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Singapore won also the Men´s Gold

The Men´s SEA Games final started with far less drama and scoring situations for both teams than in the women´s final. Sing... — 14.6.2015

The Women´s Gold to Singapore after penalty shots

The set-up for the ladies final was as good as it could get, after Singapore beating Thailand with only 2-1 in the group. The T... — 14.6.2015

Malaysia took the Men´s Bronze medal

In the last day of the SEA Games 2015 there were five medals at stake.First out, to play for the Men´s bronze,... — 14.6.2015

28th SEA Games

28th Southeast Asian Games
5th - 16th June 2015

Floorball Competition
11th - 14th June 2015
ITE College Central, Singapore

Official website: www.seagames2015.com

Floorball is making it´s debut as an official SEA Games sport, after being a demonstration sport at the 2013 SEA Games held in Myanmar. This event will also see Thailand make it´s international Floorball debut, with both Men´s and Women´s teams competing.


WOMEN - Final Standings







Match Schedule - WOMEN

11.06. 15:59 Women: MAS W - SGP W0-5
12.06. 19:00 Women: SGP W - THA W2-1
13.06. 16:00 Women: THA W - MAS W6-2
14.06. 15:00 Final Women: SGP W - THA W4-3 ps.

Group Standings - WOMEN

1.SGP W22007-14
2.THA W21017-42
3.MAS W20022-110

Scoring Leaders - WOMEN

1.Debbie PohSGP W32460
2.Thararat DuangpornTHA W34150
3.Hui Hui OngSGP W34150
4.Onuma DoungsudaTHA W32248
5.Xuan YeoSGP W31230
6.Thanaporn TongkhamTHA W31232
7.Nina SuppaTHA W32020
8.Laura TanSGP W31120
9.Sunaree TheongkhunthodTHA W31124
10.Soak Kuan LaiSGP W31010

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Goalkeeper Statistics - WOMEN

1.Fariza Begum Mohamed ZabirSGP W359493.65
2.Somlak SuttiprapaTHA W388693.61
3.Supasuta ThipthaTHA W37187.50
4.Qiu Ginj KongMAS W226486.66
5.Michaela KhooMAS W244786.27

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Men - Final Standings




4. Philippines

Match Schedule - MEN

11.06. 13:00 Men: THA M - MAS M6-2
11.06. 19:00 Men: PHI M - SGP M2-17
12.06. 13:00 Men: MAS M - PHI M10-0
12.06. 16:00 Men: SGP M - THA M4-2
13.06. 13:00 Men: THA M - PHI M11-2
13.06. 19:00 Men: MAS M - SGP M2-6
14.06. 12:00 Bronze M: MAS M - PHI M11-3
14.06. 18:10 Final Men: SGP M - THA M9-0

Group Standings - MEN

1.SGP M330027-66
2.THA M320119-84
3.MAS M310214-122
4.PHI M30034-380

Scoring Leaders - MEN

1.Syazni RamleeSGP M465110
2.Indy Benjamin Toh Ji MinMAS M44480
3.Sattaya PhoosinoiTHA M44372
4.Alexander RinefalkTHA M43470
5.Hafiz ZubirSGP M44266
6.Mark PoloPHI M45050
7.Tristan James Desmond DassMAS M44150
8.Jian Hong LimSGP M44152
9.Vignesa PasupathySGP M42352
10.Joerel Jarrow JnrMAS M42352

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Goalkeeper Statistics - MEN

1.Jay Pal SidhuSGP M462395.38
2.Autthachai SohtreeTHA M453591.37
3.Trasama PromyartTHA M4831287.36
4.Jeremiah BeltranPHI M4951487.15
5.Azmill Ahmad HazimMAS M412285.71
6.Lin Ken KaoMAS M4761385.39
7.Kaixiang YeoSGP M413381.25
8.Justin SantiagoPHI M4953573.07

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