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Int. Elite Club Tournaments

The IFF Regulations for Friendly International matches apply to all tournaments where there are club teams from the highest league of at least two different nations (= Elite level teams). Tournaments with Elite level teams are defined as International Elite Club Tournaments. These tournaments are published on the IFF list of International Club Tournaments with mark "Elite".

The Regulations state the following about International Elite Club Tournaments:

1. Participation in a tournament played in another country requires the approval from the National Floorball Association (IFF Friendly International Matches Reg. § 2.2)

2. Only players licensed to the club taking part in the tournament are eligible to represent the club. Exception to this regulation can be done with Temporary Play, where the Ordinary Club gives their contract players right to represent another club in the specified tournament. (IFF Friendly International Matches Reg. § 3.2)

Steps to participate in an International Elite Club Tournament

1. Register to the tournament according to the instructions given by the organiser

2. Send information about the team to the national association for their signature - download permission form

3. If your team wants to use players that are not licensed to the club, complete the Temporary Play Form to get a permission for the players to participate to the tournament with the team

4. Send the permission form, signed by the association, to the tournament organiser latest three days before the tournament starts

Complete regulations for Friendly International Matches (including Club Tournaments)

If you have questions, contact IFF Competition (competition@floorball.org)

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