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Korea took the last WFC Final Round spot and Australia won the WFCQ

Korea played a 2-2 draw against Singapore and will for the first time play in a WFC Final Round event. Australia and Japan have also se... — 23.2.2013

Japan can also book their trip to the WFC 2013 final round in Czech Republic

In the last match of the day the East Asian derby Japan-Korea was on the menu. Already after 11 seconds Yui Goto gave Japan the lead and on... — 22.2.2013

Australia first AOFC team to qualify to the WFC 2013 final round

In the first match of day two Singapore took on Australia, a task that was proved to be too difficult. It looked like Team Australia should... — 22.2.2013

Women´s 2013 WFCQ - AOFC

Women´s World Championships Qualifications 2013

Asia & Oceania Qualification
Pocheon City, Korea
21st - 23rd February 2013


1. Australia Qualified to WFC 2013
2. Japan Qualified to WFC 2013
3. Korea Qualified to WFC 2013
4. Singapore

Match schedule

21.02. 17:00 Int´l match: SGP W - JPN W0-5
21.02. 20:00 Int´l match: AUS W - KOR W6-1
22.02. 17:00 Int´l match: SGP W - AUS W1-10
22.02. 20:00 Int´l match: JPN W - KOR W6-1
23.02. 15:00 Int´l match: JPN W - AUS W2-3
23.02. 18:00 Int´l match: KOR W - SGP W2-2

1.AUS W330019-46
2.JPN W320113-44
3.KOR W30124-141
4.SGP W30123-171

Results & Statistics

Scoring Leaders

1.Yui GotoJPN W34480
2.Narelle KihmAUS W32572
3.Tara MeyerAUS W35052
4.Miho NakagawaJPN W32240
5.Yui TakahashiJPN W33030
6.Charlotte QuaifeAUS W33030
7.Ashleigh BourkeAUS W32130
8.Natsumi MatsukuraJPN W32022
9.Carolyn MargettsAUS W31120
10.Jill RobertsAUS W31120

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Risa MatsuuraJPN W340100.00
2.Cien PereiraAUS W321195.45
3.Chika SatoJPN W339490.69
4.Leith WoodsAUS W325389.28
5.Ming Min TanSGP W314287.50
6.Kyung A KoKOR W3491083.05
7.Fariza Begum Mohamed ZabirSGP W3531479.10
8.Sun Woo LeeKOR W315478.94

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The qualification is played in one group where the teams meet each other once. The three best teams from this group will qualify to the Women´s WFC 2013.

Five teams have already directly qualified for the Women´s WFC 2013, and a further 11 teams (7 from Europe, 3 from Asia/Oceania & 1 from Americas) will qualify via four regional qualification tournaments - EUR 1, EUR 2, AOFC and Americas.

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