German success in penalty shootout - face Finland next – 08.12.2015

Germany advanced to tomorrow´s quarter-final against Finland as they beat Denmark 3-2 in a penalty shootout in today´s qualifier. The shootout was decided in seventh pair as Katja Timmel scored for Germany and Indra Reck stopped Denmark´s Maria Olausson.

In the shootout, Germany´s opening shooter Laura Neumann put her team ahead but Denmark´s superscorer Cecilia di Nardo equalized in the fourth pair. Another dramatic moment was Denmark´s coach being shown the red card for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

During regulation time, Denmark took the lead twice but were not able to kill the game. First Anne-Marie Mietz equalized after two German forecheckers had stolen the ball from the Danish defender attempting a daring move with the ball by her own net. Cecilia di Nardo put Denmark ahead again with mere five seconds to play in the second period but the lead would not last.

At 52,33 in the third period, Danish goalie Camilla Bjerregaard was not able to hold on to Laura Neumann´s distance shot and Pauline Baumgartner scored on a backhand volley off the loose ball.

Both teams would have several scoring oppurtinities in the 10-minute overtime but be denied.

KatjaTimmel, captain of team Germany was really happy after great victory.

- We knew that it will be hard game for us, but we trusted ourselves. We knew that we hadto play our own game and penalties were 50-50.

- I think that game was really excited for spectators.

Timmel shot two times in penalties. First time she missed but she got a second change.

- I said to myself that now I will score and then I scored.

Germany´s head coach Simon Brechbühler told that they were very well prepaired.

- You know maybe two years before that you will play against this opponent, if you are 4thin group. We were good prepared but in this situation it´s hard to have a control.We had to work hard for this victory, though it wasn´t necessary because we had more changes. This is just fighting spirit.

He was too nervous to watch penalties in live. He just listened what happened.

- We had a good goalkeeper. I think they did good job! Brechbühler laughed.

Tomorrow Germany will play against Finland.

- It´s gonna be hard game for us. We try to win, of course. I wait for super game in the front of lots of spectators!