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Yui Takahashi: Anti-Doping education at AOFC

IFF ATC Member Yui Takahashi educating team Japan

In the middle of June, I went to Singapore to participate in the AOFC 2018.
The first AOFC was held in Thailand last year and this time was the 2nd time, but the first time for Women .
I feel that it is a very good event for the development and exchange knowledge in Asia / Oceania area.
I participated in this event as a member of the IFF athletes‘ commission, not as a player at this time.
I really wanted to play with the Japanese national team, but there was a problem that I could not solve by myself, so I could not participate as a player.
I think some of you already know, I currently live in Sweden. It is because I want to be a better floorball player.
To live in Sweden for a long term you need permission to stay. When Japan Floorball Federation asked me if I could play in the AOFC , I was just applying for extension of my residence permit. There is no problem to stay in Sweden until the judgment result comes out, but once you leave Sweden, you will not be able to return until you get new residence permit. I have almost everything in Sweden like my team, my job, my apartment and so on, so I couldn‘t leave Sweden for the AOFC and wait in another country until I got residence permit in Sweden.
Japan Federation waited for my reply till the last minute, but I could not get it to the deadline, so I declined the offer from Japan federation. I was really disappointed.

Team Iran at the Anti-Doping education

However, about 1.5 months before the AOFC, I finally got a residence permit. With this I can go anywhere anytime. Meanwhile, I got another offer. To join the AOFC as a member of the IFF athletes‘ commission! It made me really happy.
I got two main missions in the AOFC. Promoting the IFF athletes‘ commission and talking about anti-doping to the players.
During my stay in Singapore, I also took over IFF´s Instagram account and uploaded some pictures and videos of the event. (It was not easy for me to take pictures or upload them to SNS, I‘m not good at this.)
At last AOFC, I promoted The World Games 2017 to each team so many floorball friends remembered me. They helped me to fix the schedule to have a session with each team.
I had a small room and a big TV which Singapore Association fixed for me and I had sessions of 30 to 45 minutes for each team.
In the first half of the session I gave an introduction to the members of the IFF athletes‘ commission, our role, and the facts that we have done so far. Most of the plyers didn‘t know about us. However last year I was able to talk with the male 8 teams at AOFC and this year I was able to meet with the 8 female teams so I hope now 16 teams of players got to know us.
In the second half of the session, I talked about anti - doping. I do not have detailed knowledge, such as what kind of medicine is okay, which supplement is safe. So I talked as an international athlete, as a floorball player representing the whole country, it is important to have responsibility for everything that everyone puts in their mouths. Also, each one of us shows that floorball is a clean sport, which will lead this sport to our dream, “Olympic games”.
There were two teams for the first time to participate in international events in the tournament. I think that it was very good for them to know about anti-doping at their first international tournament.
At the end of the anti - doping part, we played some anti - doping quiz with smart phone app by WADA. Ten questions about anti-doping are coming out, competing for the time of correct answers in all cases. In this time, team Philippines won! Their record was only 25 seconds! I really recommend this app, it is so much fun and you can learn a lot. Every time you try, you will have 10 different questions, so please try many times and break new record!
Finally, I took photos and videos with the teams. Thanks to all the teams who came to the session, and Singaporean Association who gave us places and equipment during busy games and movements, I am really grateful.

Local team Albatross.

During my stay in Singapore, I participated in the practice of the local team Albatross. I knew some players in this team, we have played against many times in WFC&WFCQ, but this time I finally could play with them. It was nice and fun to play together. But for me who usually practice in Sweden, playing in Singapore was too hot and humid.

I think that I was able to complete my missions as a member of the IFF athletes‘ commission. It was great that I could talk with players from many different countries. But at the same time I also wanted to have a stick and run around on that wonderful court. Next time I will participate as a player and I would like to revenge with team Japan who was the third place this time.

Watch the video below of all the teams in AOFC 2018 promoting clean sports:

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