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Men´s WFCQ 2016 - AOFC - Thailand

Men´s World Championships 2016 Qualifications
Asia Oceania Qualification

Pattaya Sports Indoor Stadium
Pattaya, Thailand
2nd - 6th February 2016

Match Schedule (preliminary)


Japan (15)* Australia (16)
Singapore (18)
Republic of Korea (17)
New Zealand (26)
Malaysia (33)

Thailand (-)

*Numbers in brackets show the current ranking based on the results from the last two WFC events or other IFF events if there has been no WFC participation.

Group A - Results, Standings & Statistics

Group B - Results, Standings & Statistics

Match Schedule
02.02. 13:30 Grp B: KOR M - THA M6-9
02.02. 16:31 Grp B: AUS M - MAS M7-1
02.02. 19:30 Grp A: NZL M - SGP M4-9
03.02. 13:30 Grp B: THA M - MAS M13-3
03.02. 16:30 Grp A: JPN M - NZL M12-2
03.02. 19:30 Grp B: KOR M - AUS M3-3
04.02. 13:30 Grp A: SGP M - JPN M6-6
04.02. 16:29 Grp B: THA M - AUS M5-5
04.02. 19:30 Grp B: MAS M - KOR M4-8
05.02. 13:30 5th - 7th M1: KOR M - NZL M4-3
05.02. 16:30 Semi-final 2: THA M - SGP M2-5
05.02. 19:30 Semi-final 1: JPN M - AUS M2-4
06.02. 12:00 5th - 7th M2: NZL M - MAS M3-4
06.02. 15:00 Bronze match: JPN M - THA M1-6
06.02. 18:00 Final: AUS M - SGP M5-2

Scoring leaders

1.Pawat ThaiditTHA M5119200
2.Alexander RinefalkTHA M5710174
3.Jonathon VeronAUS M546102
4.Yang Woo KimKOR M48080
5.Ter Min ChiamMAS M45270
6.Kenichi OgawaJPN M44374
7.Kyoung Hoon SeoKOR M40777
8.Glendon PhuaSGP M44260
9.Lewis Taiapa-SkinnonNZL M44260
10.Matthew BertschingerNZL M44262

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Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Christian KarlssonTHA M5871783.65
2.Jae Man LeeKOR M429682.85
3.Rajiv MakalingamSGP M4521281.25
4.Vladimir PlocekAUS M521580.76
5.Kenta HiguchiJPN M4671680.72
6.Daniel Teoh Yong LiangMAS M425778.12
7.Mitchell GeorgeAUS M528877.77
8.Doo Sun ParkKOR M4441377.19
9.Kazushige TaniJPN M46275.00
10.Lin Ken KaoMAS M4712474.73

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Final Standings
1. Australia Qualify to WFC 2016
2. Singapore Qualify to WFC 2016
Thailand Qualify to WFC 2016
5. Republic of Korea
6. Malaysia
7. New Zealand

Qualification system

In 2016, there will be six regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 11th Men´s WFC 2016, and all registered teams, apart from the organiser, must participate in the qualifications.

In Asia-Oceania there is one qualification group and teams will qualify for the Men´s WFC 2016 according to the following:

i) The three best teams from the group will qualify for the Final Round.

AOFC Qualification Playing System

The Asia-Oceania group is split into two groups and each team within a group will play each other once. The top two teams from each group will qualify to the semi-finals. These 4 teams will decide positions 1-4.

The teams which are 3rd or/& 4th in the group will play for positions 5-7. 3rd in Group A will play once against 3rd in Group B and 4th in Group B. These two matches plus the result of the group match between the 3rd & 4th placed teams in Group B will be used to calculate the 5th-7th placements.

Other qualification groups:

Americas - USA
EUR1 - Slovakia
EUR2 - Estonia
EUR3 - Poland
EUR4 - Slovenia

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