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WUFC 2014 Final Standings & Top Scorers

Sweden won both the Men´s and Women´s World University Floorball Championship 2014. In the men´s final Sweden beat Switzerland ... — 23.6.2014

Sweden wins the Men´s WUFC Final

The Men‘s World University Floorball Championships is played in the new Singapore Sports Hub in front of a good ... — 22.6.2014

Sweden Women´s WUFC Champions after penalty shoot out

The scenario for the women‘s final was that Sweden would control the ball and the Finnish defense should try to ... — 22.6.2014

World university championships 2014

6th World University Floorball Championships
18th - 22nd June 2014
OCBC Arena, Singapore Sports Hub


Event website: www.wufc2014.sg

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The 2014 World University Championships are organised by FISU (International University Sports Federation) in conjunction with the Singapore University Sports Council, Singapore Floorball Association, Sport Singapore and IFF. Floorball has been part of the programme of the World University Championships since 2002.

This year, 10 countries participated with a record 16 teams taking part. Singapore is the first non-European city to ever host the event, while Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Korea and China all competed for the first time. For China it was an historical event being the first ever international floorball tournament in which they have played.

DID YOU KNOW? As well as Finland, Sweden & Switzerland, Japan has competed at every World University Floorball Championships.

Men´s Tournament

Final Standings
1. Sweden
2. Switzerland
3. Finland
4. Czech Republic
5. Russia
6. Japan
7. Singapore
8. Korea
9. Malaysia
10. China

Men´s Play-off Schedule
21.06. 09:00 Quarter-final 1: SUI M Uni - RUS M Uni18-2
21.06. 08:59 Quarter-final 2: CZE M Uni - JPN M Uni17-1
21.06. 11:31 9th place: MAS M Uni - CHN M Uni20-1
21.06. 11:26 7th place: KOR M Uni - SGP M Uni1-8
21.06. 14:01 5th place: RUS M Uni - JPN M Uni7-1
21.06. 19:00 Semi-final 1: SWE M Uni - CZE M Uni5-4 ot.
21.06. 18:58 Semi-final 2: FIN M Uni - SUI M Uni2-4
22.06. 10:03 Bronze game: CZE M Uni - FIN M Uni6-7
22.06. 16:04 Final: SWE M Uni - SUI M Uni6-2

Men´s Group A Standings

1.SWE M Uni440039-78
2.FIN M Uni430138-206
3.SUI M Uni420231-134
4.CZE M Uni410321-202
5.JPN M Uni40044-730

Results & Statistics

Men´s Group B Standings

1.RUS M Uni440095-68
2.SGP M Uni430169-86
3.KOR M Uni420229-364
4.MAS M Uni410313-442
5.CHN M Uni40041-1130

Results & Statistics

Player Statistics - Men

Scoring Leaders

1.Aleksandr SharapovRUS M Uni6169250
2.Ilia VeshniakovRUS M Uni6149230
3.Yury RotaninRUS M Uni6815230
4.Glendon PhuaSGP M Uni5136190
5.Nikita BocharovRUS M Uni6126180
6.Brandon CheongSGP M Uni5711182
7.Andrei NikiforovRUS M Uni698172
8.Emanuel AntenerSUI M Uni7611170
9.Tobias GustafssonSWE M Uni679160
10.Calvin LimSGP M Uni5610160

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Samuel ThutSUI M Uni6971090.65
2.Kaixiang YeoSGP M Uni567790.54
3.Albin EngholmSWE M Uni627390.00
4.Yanglei XieSGP M Uni518290.00
5.Jon HedlundSWE M Uni6761088.37
6.Jonas WittwerSUI M Uni7891387.25
7.Se Hwa JeongKOR M Uni5701285.36
8.Joni JarvioFIN M Uni6921784.40
9.Alexei SeleznevRUS M Uni61022580.31
10.Eero PeiponenFIN M Uni6531380.30

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Women´s Tournament

Final Standings
1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Switzerland
4. Singapore
5. Japan
6. Malaysia

Women´s Play-off Schedule
21.06. 14:02 5th place: JPN W Uni - MAS W Uni8-5
21.06. 16:32 Semi-final 1: SWE W Uni - SGP W Uni23-0
21.06. 16:29 Semi-final 2: FIN W Uni - SUI W Uni11-0
22.06. 10:04 Bronze game: SGP W Uni - SUI W Uni0-7
22.06. 12:58 Final: SWE W Uni - FIN W Uni8-7 ps.

Women´s Group A Standings

1.SWE W Uni220018-24
2.FIN W Uni210110-72
3.SUI W Uni20020-190

Results & Statistics

Women´s Group B Standings

1.SGP W Uni220014-24
2.JPN W Uni210118-62
3.MAS W Uni20020-240

Results & Statistics

Player Statistics - Women

Scoring Leaders

1.Yui GotoJPN W Uni3104140
2.Julia LarssonSWE W Uni477140
3.Anna WijkSWE W Uni468140
4.Karoliina KujalaFIN W Uni494130
5.Mira WickmanFIN W Uni458130
6.Sara HelinSWE W Uni457120
7.Malin AndreasonSWE W Uni473102
8.Erika AnderssonSWE W Uni464100
9.Miku KatoJPN W Uni32790
10.Cornelia FjellstedtSWE W Uni45270

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Erika JohanssonSWE W Uni4240100.00
2.Tiltu SiltanenFIN W Uni4220100.00
3.Linnea LexeSWE W Uni452985.24
4.Laura LoisaFIN W Uni4791484.94
5.Fariza Begum Mohamed ZabirSGP W Uni41232384.24
6.Anna IwasakiJPN W Uni3571183.82
7.Sarah BergerSUI W Uni439882.97
8.Monika SchmidSUI W Uni4942281.03
9.Izzah Syafiqah Md YunusMAS W Uni31223279.22
10.Evangeline PoonSGP W Uni431977.50

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