President's meeting



Place: Reval Hotel Latvija, Riga, Latvia

Participants: According to enclosure 1

§ 1. Opening, Presentations
Mr. Eriksson, President of IFF, greeted the participants welcome, informing about the history of the President’s Meeting and the contents of this President’s Meeting.

All participants presented themselves.

§ 2. Development of international floorball after the GAISF membership
Mr. Eriksson informed about the GAISF membership and the possible effects such as
the possibility of participation in the World Games from 2005 (in Duisburg, Germany).

The participants were reminded that floorball participated in the World Games 1997 in Lahti, Finland, as an exhibition sport, and was very popular and the most visited and viewed sport at that event.

Mr. Eriksson pointed out that GAISF has started a new web-site - This site will be very good in helping promoting floorball as a sport and gaining and showing international acceptance for all floorball member associations.

Each Association should approach their respectively National Sports Federation to inform that IFF is now a provisional member of GAISF.

Further Mr. Eriksson informed that the next GAISF Congress will be held in Singapore, October 23-28, 2001, and that IFF has been granted an information booth in connection to the Congress Centre, Sun Tech City. A 4-Nation tournament will also be played with a preliminary participation from Australia, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

The meeting was informed that the CB has decided to grant Slovenia and Canada provisional memberships, as members 25 and 26.

Memory medals of WFC 2001 were awarded, by the IFF President, to all participants.

§ 3. U19 WFC 2001 – Presentation by DUB
Vice President Dr. Baur presented the Men’s U19 WFC to be played in Germany 06-11.11 2001.

He further informed that an International seminar will be held 09-11.11

Friendly dinner is planned, question put forward on when it should be held.

§ 4. WFC 2002 – Presentation by SSBL
John Liljelund, Secretary general of the WFC 2002 presented the Men’s WFC 2002.

A basic information was handed out to the Associations presented, (the others will get the
information by mail). The WFC is played in Helsinki in the Hartwall arena during May 18-25, 2002.

Mr. Liljelund informed about the arena, TV, schedule, quarter-finals and the way the organizer plans to do the preparations regarding practise schedule, board and lodging.

Mr. Liljelund pointed out the dead-lines and that these must be followed.

Next information is scheduled for late August/early September

§ 5. Further WFC:s and organizers of these
Mr. Renato Orlando, RACC Chairman informed of the current IFF Competitions and asked some questions to the meeting:

Do we want U19 Women?
The CB opinion is that it is possible to start 2004 at the earliest.

The meeting agreed to that. A quick-gallup regarding nations ready at 2004 was made. At least four to six nations are ready to participate in a WFC for U19 Women.

Is the schedule for the WFC:s, when each category plays every second year accurate?
The meeting agreed to that WFC:s should be played every second year for both men/ women and U19 men/ women.

Mr. Orlando informed about the CB opinion of the development leading to A-, B- and C-Divisions.
Mr. Baur, Germany, would prefer regional qualifications.

Mr. Peltola, Denmark, would prefer more teams to get more matches.

Mr. Martiskin, Australia, agreed with Mr. Peltola.

Mr. Hovland-Olsen, Norway, wants the WFC to be compressed.

More teams and matches will be kept in mind seeing the outcome of WFC 2002.

Mr. Orlando informed about the seeding system.
Mr. Peltola was of the opinion that the seeding is not so important when having quarter-finals.

The fixture-list of the WFC groups was explained and discussed. The meeting was of the opinion to keep the fixture-list but to draw the team order within the groups.

It was agreed that a draw for the WFC 2003 should be done in Helsinki during WFC 2002.

The need of organizers was pointed out.

The question of organizing Championships outside Europe was discussed.
The meeting agreed to the necessity to organize also outside Europe.

The Singapore Floorball Association wants to organize the Women’s WFC 2005.

Mr. Baur thought that Germany will not be able to play outside Europe until 2008.

§ 6. Info regarding the material questions
Mr. Liljelund informed about the IFF approval system having been running for nearly two years now.

Further Mr. Liljelund informed about the starting of the Development Board and its tasks,
where the production of a public domain video was mentioned. The aim is to have the video
ready by 1st of September.

§ 7. Education and Development
Mr. Gilardi informed about the inquiry sent out earlier this year and the outcome with only
four replies (from which Sweden and Switzerland had replied).

The inquiry will be sent again for the EDC to be able to set up possible assistance.

Mr. Gilardi informed about the planned education of referee instructors during the U19 WFC
2001. Mr. Gilardi asked the Associations to send a referee instructor to this event. A letter asking this will also be sent in a near future.

Possible contents of the education: Education in Referee instructions and Referee observations, Experience in the games, Referee structure in the Associations.

Mrs. Zoltowska, Poland, pointed out the need of a seminar also regarding coaching.

§ 8. Any other business
Ms. Zoltowska asked about the work shop.

Mr. Eriksson informed about the CB discussions of contents and participants.

§ 9. End of meeting
Mr. Eriksson made a summary of the meeting, noticing the efficiency and efforts,
thanked the participants and closed the meeting.


PARTICIPANTS (*= Double functions)

Member Associations

Rainer Martiskin, President

Werner Daves, President

Czech Republic
Filip Suman, President

Ole Peltola, President
Mona Aagard, Vice President

Ain Lillepalu, President*

Risto Kauppinen, President*

Johannes Baur, Vice President

Great Britain
Andrew G. Clough, International affairs

Tsuyoshi Kawawada, JFC member
Tamotsu Kazumata, JFC member
Masaaki Saito, Interpreter

Kjell Hovland-Olsen, President
Tomas Jonsson, Secretary General*

Jacek Milewski, President
Roger Zoltowski, Vice President

Viktor Petrov, President
Andrei Bogdaniouk, Interpreter

Gardeep Singh Chahal, President

Lars Granqvist, Vice President

Renato Orlando, President*
Patrick Falk, Secretary General

IFF Central Board (CB) and Committee chairmen etc.

Tomas Eriksson, IFF President
John Liljelund, IFF Vice President & Chairman Material Committee
Tomas Jonsson, IFF Treasurer*
Thomas Gilardi, IFF CB member & Chairman Education and Development Committee
Per Jansson, IFF CB member
Risto Kauppinen, IFF CB member
Ain Lillepalu, IFF CB member*
Martin Vaculik, IFF CB member
Renato Orlando, Chairman Rules and Competition Committee*
Karl-Heinz Seiler, Chairman Referee Committee
Ewa Zoltowska, Member Marketing and Information Committee
Stefan Kratz, IFF Secretary general