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Men´s WFC 2014 in facts & figures

The WFC in Sweden was a success in the number of spectators, TV numbers, Youtube stats,... — 18.12.2014

WFC total attendance record

A New total attendance record for the World Floorball Championships was reached in the 10th Men´s WFC played in Gothennburg... — 14.12.2014

ASICS MVP Golden Shoe Trophy to Kim Nilsson

Kim Nilsson is the ASICS Golden Floorball Shoe Most Valuable Player 2014! Kim Nilsson was also elected MVP of ... — 14.12.2014

Men´s WFC 2014

10th Men´s World Floorball Championships
5th - 14th December 2014
Gothenburg, Sweden

Official WFC 2014 website: www.wfc2014.com
Tickets: www.ticnet.se
City info: Gothenburg Tourist Information

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Final Standings
1. Sweden
2. Finland
3. Czech Republic
4. Switzerland
5. Latvia
6. Norway
7. Denmark
8. Estonia
9. Germany
10. Slovakia
11. USA
12. Canada
13. Russia
14. Australia
15. Japan
16. Korea

Group A Results, Standings & Statistics

Group B Results, Standings & Statistics

Group C Results, Standings & Statistics

Group D Results, Standings & Statistics

Match Results - Placement Matches

10.12. 13:29 Match 13th-16th 1: AUS M - JPN M4-2
10.12. 18:00 Match 13th-16th 2: KOR M - RUS M3-15
11.12. 09:30 15th place: JPN M - KOR M5-4 ot.
11.12. 10:00 Match 9th-12th 2: CAN M - SVK M3-5
11.12. 12:30 13th place: AUS M - RUS M4-11
11.12. 13:30 Match 9th-12th 1: USA M - GER M5-6 ot.
12.12. 13:00 9th place: GER M - SVK M7-5
12.12. 14:00 11th place: USA M - CAN M5-4
13.12. 09:59 Match 5th-8th 2: DEN M - NOR M2-6
13.12. 13:00 Match 5th-8th 1: EST M - LAT M1-6
14.12. 09:00 7th place: EST M - DEN M2-7
14.12. 09:00 5th place: LAT M - NOR M4-3

Match Results - Play-off Matches

10.12. 10:00 Play-off 2: NOR M - USA M6-2
10.12. 13:00 Play-off 4: EST M - SVK M7-2
10.12. 17:00 Play-off 1: LAT M - CAN M10-2
10.12. 20:00 Play-off 3: GER M - DEN M3-4 ps.
11.12. 15:30 Quarter-final 3: FIN M - NOR M6-1
11.12. 19:01 Quarter-final 1: SWE M - EST M17-0
12.12. 16:00 Quarter-final 2: CZE M - DEN M5-1
12.12. 19:00 Quarter-final 4: SUI M - LAT M6-1
13.12. 13:00 Semi-final 1: CZE M - FIN M3-6
13.12. 17:15 Semi-final 2: SWE M - SUI M10-1
14.12. 12:00 Bronze game: SUI M - CZE M3-4
14.12. 15:30 Final: SWE M - FIN M3-2

Overall Scoring Leaders

1.Stefan HedorfDEN M7610162
2.Aleksandr SharapovRUS M578154
3.Kim NilssonSWE M695140
4.Rasmus EnstromSWE M677142
5.Pavel SemenovRUS M5103130
6.Aleksandr TaldonovRUS M585130
7.Niklas Juul JensenDEN M776130
8.Ole Martin JanssonNOR M784122
9.Ole Mossin OlesenNOR M757120
10.Martin OstholmSWE M665110

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Overall Goalkeeper Statistics

1.Jan BarakCZE M615288.23
2.Johan RehnSWE M622388.00
3.Patrik AmanSWE M648787.27
4.Marek OigeEST M7731186.90
5.Normunds KruminsLAT M7671185.89
6.Mike TrolleDEN M71031785.83
7.Eero KosonenFIN M6701285.36
8.Anders KjaerDEN M739784.78
9.Taylor ShippCAN M61463381.56
10.Markus JelsnesNOR M733880.48

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WFC 2014 Playing System
The new playing system (implemented starting with the Women´s WFC 2013) includes a new division of the teams between the groups according to ranking, as well a new first play-off round. The two best teams of group A and B go directly to the quarter-final. Teams placed 3rd and 4th in group A and B and the teams placed 1st and 2nd in group C and D make it to the first playoff round (played before the quarter-finals). This gives more even and important matches in the group stage and four additional teams the opportunity to play in the play-offs.

WFC 2014 Qualifications
Starting from this event, all teams apart from the organiser (Sweden) had to qualify for the Final Round of the Adult WFC. In January/February of 2014 there were six regional qualification events to determine the participants of the 10th Men´s WFC 2014.

More information on all of the qualification events can be found on the event pages:
EUR1 - Lochow, Poland
EUR2 - Bratislava, Slovakia
EUR3 - Nijmegen, Netherlands
EUR4 - Valmiera, Latvia
AOFC - Wellington, New Zealand
AMER - Markham, Canada

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