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Promoting TWG at the 1st AOFC cup

I felt like the Asian floorball players don´t know how The World Games (TWG) is important for our future before I met them.

That´s why I went to Bangkok in the beginning of July as a member of IFF Athletes´ Commission, to promote TWG to Asian teams that participated in the AOFC cup.

I met two or three teams each day, and I asked them "does anyone know an event which is really big and taking place in the end of July?". Almost everyone didn´t answer, only few of them said "The World Games maybe?".

I think, no team from Asia will participate in TWG so that´s why no one knew what TWG is and how important it is. I told players that TWG will be able to change our future therefore it is really important.

After I explained about it, I asked them "if TWG 2017 will succeed and what happens for next time or future?"
Then almost everyone understood and answered "we have a chance to play next time!", and "floorball will be an Olympic sports!"

I became really glad to hear that.
We will not play this time but we are supporting TWG watching live stream and posting and sharing on SNS.

Now we Asian players are also looking forward to The World Games!

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