzbieta Piotrowska told after the game.