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The World Games 2017

20th - 30th July 2017
Wroclaw, Poland

Floorball competition: 27-30 July

WKK Sport Center

TWG website: theworldgames2017.com/en/

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Final Standings

3. Finland
4. Czech Republic
5. USA
6. Poland

Match schedule

27.07. 12:00 Int´l Match: FIN M - CZE M4-2
27.07. 17:30 Int´l Match: SUI M - USA M17-0
27.07. 20:00 Int´l Match: POL M - FIN M0-5
28.07. 12:00 Int´l Match: USA M - SWE M0-20
28.07. 17:30 Int´l Match: CZE M - POL M12-1
28.07. 20:00 Int´l Match: SWE M - SUI M3-0
29.07. 14:30 Semi-final 1: FIN M - SUI M2-5
29.07. 17:00 Semi-final 2: SWE M - CZE M5-2
29.07. 20:00 5th place: POL M - USA M1-4
30.07. 11:00 3rd place: FIN M - CZE M2-0
30.07. 14:30 Final: SUI M - SWE M5-7

Scoring leaders

1.Kim NilssonSWE M464102
2.Matthias HofbauerSUI M45492
3.Rasmus EnstromSWE M44592
4.Johan SamuelssonSWE M44480
5.Alexander Galante CarlstromSWE M46170
6.Manuel EngelSUI M44370
7.Tobias GustafssonSWE M43470
8.Johannes LarssonSWE M44260
9.Patrik DozaCZE M43360
10.Patrick MendelinSUI M43360

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Mans Parsjo-TegnerSWE M470100.00
2.Patrick EderSUI M4110100.00
3.Santtu StrandbergFIN M480100.00
4.Radovan MichajlovicCZE M46185.71
5.Viktor KlintstenSWE M438784.44
6.Pyry LuukkonenFIN M437784.09
7.Curdin FurrerSUI M4551282.08
8.Maciej BogdanskiPOL M3461180.70
9.Lukas BauerCZE M4321174.41
10.Keven GlanzmannUSA M3632670.78

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Group A Results & Statistics

Group B Results & Statistics

About The World Games

The World Games (TWG) is a multi-sport event, organised by the International World Games Association (IWGA).

The World Games 2017 is an event that means more than 30 sport disciplines such as various water, aerial or team sports. It means a few thousand athletes who will visit Wroclaw to compete in new and renovated sport facilities. It means thousands of fans who will follow their steps. It means a festival of sport, to which all are invited.

10 days of competition. 3600 athletes. Over 100 countries. 27 official & 4 invitational sports. Over 20 sports venues. TV broadcasting to over 120 countries.

Floorball at The World Games

Floorball first participated at TWG in Lahti in 1997 as an invitational sport, however, in Wroclaw in 2017, Floorball will be an official medal sport for the first time.

At TWG 2017, the Floorball competition will be held over 4 days, from 27th - 30th July, and will involve 6 men´s teams divided into two groups of 3. Due to limits placed on each sport regarding the number of participants, each team will have only 14 players and up to 4 officials. There will be a total of 11 matches, with match time being 3 x 15mins (effective time). Play-off & medal matches will have 10 minutes extra time + penalty shots.

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TWG TV: channel.theworldgames.org/

The Men‘s World Floorball Championships 2016 acted as the qualification tournament for TWG 2017. Based on results from WFC 2016, the following teams qualified for The World Games 2017:

Czech Republic

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