Ordinary member of AGFIS/GAISF





The minutes from the IFF member federation’s

Presidential & General Secretary meeting in Singapore.


Place: Hotel Elizabeth, Singapore

Date:  3rd of June 2005 at 10:30 AM


Participants:          See last page



§ 1. Introduction, welcome and the objective of the meeting


Mr. Eriksson greeted the participants welcome and presented a short history of the IFF Presidential meetings.


The objective of the Presidential meeting is to build a strong and two-way communication between the IFF and its member associations.


§ 2. The Agenda and presentations


Mr. Eriksson presented the agenda for the meeting and all participants presented themselves shortly.


§ 3. IFF Status report on political work.


Mr. Eriksson presented the new Asian/Oceanian Confederation which was founded June 2nd in Singapore. The office of the new Confederation, will be placed in Singapore.


Mr. Eriksson introduced the AOFC´s new President Mr. Sani Mohd. Salim from Singapore, Vice President Mr. Rainer Martiskin from Australia, Treasurer Mrs. Susan Kim from South Korea, Secretary General Mr. Subramaniam Suresh from Malaysia and Member Mr. Takanobu Yoshino from Japan.

Mr. Eriksson presented the approved IFF vision. In order to reach the vision, the IFF emphasizes in three main fields for the upcoming years Political work, Development work and Marketing work. At the same time the IFF has been strengthened and has moved to a total number of three employees and the new headquarters has moved to Helsinki June 1st 2005.


Mr. Eriksson also pointed out that IFF still needs more human resources to be able to do all the work that is related to the missions in the IFF vision.


Mr. Eriksson presented the status of the IOC recognition:

IFF needs a minimum of 50 member federations and preferably on five continents.

Active and functional member federations, which fulfil their tasks and objectives.


Mr Eriksson presented the IFF´s connection to International World Games Association (IWGA): IFF has actively been applying for membership in the IWGA and there will be organised an analysis by IWGA to determine which disciplines that can participate in the future after the World Games in Duisburg.



§ 3. continuation


Mr. Eriksson informed that the IFF has a good chance to take part in 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung City, Chinese Taipei.


Mr. Eriksson presented the IFF´s connection to FISU: The second World Floorball University Championship will be played in Berne, Switzerland November 8.-12. 2006. Mr. Orlando presented the championships.


IFF is looking for a tighter cooperation with FISU and thereby achieving the participation in the Universiades. The next summer Universiades are organised in 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand and then in Belgrade in 2009, in Serbia and Montenegro.


Mr. Eriksson presented the IFF´s connection to the International School Sports Federation (ISF): The IFF has started on the initiative of the Czech federation the cooperation with the ISF. The IFF is looking for the possibility to organise together with the ISF and the Czech federation the World School Floorball Championships in April 2007 in the Czech Republic.


Mr. Eriksson and Mr Liljelund presented the IFF´s connection to the International Master Games Association (IMSA): The IFF will start the negotiations with the European Master Games on a European and later global co-operation. The first opportunity to participate would be in the European Master Games in Glasgow 2008. Mr. Liljelund will be in contact with IMSA in the future.


§ 4. Expectations on IFF member associations


Mr. Eriksson presented the expectations on member associations which are:

Organise its own activity; in two to four years have a league up and running. When registering for IFF events always sending the best available team. Once at least every second year, the federations must take part in IFF development work, attending seminars, and in co-operation arranging IFF seminars. Having a website up and running in co-operation with IFF website


§ 5. IFF Development Plan


Mr. Orlando presented the history and present of the Development Programme and pointed out that the programme is one step forward in the development of Floorball.


Mr. Orlando presented the basic idea in the development programme for the years 2005 – 2008, which consist of the two pillars: Organisational education, Coach and Referee education. The IFF administration is in charge, to put together the educational programme. The model for this programme is that IFF will coordinate all development work and the member federations can apply for an educational seminar, where the seminar is organised together with the participating federations.


The organising federation, applying for the seminar, is responsible for the following tasks: inviting the near federations in the region, inviting all interested parts in the region, provide the infrastructure for the seminar, provide transport, provide two teams of players.


The IFF will provide: the development programme and the materials for the seminar, the lecturers selected from the specialist panel, support from manufacturers (if they are interested to participate).


The IFF will put together a panel of specialists, which will be used in these seminars. The panel will consists of persons all over the world and we will use train the trainer approach when we give the first seminars. The IFF administration will build this panel in cooperation with the IFF committees and the member federations. IFF will then appoint the lecturers for each and every seminar.






§ 6. The IFF Marketing work    


The marketing work was presented by Mr. Jansson. He told that more resources have been put in and a new strategy has been developed. Mr. Jansson pointed out that the IFF has to know the championships earlier in advantage to sell the championships and that the IFF needs to put up a package and sell it and get new sponsors to be able to develop the sport further and faster. Mr. Jansson also stressed the fact that we have to work both nationally and internationally             


The IFF strives to have:

Title sponsor (1),

Main sponsors (2),

Partners (3),

Material sponsors (6).


The mission is that in 2007 or 2008 the IFF will stand for 30% of the championships sponsors. One important issue is that the federations participating in any IFF event must be ready to put on an IFF advertisement on their team outfit, according to the IFF organisers regulations.


The IFF Marketing Steering group has worked with a Sales presentation and built sponsorship packages. One important issue is that the federations participating in any IFF event must be ready to put on an IFF advertisement on their team outfit, according to the IFF organisers regulations.


§ 7. Presentation of upcoming IFF Events


a. 3rd U19 Men Latvia 25-30.10. 2005

Mr. Alfreds Kundzins and Mr. Andris Dzenis presented the U19 Championships in Latvia. They presented the arenas, where the tournament will be played. The championships will be held in two halls and the preparations are going on following the organiser’s regulations. The organisers reminded the federations need to decide about their accommodations and send the team pictures in time. The opening ceremony will be held before the technical meeting in Valmiera. Drinking water will be provided to the teams.


b. 6th WFC Men Sweden 21-28.5 2006

Mr. Kalte presented the championships. Skåne FA and Stocholm FA will be LOC:s. Swedish television – SVT will be the host broadcaster. The Globe Arena is the hall for the finals. The goal is to be the best Championships in Sweden ever and a great event for Floorball.


c. 2nd U19 Women Germany 8-12.11.2006

Mr. Wolfgarten presented the championships. The Championships will take part in East Germany in the State Saxony. The region of Leipzig is a centre of Floorball in Germany. The main theme is to have a tournament of short distances. The transport is easy to organize. The distance between the two cities Grimma and Naunhof is about 10 km. The venue in Grimma is a restored hall from former GDR times. Hall Naunhof is new and bigger. Both cities offer accommodations at different fees.


d. 2nd WUC Floorball for Men Switzerland 9-12.11 2006

Mr. Falck presented the championships that will be held in Bern. The games will be played in Sportsarena Wankdorf with about 3000 seats.


e. 5th WFC Women Denmark 12.5-20.5.2007

Mrs. Aagaard presented the Championships. The place is not yet decided, but there are three possibilities: Aalborg with an airport and good halls, Frederikshavn with good halls and Copenhagen.


Mr. Eriksson concluded and closed the Presidential meeting. The meeting intervened for lunch and continued with the General Secretary’s meeting





§ 8. Introduction, welcome and the objective of the General Secretary meeting


Mr. Liljelund welcomed the participants to the first ever Secretary Generals meeting and introduced the objective of the meeting, which is to strengthen the cooperation between the member associations and the IFF. Mr. Liljelund stressed the fact that the cooperation is very important for developing and organising the sport better in the future.


Mr. Liljelund reminded every association about the importance of sending the requested information to IFF in time. Mr. Liljelund also emphasized that the work done by the associations is very important for developing Floorball and that the IFF´s task is to help the associations with their work. Therefore, the cooperation between the IFF and the member associations is very important.


§ 9. New IFF office and staff


The IFF:s new Assistant, Ms. Merita Bruun introduced herself. She has a Sports Instructor degree, a degree in Pedagogics and in adult education. Ms. Bruun has worked as a sport instructor and as a freelance sport journalist. She has played ice hockey and flagball in the Finnish national team.


§ 10. New IFF office and addresses


Ms. Merita Bruun presented the new Office and addresses which are the following:


IFF Head Office                                                                         IFF Technical Department

Alakiventie 2                                                                                                             Box 1047

FIN-00920 Helsinki                                                                                      SE-171 21 Solna

Finland                                                                                                                        Sweden                                                                      

Tel: 358-9-4542 1425                                                                                 Tel: 46-8-27 32 50

Fax: 358-9-4542 1450                                                                               Fax: 46-8-82 22 14


The offices are open from 9.00 – 16.00 CET (Summer: 9.00 – 15.00)
(closed for lunch 11.00 – 12.00)


§ 11. IFF Office work tasks

Mr. Liljelund introduced the work tasks of the IFF Office. In short the work tasks are divided as follows:


Secretary General: John Liljelund,

Responsible for: Member federations, Development work and Material questions, Marketing and sales, agreements, Internal organisation.


Head of Technical Department: Stefan Kratz,

Responsible for: All issues related to competitions, All issues related to Referees, Daily finances.


Office Assistant: Merita Bruun,

Responsible for. Transfers, Travel and meeting arrangements, Web-site and information.








§ 12. IFF events and new organizers


Mr. Kratz presented the IFF Events and new organizers and the needed organizers for future events. IFF organizes and is looking for new organizers for following events:


WFC Men C-Division :



European Cup Qualifying round:




European Cup Finals:



World University Championships:



Mr. Liljelund introduced the sponsor packages that are important in the future and stressed the fact that more organizers are needed. Mr. Liljelund also reminded that it is stated in the organizers regulations that the organizers can request for exceptions when organizing events.


§ 13. IFF Calendar year 

Mr. Liljelund introduced the IFF Calendar year and stressed the importance of cooperation between the associations and the IFF.


Mr. Kratz went through the IFF Calendar year with obligations to the federations. The calendar year with exact dates can also be seen on the IFF WWW-pages.


Mr. Liljelund introduced the new Statistics and Contact Information form, which will be sent also as E-mail to all the Associations.


Mr. Yoshino from Japan proposed that Japan would pay all the fees at the same time due to smaller costs.


The IFF Office will look into this matter and build a solution for the Japanese Federation.


Mr. Graham Lewis from Great Britain proposed that the fees could be paid in euros due to smaller costs for the Association.


It was decided that the fees also can be paid with the equal amount in euros.















§ 14. Tasks for the member federations


Mr. Liljelund presented the tasks for the member associations (see the presentation)


Mr. Liljelund stressed the fact that the yearly information on number of players is very important for the IFF in order to promote and market Floorball and the importance of building contacts within Floorball and outwards. There is also a need for more international games in the future and new referees from all sides of the world for developing and promoting Floorball worldwide. In order to show that the sport is growing the IFF also needs to inform about the International matches on the WEB site.


Mr. Liljelund introduced the fact that the IFF Office will open a “black book” upon the Associations failing to comply with their tasks. The IFF Office will also propose to the CB that there will be sanctions to the Associations in question.


Mr. Liljelund also brought up the fact that since IFF Office now consists of three persons the contact from the IFF to member Associations is going to be more effective.


Mr. Orlando also brought up the importance of the information flow and the fact that the Office is here to support the Associations.


Mr. Liljelund introduced the need of similarities between the countries concerning the practices within the national associations.


§ 15. Material regulations and material related questions


Mr. Liljelund took up certain points about the regulations. The manufacturers are the IFF:s biggest sponsors and the Material regulations have been there since 1998, which are defining that all the material shall be marked. When it comes to the Floorball sticks and balls, the system is working very well. The real problems are the rinks and the goal cages. There still is one rink that is not marked, which the IFF shall pay attention to. As IFF we need to se that all materials are marked and the Material Regulations are followed. IFF will demand that all rinks that are used have to be marked by the start of the season 2007-2008. IFF is not demanding any certification of face masks, (since these shall be CE marked), but manufacturers are till labeling them for marketing reasons. The IFF will in the future go to countries and check the materials which are sold in the different countries. The manufacturers are now allowed to print the stickers themselves and the colors in the future can also be black and white.


Mr. Kauppinen had a question about the testing of the goalkeepers’ equipment in the future?


Mr. Liljelund answered the question: The IFF not yet has any system to test the equipment


§ 16. Game rule changes 


Mr. Orlando presented the new rule changes. The major change concerns “No pass to the goalkeeper”. This rule was tested by several Associations and found to be very effective. The CB of IFF decided to implement this new rule, exceptionally, as from July 1st 2005.












§ 17. International matches procedures


Mr. Kratz presented the new International matches form. Because the International matches are increasing the IFF needs to have the information in time to nominate the referees for the matches. It is also very important in order to promote and market Floorball worldwide. IFF needs to know the following: Who is playing, Where they are playing, When they are playing, which referees are refereeing


Mr. Filip Suman raised a question about international matches played outside the International matches’ weekends?


Mr. Orlando answered the question: Because the National leagues are going on the referees are no available then and the players who play in other countries are also not free for international games.


§ 18. Closing of the meeting


Mr. Liljelund thanked all the participants and concluded that there is a clear need for this type of meetings also in the future. Mr. Liljelund closed the meeting.                                                     




In Helsinki, 15th of June, 2005



Merita Bruun                                                                                 John Liljelund     

Assistant                                                                                         Secretary General               




































IFF                   Tomas Eriksson,                  President

                          Renato Orlando,                  Vice President, Dev.

                          Per Jansson,                          CB, Marketing

                          Thomas Gilardi,                   CB

                          Tomas Jonsson,                   CB

                          Peter Lindström                   CB

                          Martin Vaculik,                    CB

                          Risto Kauppinen,                                CB


                          Lasse Granqvist                   AC, Chairman

                          Krister Kalte                         DC member


John Liljelund                      Secretary General

                          Stefan Kratz                         Head of Technical                                                                                                              Merita Bruun                              Assistant


Ordinary members of IFF


Czech Floorball Union,                                Filip Suman,                         President/SecGen.

                                                                          Martin Vaculik,                    Member and CB

Danish Floorball Federation,                       Mona Aagard,                      Vice President

Finnish Floorball Federation,                      Matti Ahde,                          President

                                                                          Miika Seppälä,                     Vice President

                                                                          Jari Kinnunen,                      Secretary General

German Floorball Association                    Detlef Stötzner                     President

                                                                          Michael Wolfgarten            Secretary General

Great Britain Floorball Federation             Graham Lewis                      President

Latvian Floorball Union                              Alfreds Kundzins,                President

                                                                          Andris Dzenis,                      Executive Director of WFC U19 2005

Malaysian Floorball Association               S. Suresh                                Secretary General                                                                                                                          Lim                                         Vice President      

Netherlands Floorball and

Unihockey Association                                                Hans Botman                      President

                                                                          Jacob Hoogenboom          

Norwegian Bandy Federation                     Kjell Hovland Olsen           President, AC member

                                                                          Jon Erik Eriksen                   Chairman floorball

Polish Floorball Federation                          Marek Budzínski                 President

Federation of Floorball of Russia              Nikolay Markov                  President

                                                                          Barazby Sabanchiev          Vice President      

Singapore Floorball Association                 Joy  Quek                              Secretary General

                                                                          Quek Wee Lun                     Youth Development

Swedish Floorball Federation                      Helén Wiklund Wårell        Vice President

                                                                          Magnus Pehrson                  Secretary General

                                                                          Krister Kalte                         WFC 2006/ IFFDC

Swiss Floorball Association                         Thomas Gilardi                    Vice President

                                                                          Patrick Falk                          Secretary General


Provisional members of the IFF


Australian Floorball Association                Kevan B. Lyons                  International Affairs                                                                                                     Rainer Martiskin                  Committee member

Japan Floorball Association                        Soichi Kato                           President

                                                                          Takanobu Yoshino             Secretary General                                                                                                                          Miyuki Hattori                     Interpreter

Korean Floorball Federation                       Susan Kim                            President

                                                                          Geum Sung Kang                                Secretary General

                                                                          Hwang Joo Kim                   Other

Pakistan Federation of Floorball                                Fawad Subhni                      President

Spanish Unihockey and Floorball             

Association                                                     Manuel Johnston                 Vice President