Poland beaten 5-2, Finland to play either Germany or Denmark next – 07.12.2015

Finland ended their group phase with a 5-2 win against Poland and will next play Germany or Denmark as winner of Group A. In tonight´s game the hosts were surprised in the first period but recovered to score three times in the second.

Poland was able to tie the game after Finland´s opening goal and they took the lead on a power play with Katarzyna Fula´s goal. In the first intermission, the game was even after Finland, too, had scored on a power play.

To the delight of tonight´s 2,449 spectators, Finland was able to win the game in the second period. Veera Kauppi scored the winner and their lead was extended by Marianne Hannonen´s tip from the edge of the coal crease and Anne Suomalainen nailed the final score with a long-distance shot.

"The game was just as difficult as could be guessed", Finland´s head coach Marko Paju said.
" Our goal was to be number one in the group at this point and we got there. We don´t know much about either Germany or Denmark yet but we´re going to scout them tomorrow".