Denmark reigns Group C – 07.12.2015

As today’s morning game Singapore faced Denmark in an exciting battle that ended 7-5 in Denmark´s favour. Denmark kept possession of the ball and kept shooting a lot. Shortly after five minutes played Maria Olausson put the ball in the net in front of Singapore’s goalkeeper.

Singapore kept on defending and counterattacking. This produced two goals in the first period. Singapore couldn’t keep the lead and by the first intermission Denmark was leading 4-2. Cecilia Di Nardo scored two beautiful goals and assisted one.

The second period was even and ended with a 1-1 tie. Di Nardo took a two minute penalty but Singapore couldn’t capitalize from it. At the beginning of the third period Singapore had decided to fight till the end. Debbie Poh had a one woman show, scoring two consecutive goals she narrowed Denmark’s lead to 6-5.  Five minutes before the end Singapore took their goalie off the court and tried to narrow the lead with a man advantage. At 56:38 Caroline Christofferssen ended Singapore´s momentum by scoring the seventh goal for Denmark.

“We wanted to win the game. All or nothing, so we decided to play with six on the court”, said team Singapore’s head coach Jaime Cheong.

Team Singapore will stay in Tampere for the rest of the week and they are excited to come and see the qualifying games.