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November 2016 Internationals Weekend results

November Internationals Weekend was played 4th-6th of Novemeber 2016. The November Internationals Weekend incl... — 7.11.2016

November 2016 Internationals Weekend

November Internationals Weekend will be played 4th-6th of Novemeber 2016. You can access the IFF event pages (schedule, results, statist... — 14.10.2016

Polish Open 2016 Live Stream

The 6th Polish Open will be played this 9-11.9.2016 in Wroclaw, PolandInternational tournament Polish Open will start tomorrow. Six men‘... — 8.9.2016

Floorball Internationals 2016

IFF Events (World Championships, Champions Cup, EuroFloorball Cup and Qualification tournaments) are found from here.

M=Men, W=Women, MU19=Men U19, WU19=Women U19

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Germany v Czech Republic: Men (Chemnitz, Germany)
26.11.2016 at Sporthalle am Schlossteich
Teams: Czech Republic M, Germany M

Euro Floorball Tour: Women & Women U19 (Schaffhausen, Switzerland)
4-6.11.2016 at BBC Arena
Teams: Czech Republic W & WU19, Finland W & WU19, Sweden W & WU19, Switzerland W & WU19

Euro Floorball Tour: Men & Men U19 (Växjö, Sweden)
4-6.11.2016 at Fortnox Arena
Teams: Czech Republic M & MU19, Finland M & MU19, Sweden M & MU19, Switzerland M & MU19

Stena Line Nationencup: Men (Lilienthal, Germany)
4-6.11.2016 at Sportzentrum Schoofmoor
Teams: Denmark M, Germany M, Latvia M, Norway M

Denmark v Germany: Men U19 (Sønderborg, Denmark)
4-6.11.2016 at Hullehoj Hallerne
Teams: Denmark MU19, Germany MU19

International de France: Men & Women (Rouen, France)
4-6.11.2016 at Gymnase Saint Exupéry
Teams: France M & W, Spain M & W, Belgium M, Great Britain W, Netherlands M

Latvia v Estonia: Men U19 (Koceni, Latvia)
5-6.11.2016 at Koceni Sports Klub
Teams: Latvia MU19, Estonia MU19

Germany v Netherlands: Women (Mülheim, Germany)
5-6.11.2016 at Sporthalle Ludwig Wolker
Teams: Germany W, Netherlands W

Alps Adria Cup: Men (Villach, Austria)
5.11.2016 at Ballspielhalle Lind
Teams: Austria M, Italy M, Slovenia M

Austria v Italy: Men (Villach, Austria)
611.2016 at Ballspielhalle Lind
Teams: Austria M, Italy M


Italy v Austria: Men U19 (Celano, Italy)
4.09.2016 at Palazzetto dello Sport
Teams: Austria MU19, Italy MU19

6th Polish Open 2016: Men (Wroclaw, Poland)
9.-11.09.2016 at WKK Sport Center
Teams: Czech Republic M, Finland M, Germany M, Norway M, Poland M, Slovakia M

Denmark v Netherlands: Women (Hvidovre, Denmark)
10.-11.09.2016 at Avedore Idraetscenter
Teams: Denmark W, Netherlands W

Finland v Sweden: Men & Women (Umeå, Sweden & Vantaa, Finland)
8.-9.09.2016 at Energi Arena
11.09.2016 at Energia Areena
Teams: Finland M, Finland W, Sweden M, Sweden W

3-Nations Alps-Adria: Women (Leoben, Austria)
10.-11.09.2016 at Sporthall Leoben
Teams: Austria W, Italy W, Slovenia W


Netherlands v Belgium: Men U19 (Rhenen, Netherlands)
20.-21.08.2016 at ´t Gastland
Teams: Netherlands MU19, Belgium MU19

MAY 2016

Canada v Sweden: Women U19 (Belleville ON, Canada)
1.05.2016 at Yardmen Arena
Teams: Canada WU19, Sweden WU19

Hungary v Thailand: Women U19 (Belleville ON, Canada)
2.05.2016 at Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre - Rink B
Teams: Hungary WU19, Thailand WU19

APRIL 2016

Latvia v Slovakia: Men & Men U19 (Koceni, Latvia)
22.-24.04.2016 at Koceni Sports Hall
Teams: Latvia M, Latvia M (B), Latvia MU19, Slovakia M, Slovakia MU19

Germany v Austria: Women (Rohrdorf, Germany)
23.-24.04.2016 at Tuner Hölzl
Teams: Austria W, Germany W

Euro Floorball Tour: Men (Lausanne, Switzerland)
22.-24.04.2016 at Espace Odyssée
Teams: Czech Republic M, Finland M, Sweden M, Switzerland M

Euro Floorball Tour: Women (Sandviken, Sweden)
22.-24.04.2016 at Göransson Arena
Teams: Czech Republic W, Finland W, Sweden W, Switzerland W

February 2016

11th Polish Cup: Women U19 (Rakonewice & Zbaszyn, Poland)
5.-7.02.2016 at Rakonewice Arena & Zbaszynkie Centrum Sportu
Teams: Czech Republic WU19, Germany WU19, Norway WU19, Poland WU19, Switzerland WU19

Switzerland v Czech Republic: Men U19 (Herisau, Switzerland)
5.-7.02.2016 at Sportzentrum Herisau
Teams: Czech Republic MU19, Switzerland MU19

Finland v Sweden: Women U19 & Men U19 (Espoo, Finland)
6.-7.02.2016 at Tapiolan Urheiluhalli
Teams: Finland WU19 & MU19, Sweden WU19 & MU19

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