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Men´s U19 WFC 2007 Qualification

The Men´s U19 WFC Qualification will be played in Malacky (near Bratislava), Slovakia, on 27th-29th of April 2007.

The qualifying countries are Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and Slovenia. If Russia or Slovakia wins they are qualified for the A-division. If Hungary or Slovenia wins they are qualified for the B-division (and Estonia is promoted to the A-division).

The schedule of the qualification tournament:

27.04. 18:45 All: SVK MU19 - HUN MU196-0
27.04. 21:00 All: RUS MU19 - SLO MU190-5 *
28.04. 15:00 All: RUS MU19 - HUN MU195-3
28.04. 17:30 All: SLO MU19 - SVK MU193-19
29.04. 10:00 All: HUN MU19 - SLO MU199-12
29.04. 12:35 All: SVK MU19 - RUS MU196-5

* (27.04. 21:00 Russia MU19 - Slovenia MU19 0-5 wo.)

1.SVK MU19330031-86
2.SLO MU19320120-284
3.RUS MU19310210-142
4.HUN MU19300312-230


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